Thursday, November 10, 2016

Democrats, Trump, and the Ongoing, Dangerous Refusal to Learn the Lesson of Brexit


Anonymous said...

Some of this editorial has some valid things to say, but it ultimately needs to go to the rubbish tip.

The Dems, media and leftist fringe, all chose to demonize Trump and those that supported him. Such so-called news reports,and expert opinions, were intended to convince the public to vote Clinton. Many pundits (Cnn David Axelrod, Paul Begula etc. openly admitted this would be the stategy at the end of the primaries, going into the final campaign. The number of times Trump was intentionally and falsely tied to the KKK or referred to as a fascist,a Hitler, a homophobe, a sociopath, an authoritarian dictator etc, etc, outnumbered the stupid things he said,( many of which he would subsequently clarify) by about 1000 to 1. Soon the media was reporting with ever increasing outrage, not on what he actually said or intended, but were reporting on what he was reported to have said.

It is clear, half the population didn't buy it, for a variety of reasons, but half the population did. Little wonder there is hysteria in the streets. The Dems, media and extreme left created the spectre of a monster. Now the protests in the streets, the fear and hatred that they in good measure, created, are being used as the proof. The current public perception of half the population of Trump as a monster, their fear and hatred of him, must prove he is a Monster, and the media are calling for him to do something about it....

Another thing happened on the way to the theatre. Clinton, and the Obamas' bought into the dogmas of superiority and the shame tactics of the far left. Unfortunately for her when you, continuously refer to everything and anything as evidence of racism, sexism, misogyny, islamophobia, xenophobia etc.,( the list of labels is too long to document), the words become meaningless and diminished...Soon you appear as the one shouting and accusatorial and grasping. Not good. You are then no longer able to occupy the moral high ground. Something the Dems have played on for quite a few elections.
The whole point of Trumps boorish behaviour may have been to simply knock the Dems down a notch, undermine the belief that The Dems were morally superior, to see them as fallible as anyone else. Many Republicans in previous elections, have seemed to have bought into that Democratic Party schtick themselves, with their inability to "fight back". As Trump would say, about Romney's "failed candidacy" "They just took it". He did not. He set about to show to the voters that the Clintons and Obama"s were not "Gods" as a good portion of the population seems to have believed

In the end people voted for something different, something they believe might be better. That is how I see it.

Anonymous said...

He has chosen a White-Supremist as his Chief of Staff. I don't think the fear was misplaced. People of color are being attacked by trump supporters who now know it is safe to do so. The people who voted for him are probably the ones who will suffer most....he will be unable to create jobs replaced by robots and computers....he will dismantle Medicare for the elderly...the tax changes he proposes hate those at the lower end of the economic scale. The man is a thug with absolutely no class. IMO class has nothing to do with education or money, but with how one treats people, and he has exhibited none.