Monday, September 27, 2010

Catface Mine September 27,2010

Shares in Imperial Metals (Catface copper project) hit a record high this morning in early trading.....shares hit $22.68 a share up from a 52 week low of $4.71.Positive results from Catface test drilling as well as results from other Imperial projects and high metal prices are contributing to the meteoric rise in Imperial shares.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

First St. Dock Sept.26 2010

Had a few questions phoned in about the 1st st. dock. The dock is the responsibility of the District of Tofino, not the Harbor Authority....
The District is responsible for the maintenance of the dock
As far as I know the District gets no user fees from the dock
If anyone has more info or a correction please write in or call

Friday, September 24, 2010


North Chesterman's Parking project

The design for the North Chesterman's parking lots has been modified so that there will be no net loss of parking spaces ! This is good news as beach parking is already at a premium....washrooms are still part of the plan.....

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Catface Mine !! Sept 23, 2010

New story on the Catface Mine in the Westerly News.....check it out...

Resort Community Funding Sept 23,2010 Update

Met with the CAO today....he clarified what can and cannot be financed with Resort Community Funding... it has to be used to promote tourism or to finance facilities that will increase tourism....It works on a "use it or lose it" basis.....if the money isn't spent it doesn't accumulate year after year.....
The Lighthouse Trail would be eligible (Tonquin to Middle Beach)
The Downtown Revitalization (Campbell st upgrades and improved parking and traffic issues) would be eligible
The program is open to a degree of is possible that upgrades to the 1st st. dock might be eligible if they are tourist related....
The bike park would be eligible and it is on the list of proposed projects...

Resort Community Funding Sept 23,2010

Resort Municipality Tax Transfer Program
This program transfers, by agreements with Resort Bodies, between 1% and 4% of the 8% Provincial Hotel Room Tax (HRT) generated within a Resort Area to the designated Resort Body for the development of their tourism economies. The goal is to finance new or improved resort infrastructure and services to increase the number of visitors to these resort regions, whether their visitor experience is tied to mountain, ocean or lake-front activities.
I'll be meeting with District of Tofino staff today to clarify what projects are eligible for Resort Community funding.
I hope to have a report posted later today......

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Aaron Rodgers promoted !! Sept 22,2010

Congratulations to Aaron Rodgers on his promotion to Manager of Community Sustainability ! Glad to see the District of Tofino hiring locally !

Council priorities Sept.22,2010

The Westerly News reports that Tofino Council has identified four projects to be completed in the next year :
The Tofino Housing Corporations affordable housing initiative
Downtown Revitalization
Lighthouse Trail
Multiple Use Path to Fourth St.

No mention of the sewer system......
No mention of affordable water rates......
No mention of a new Official Community Plan.....
No mention of the bike park.....
No mention of what to do with the First St. Dock......

The District of Tofino has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the affordable housing project without as much as one nail or one 2 x 4 being after study,consultant after consultant.....
A quick check of the internet showed a variety of condos available between $200,000 and $279,000 and those are asking had over twenty rental situations available from single rooms to entire houses....many year round....enough tax dollars spent on this already !
Nice to see the MUP get finished though....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cubs kicked out ? September 21,2010

A blog reader called in to ask if I know about the Tofino Cub Scouts being kicked out of the Community Hall ?? Does anyone have any information on this subject? Please comment or call me.....thanks,Ralph

Special events permits Sept.21, 2010

Just spoke with District of Tofino staff...there are two different fee for filming and another for special events.....the special events fees are lower than the filming fees.....

Monday, September 20, 2010

a phone-in question Sept.20,2010

A blog reader called in to ask what the District of Tofino charges for commercial use of our beaches ?? Commercial use being defined as filming of commercials,movies and large scale surf contests. I will check with the district tomorrow and will try to post what I find out......

Tofino Sewer System Sept 20,2010

Just a reminder that as we are dazzled by weeping cedar women,electric trucks,surf contests etc. that the number one issue facing Tofino is the need for a sewer treatment plant !

Nova Scotia Surf Contest Results

Here's the results from the 2010 Billabong September Storm Surf Classic:
Open Pro
1. Pete Devries, Tofino, B.C.
2. Nico Manos, Halifax
3. Noah Cohen, Tofino, B.C.
4. Marty King, Halifax

Men’s Amateur
1. Roman Husiuk, Halifax
2. Keegan Day, Halifax
3. Zak Bush, Halifax

Women’s Amateur
1. Leah Oke, Port Renfrew, B.C.
2. Julie Forbes, Halifax
3. Michelle Richards, Cape Breton Island

Boys Under-18
1. Isaac Norman, Halifax
2. Kyle Watson, Halifax
3. Will Bagnell, South Shore, Nova Scotia

Boys Under-16
1. Colin Colson, Halifax
2. Ross Bagnell, South Shore, Nova Scotia

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Multiplex update Sept.19 ,2010

Just back from the Multiplex meeting...I admit I was skeptical at best to begin with but after seeing the possibility of a small co-generation plant on site I'm starting to see that it could work. I haven't gone over the numbers yet but I will have an update as soon as possible.....having just paid my garbage bill I'm thinking a co-generation plant with a proper recycling facility could go quite a ways towards offsetting Multiplex costs........

Guest editorials and letters to the editor

If you have a subject that you are concerned about and want it published on this blog just submit it with your email and phone number and I'll do my best to post it....profanity not acceptable and you must be prepared to have your name published with your submission......

Guest editorial by Simon Watson

The Cold Water Classic is coming to our fair shores once again. Great! This huge multi-national multi billion dollar company offering upwards of $145,000.00 in prize money. WOW!! Yet they along with tourism Tofino are asking for volunteers to direct traffic, pick up garbage and act as goodwill ambassadors to our town. Volunteers WTF? This corporation is worth millions! If tourism Tofino wants volunteers here's an idea they can do it.If O'Neil can't afford to clean up their mess and provide safe and secure parking then perhaps they should take a very close look at the idea of running international contests.
If this was a not for profit contest and donations are made to organizations like the hospice or hospital I say bring on the volunteers! But to have the nerve to ask for people to work for free for a commercial money making venture is ridiculous. A local group known as Pacific Rim Surfrider asked to have a information booth set up on the beach yet was told by the contest organizer no! This group wanted hand out information on ocean health, beach access and other environmental issues that concern all beach goers. This group is a non-profit....... request denied. But hey no problem if you want be included in the contest you can direct traffic.
There are many kids who would welcome the chance of making a few extra bucks during the contest yet O'Neil and its organizers don't feel it important to contribute to the economy of our area this way. Tourism Tofino and its members should be held entirely accountable for cleaning up and addressing all the issues you are asking volunteers to do.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Henry Nolla Sept.17 2010

It isn't politics but be sure to check out the Henry Nolla exhibit at the "Carving on the Edge" event......

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

original weeping totem a Haida image

No Weeping Woman Totem ! reports that council has voted against the $20,000.00 purchase of the weeping cedar woman totem ! thank you council !!

Westcoast Multiplex Sept. 15 2010 Kendal Kelly

On a different subject, the Westcoast Multiplex Society is holding an open house at the golf course on Sunday, September 19 at 6PM. It is the last opportunity for the commmunity members to provide input and feedback before the design drawings begin. It is a great chance to become informed about the opportunities that are available that could make the facility revenue neutral or even profitable. Please join us for the event and bring your ideas.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tofino Surfrider Foundation shut out of Cold Water Classic !!

According to Paul Jarvis,president of the Pacific Rim Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, O'Neill has told the organization that they are not welcome to set up an information tent at the site of this year's Cold Water Classic.The reason given was permitting issues.....a call to the District of Tofino revealed that no permit has been issued as of this posting.....
O'Neill Canada has however said that it would allow Surfrider members to help with parking cars.....
In contrast to O'Neill's position...Rip Curl welcomed Surfrider at their Rip Curl Stew contest that was held in the same area and subject to the same permit process.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Scooters on the MUP !! Sept. 12,2010

Whats with the proliferation of scooters on the multiple use path ? I saw a white scooter almost take out an elderly couple this evening......

Friday, September 10, 2010

DCC Changes Sept !0 2010

Good news ! The Westerly News reports that changes are coming to Tofino's DCC rates.....

September 10,2010 Bike Park etc....

Good morning, I'll try to get comment from the District of Tofino on the bike park issue today....
received an interesting comment on the electric truck...pure greenwashing as some of the District garbage cans require a backhoe and a truck simply to change a garbage bag !
Another reader asked about the status of the First St. far as I know the dock is owned or operated by the District of Tofino....the taxpayer is responsible for the upkeep of the dock....
Other readers who live in the Lone Cone subdivision {Heubner Heights) called in to ask what is going on with the Community Garden/Community Park controversy.....??? If anyone has an update please write in....

Thursday, September 2, 2010

good and bad Sept2 2010

Good-New safety measures on Hwy 4.crosswalks etc......
Bad- Council contemplates purchase of Weeping Cedar Woman....

Bike Park Sept.2 ,2010

Can anyone provide details about the proposed bike park and the conflict between the school and the district ? Apparently there is land available for a bike park but there is an ongoing dispute between the district and the school over gym use or something ? thanks,Ralph

New article at Westerly News regarding funding agreement between the district and school board