Tuesday, July 23, 2013

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Mainstream wins appeal over fish farm critic


Friday, July 12, 2013

Cops For Cancer

 Tofino RCMP Cpl Andrew Waddell to be the first Tofino RCMP Police Officer to participate in the Canadian Cancer Society’s – COPS FOR CANCER - TOUR DE ROCK
What is Cops for Cancer? Each fall more than 100 law enforcement and emergency services personnel from across BC cycle thousands of kilometers across the province. Schools, organizations, businesses and ordinary people in over 60 BC communities show their support by organizing fundraising events and activities and pledging to raise thousands of dollars. Why? To show families who have a child with cancer that they do not have to face their journey alone.
     This year we’re celebrating 16 years of Cops for Cancer in BC. Since its inception on Vancouver Island in 1998, Cops for Cancer has expanded across the province into four incredibly successful tours which have raised almost $28 million collectively to fund pediatric cancer programs and research.

Tour de Rock is a two week, 1000 km cycling Tour which travels across Vancouver Island from Port Hardy to Victoria. Being part of the Tour is much more than a bike ride. It’s a year of planning, organizing and participating in numerous events throughout the year and working with schools, community groups and the public to raise the much needed funds that help make a difference. Over the years, Tour de Rock has raised over $17 million!
     In 2013, the 16thyear of Cops for Cancer in BC, Tour de Rock will take place from September 21 to October 4.

Cpl Waddell’s Bio: Andrew has been a police officer with the RCMP for 27 years, with service completed in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories & Nunavut, and British Columbia. He is presently in Tofino. Andrew, along with his wife Vicki, and children, Justin and Katelyn, loves to kayak, surf, and partake in the West Coast Life Style.
     Andrew is known locally as Tofino’s “Bike Cop” given his frequent commuting by bicycle. Really, Andrew takes advantage of bike patrol for exercise, a break from the office computer, and to minimize his carbon footprint. He’d prefer to be known as the “Green Cop”!
    Andrew and his family have embraced the goals of the 2013 Cops for Cancer Fund Raising Drive and will be working hard to raise such needed donations. Their drive comes from a family who has been actively engaged in cancer therapy for many years. Andrew started their cancer experience after being diagnosed and treated for a brain tumor. While the tumor is still present, it has been stable for many years and is no longer a cause of concern. Next was Justin, who at 17 months was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). Justin completed a 3 year treatment protocol and remains in remission. Today Justin is a healthy 15 year old who has taken the saying “Live to Surf” completely to heart! Vicki has had an early melanoma skin cancer removed as well as a couple of basal cell carcinomas. She sees a dermatologist regularly to keep a close watch on her skin.
     The Waddell family is thankful for established cancer therapies and support agencies they have and will continue to access. They look forward to contributing to the fight for a cure through the Cops For Cancer 2013 Tour.
Support Andrew at www.copsforcancerbc.ca and navigate to the Tour De Rock team page.
For more information, or to contact Andrew: Andrew.Tofino@yahoo.com

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

RCMP Announcement

To Tofino Residents and Agencies
From The Tofino RCMP
Re: Joseph Cousineau
      Sexual Assault - Section 271(1) Criminal Code of Canada
      Tofino, BC         June 6, 2013
On July 9, 2013, Warn Bay (near Tofino), BC, resident Joseph Cousineau, age 57 yrs old, was charged with one (1) count of Sexual Assault (Section 271(1) CC) stemming from a report of a sexual assault that allegedly took place in Tofino on June 6, 2013. Mr. Cousineau was released on an Undertaking before a Justice with stringent conditions including:
- Reside at Warn Bay, BC
- Not to be in Tofino except for Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8 AM to 5 PM and court commitments
- Not to be in possession of, or consume, liquor, or be intoxicated, while in Tofino, and
- No contact with the Victim.
The Tofino RCMP investigation is ongoing. Witnesses not already contacted by the RCMP are encouraged to contact the Tofino RCMP at telephone number: 250-725-3242

Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Construction Questioned

Many people have questioned the wisdom of the Public Works Dept for scheduling construction during June and July.......this photo was taken at 2:30 pm on Saturday......the scene is not exactly appealing to tourists.....the same can be seen on  Second  St by the Schooner and on Olsen Rd.......
  On the other hand many people are happy to see the pavement repaired on Main St.
  There are restrictions put in place by Fisheries and Oceans for work being performed in the tidal zone but the work on First St has been dragging on.As far as I know the Fisheries restrictions only applied to the storm drain outfall on Olsen Rd.........Having an excavator and barricades right in front of your business in the middle of summer makes it hard to attract customers.......Let's hope that in the future such work is done in the shoulder seasons...............