Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Post from Sally Mole

Hello Tofino.  November 30, 2012, marked a very black day for my family and I.   Through the shell shocked days that followed, we were continually amazed and buoyed by the community support.  I have never publicly thanked you and I feel bad about that.  While I don't know that this is the most appropriate site to say my thanks, it was this site that my family went to, to see the voices of the community, and to dig me out of the hole I was tending to crawl in to.  Thank you Ralph, and thank you friends.
My son attended the council meeting where you turned out in huge numbers.  The rest of our family stole a car (borrowed) and did a drive by.  My girlfriends were there...  We all regrouped after at the usual place we go to in times of crisis, and while my family was elated, I was in tears, so grateful and humbled by the support.  This community served me and my family well, and we have done our best to pay it back.  I am a better person for having lived there and having gone through the experiences I have had.  I am especially grateful for the people I have connected with that I may not have without my job connections.  Thank you!
I write this now, as I will forever remember November 30 as a day when your world can just fall apart, through no doing of your own.  It is a reminder to not take things for granted, and to be grateful for what you have.  Sounds cliche, yes, but lying on the couch the Saturday following, with the family, with total lock down on phones and internet, in breeze the girls, Wicked Witches of Eastwick style on their broomsticks, and man was I grateful for them!  And of course my lovely family, who maybe took it harder than me.  My family, my girlfriends, strong backbone support..  And then we felt the community voice.  We heard you and felt you.  We are grateful, thank you!
It took me a while to accept what had happened.  This time last year I wanted to post a thanks, but I was still angry, bitter, sad, and we had been through a lot as a family through the year.  I felt I couldn't post something genuine without losing those feelings.  Today, I could for sure still conjure up those feelings if I chose to dwell on them, so I choose not to dwell on them.  To be honest, today, I'm too busy to dwell on anything but getting things done!  Today, I say thank you for letting me have the opportunity to play a part in so many people's lives.  I have so many great memories of coaching soccer and t-ball, hilarious stories with staff and volunteers, and hug moments from day care to "older" people.  I'm proud of all the rec facilities we built together which my kids will use into the future.  I really can't account for all those who touched my/our life in this brief post, but please know, your support and love is valued and not unnoticed.  THANK YOU!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Election Stuff

Anyone wanting to post campaign material can contact me by the comment section or by phone at 250-725-3428 thanks,Ralph

Ray Thorogood Campaign Platform

My Election Platform
My name is Ray Thorogood and I was born and raised in Winnipeg.  My background is in policing as I was a member of the RCMP for 28 years, including three years in charge of our local detachment in the early 80’s.  Upon my retirement in 1993, my wife and I returned to Tofino and we have been residents of Tofino for the past 21 years.  Since retiring from the Force, I was your bylaw officer for 3 years before moving on to private enterprise in the hospitality business.
I was elected to council in 2011 and my goal then was to address our aging infrastructure and it is still one of my main concerns.  I have enjoyed my term on Council and believe that this council has done a good job working together even though we sometimes disagreed, we moved forward.
I pride myself in my honesty and integrity, being fair and unbiased, non judgmental, a good listener and a proud citizen of Tofino.
There are many issues facing our community now and in the coming years.  Some more pressing than others and unfortunately many are expensive.  In the past 30 years, our population has risen from around 800 to 2000 people.
Tourism is now the driving force of our economy but it also puts a great deal of demand on our infrastructure for water to accommodate the number of visitors as well as our population growth and future development.  All coastal communities are mandated to have secondary sewage treatment facilities.  Then there is the issue of roads, housing, parking and transportation.  I don’t have the answers to these issues but I do have my thoughts on them and council relies on staff and professional consultants to bring forth best options after which we (council) are tasked with making informed decisions.
Tofino has a relatively small tax base of about 2.2 M coming from property tax but almost half of that goes directly to salaries and benefits, the remainder goes towards operational expenses.  Approximately another million comes in from the province though RMI monies collected from the 2% tourism hotel tax but with restrictions on where and how it is used.
If re-elected, I have several pet projects I would promote; those being completion of Gibson Street (behind Shelter to 4th Street), reconstruct Hellesen Road, and renovation of our Community Hall.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

District of Tofino Wants to Buy Harold Monks' Property

The District of Tofino has shown that they are incapable of the most basic of property maintenance and yet they want want to acquire another property that is even more maintenance intensive.Let's hope that a responsible non-profit or a heritage minded individual takes over Harold's property.Let's hope council starts looking after the assets we already have.The pictures below are of the District Hall and the Firehall.The sign pictured below was cleaned by a volunteer.

Subject: Press Release - Monks’ Point Property in Jeopardy

For Immediate Release
Monks’ Point Property in Jeopardy

Tofino, BC. The District of Tofino announced today that negotiations between the District and The Land
Conservancy for the acquisition of Monks’ Point Property are stalled. The property is in danger of being
lost to the public.

The spectacular two-acre property on the tip of Grice Point (known as Naa-chaaks by the Tla-o-qui-aht
First Nations and also known as Monks’ Point) was home to the Monks family since 1933. Born and raised
on this property, Harold Monks Jr. returned in his retirement wanting to ensure the long-term protection
and public enjoyment of the house and property. Before his death in 2008, he undertook many
conversations with The Land Conservancy (TLC), ultimately bequeathing the property to them in its
entirety, with the understanding that TLC would establish Monks Point Park.

Since 2008, TLC has experienced financial troubles that now place the future of many TLC-owned
properties at serious risk, including Monks’ Point. By October 2013 TLC was in arrears of over seven
million dollars and was granted creditor protection by the court.

“The Land Conservancy has failed to live up to Harold’s dream,” said Mayor Josie Osborne. “In the
absence of its transfer to another land trust or heritage organization, we believe that the District of Tofino
is the appropriate owner, co-owner or custodian of the property. We can execute the wishes of Harold
Monks and preserve this historically and culturally significant site.”

In recognition of the financial difficulties TLC is experiencing, the District of Tofino recently made an
offer to redeem the property for $250,000. As part of this purchase offer, the District further committed to
work with appropriate parties to place a conservation covenant on the property and to respect Harold’s
family’s entitlement to use of the property. To the District’s disappointment this offer was rejected.
Instead, TLC has proposed subdividing the Monks’ property, selling lots on the open market and “gifting”
a portion of the lands to the District. To date the District has declined this TLC proposal with the strong
belief that the property should remain intact.

“We believe that TLC wishes to raise in excess of $1M through this venture,” said Mayor Osborne. “We
consider it to be entirely and utterly inappropriate for the property to be listed and sold at market price so
that TLC can recoup cash from a property that was donated outright and in good faith. This is total
disregard of Harold Monks’ wishes, and completely ignores the community and cultural values attached to
this property. We intend to do whatever we can to save this property for the benefit of future generations.”

Media Contact
Mayor Josie Osborne
District of Tofino
(T) 250-266-5229

Monks’ Point Background and Timeline

·         The site, called ‘Naa-chaaks’ in the Nuu-chah-nulth language, is located in Tla-o-qui-aht First
Nations territory. For thousands of years, it was an important lookout site providing nearly a 270°
view over several Tla-o-qui-aht village sites and out to the open ocean.
·         The house was built in 1927 by John Cooper and sold to Harold Monks Sr. in 1933 after the death
of Mr. Cooper’s wife and his decision to move to Australia.
·         Harold Monks Sr. and his wife Katie raised their two children, Harold Jr. and Lois, in the family
home and Harold Sr. ran the Imperial Oil marine oil and gas station below the property.
·         Born and raised on the property, Harold Monks Jr. purchased the family home from his parents
and lived on it part-time throughout his career as a sea captain. He retired to live full-time again
on the property in 2000.
·         Harold Monks Jr. passed away on July 28, 2009, bequeathing the Monks Point property and all
personal and household contents to The Land Conservancy.
·         In 2011, TLC entered into discussions about a conservation convent with District staff. A covenant
was never completed.
·         In April 2011, TLC applied to rezone the property from RA2 (Acreage Residential District) to CDTLC
(The Land Conservancy Comprehensive Zone). The intent of the CD-TLC Zone was to
ensure that the property would be maintained in its current state while permitting both public and
private use of the land in a manner that would permit the property to be financially sustainable. At
a June 2011 Public Hearing for this rezoning, a TLC representative stated that it was their intention
to protect the natural and heritage values of the property through a conservation covenant. Third
reading of the zoning amendment bylaw was also passed in June 2011. Failure of the TLC to
complete the conservation covenant resulted in Council denying the rezoning application in late
·         TLC applied for and received a property tax exemption for the land portion of the property in
2010, 2012, and 2013. They did not apply for an exemption in 2011.
·         In July 2012, the District of Tofino received a letter from TLC acknowledging their property tax
debt and requesting forgiveness or a grant. The total amount outstanding at that point was
$7,827.64. As of June 30, 2014 TLC owes the District of Tofino $2,907.83.
·         September 2012: the District of Tofino’s Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee recommended that
the District of Tofino restart discussions with The Land Conservancy to ensure that the TLC
understands how important a community asset the Monk’s Property is to the District of Tofino.
·         November 2012: TLC presented as a delegation to a District of Tofino Committee of the Whole
meeting to continue to discuss with Council ideas for revenue generation on the property. Council
directed staff to investigate a potential partnership that would address the needs of both
organizations (of the TLC for preservation and the District of Tofino for community space at
Monks Point). Subsequent attempts to contact the TLC were unsuccessful.
·         In 2013, Council continued to direct staff to pursue discussion with The Land Conservancy
regarding conservation covenants and public use of Monks property, and further requested that a
delegation of staff and Council meet with The Land Conservancy as soon as possible. Despite
several attempts to contact TLC, no response was received nor any meetings held.
·         In 2013, TLC applied for and was denied a property tax exemption for 2014.
·         February 2014: TLC staff responded positively when contacted by the mayor regarding permission
to conduct a public open house on the property.
·         March 21, 2014: two TLC consultants visited the District of Tofino to present the idea of property
subdivision. It was agreed that further discussions on property acquisition should take place after
the community open house and survey.
·         March 29, 2014: The District of Tofino and the Tofino-Clayoquot Heritage Society conducted an
Open House on the property and subsequently conducted a community survey of over 200
residents. In that survey, 92% of respondents supported long-term preservation of the Monks
Point property and 75% of surveyed residents were in favour of the District of Tofino acquiring
the property.
·         May 20, 2014: The District of Tofino’s mayor and CAO met with two TLC board members and a
staff person at TLC’s office in Victoria to present an Offer of Purchase of $250,000.
·         May 25, 2014: The District of Tofino received a letter from the TLC containing the proposal of
subdivision and sale and stating that the TLC must realize close to $1M. To date, the District has
declined this proposal.
·         The Land Conservancy is one of approximately 33 land trusts operating in the Province of BC. It
is an anomaly amongst them as it is the only one that has used mortgages to buy properties.
·         From 2009 to 2012, TLC attempted to restructure the organization in response to concerns about
its governance and financial management.
·         On October 7, 2013, TLC was granted creditors protection (pursuant to the Companies’ Creditors
Arrangement Act) and Wolridge Mahon Ltd was appointed Debtors’ Monitor. Under CCAA
protection, all land sales or transfers must be approved by the court. Since October 2013, three
properties have been sold.
- END -

Monday, June 23, 2014

Alaska Earthquake-No Tsunami Warning In Tofino

Posted 33 minutes ago – U.S. Geological Survey
An earthquake with magnitude 8.0 occurred near Attu Station, AK at 20:53:10.70 UTC on Jun 23, 2014. (This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Water Restrictions in Effect


Eight years after the famous water shortage of 2006 we seem to be still having water problems.Millions spent on Campbell St beautification but virtually nothing has changed with the Bay St. part of the water system.Still only one small tank on Barr's Mountain.......
The Sharp Rd plant was built since 2006 and the Ahkmaksis reservoir expanded and a new million gallon tank activated at six mile but still we have problems in the middle of June.There should be a public inquiry into the Tofino Water System.

Recycling Meeting

Subject: Tofino Town Hall Meeting on Recycling: this Thursday night at 7:00 pm (Council Chambers)

Town Hall Meeting on Recycling
Thursday June 19
7:00 pm to ~8:00 pm
Tofino Council Chambers
Recycling and solid waste (aka garbage) pickup and disposal are managed by the Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District (ACRD). The current contractor for Tofino and Ucluelet recycling and waste pick-up and transfer is Son Bird Refuse and Recycling.
Changes to the residential curbside recycling program on the West Coast began May 19, 2014 as a result of a new agreement between the ACRD and Multi-Material BC (MMBC). While there are many positive changes in the program (such as new items being picked up that were previously not), there is some confusion and frustration.  Therefore, Son Bird Refuse and Recycling has offered to host a Town Hall Meeting to explain these changes and let us know how we should best be using the current program.
Please come on out to learn more about the recycling program on the West Coast and give your feedback. Residents and business owners are welcome.
In addition to the Son Bird owners (Chris and John Bird), Dan Harrison from the Raincoast Education Society will be present (the RES is contracted by the ACRD to do recycling education) and I will be there too, as your political representative to the ACRD. We will all try to answer your questions as best we can!
Some good links to take a look at before coming to the Town Hall meeting are:  

Josie Osborne  |  Mayor  |  District of Tofino  |  121 3rd Street, Box 9, Tofino BC V0R 2Z0
|  C 250.266.5229 |  T 250.725.3229  |  F 250.725.3775  |   osborne@tofino.ca |  www.tofino.ca

Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.
This e-mail is confidential and is intended for the above-named recipient(s) only.  Any unauthorized use or disclosure of this e-mail is prohibited.  If you are not the intended recipient, please notify the sender immediately and securely destroy the communication.  The District of Tofino is subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Downtown Re-vitalization or a "War on Cars" ??

Many readers have asked for a post regarding the Campbell St project and the two new 4-way stop signs.....even some enviros think the new stop signs are stupid while some eco-weenies see the reduction in parking spots and new stop signs as an opening skirmish for the "War on Cars ".....their thinking is that with less parking and more interruption to traffic flow that even red-necks will ride bicycles.....I saw several cars blow through the stop signs and no bicycles stopped at all.....your comments please....

Monday, June 9, 2014

What is wrong here ??

Council will spend millions to make Campbell St look like the entrance to Disneyland,put an expensive custom cedar roof on a washroom at the beach but continue to allow the firehall to rot.They won't even cover up the graffiti on the firehall.Are they so busy spending RMI money like drunken sailors that they no longer care about our fire department ? No shortage of action when it came to the Weeping Willow Woman or discussions about higher learning ! The speedbumps and NO Parking signs at Chestermans Beach went in incredibly fast !! Can you imagine what condition Harold Monk's house would be in if the District of Tofino were to take possession ? No doubt it would look like the firehall in no time !

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Good News

Good news on the sewer system.Blake Medlar will be assisting the District of Tofino with the Liquid Waste Management Plan.
Mr. Medlar spent many years with the BC Ministry of Environment as

Section Head, Environment Management, Government and Compliance Section

BC Ministry of Environment, Environmental Protection Division

Directs, coordinates and plans regulatory activities regarding the authorization and monitoring of waste discharges throughout Vancouver Island and North Coast;
Delegated statutory authority of ‘Director” under British Columbia's Environmental Management Act;
Granting rights for waste discharges to the air, land and water by exercising Director’s authority;
Participant in the development of business plans and regional strategies;
Accountable for regulating waste management in the region through all sectors including agricultural, aquaculture, organic matter recycling, municipal solid and liquid waste
Responsible for building positive relationships with First Nations, Federal, Provincial, local governments, public as well as the commercial/industrial sector;
Accountable for engineering, technical reports and ministerial briefings prepared by staff;
Accountable for a sections annual budget;
Regional representative on many committees, recently a member for the Municipal Wastewater Regulation which governs municipal wastewater discharges.
Glad to see the District taking a more serious approach to wastewater management.......

Monday, May 12, 2014

Downtown Re-Vitalization Bad For Business

District of Tofino said there would be minimal disruption to the businesses along Campbell St during the upgrade for Downtown Revitalization.It was pretty slow for stores there today with people trying to get in the back doors of some retailers.A simple plywood walkway would have allowed pedestrians to access these businesses.It is ironic that the District claims to support small business !!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Whistler,Qualicum or Bedrock City ?

While the first phase of the Campbell St upgrade looks similar to the style of Whistler or Qualicum the second phase is looking like Bedrock City from the Flintstones.Pesky trees are being replaced by low maintenance boulders.Now there is no need to go to the beach to witness the majesty of the rock walls.

Tofino, BC. Following assessments by two separate arborists, the District of Tofino has made the difficult decision to remove the Western Red Cedar tree at the corner of Campbell Street and Second Street.

The tree has been repeatedly “topped” over the course of many years in order to meet required clearances from the overhead telephone and hydro service lines. This has seriously impacted the tree’s canopy and will only continue to harm the tree.

According to consulting arborist Don Bottrell of Dogwood Tree Services (who worked previously in Tofino on the Eik Street Tree project and who donated his time to professionally assess the Campbell Street tree), the tree trunk “outwardly expresses defects associated with advanced decay” making the tree a risk in this high use area.

Root intrusion, evident by the visible cracking of the road and sidewalk surfaces, is extensive and will continue to become more so as time goes on. While the District of Tofino was willing to consider all reasonable measures to allow the tree to remain in place, these factors make this particular tree a poor candidate for the investment of time and money into keeping it.

The District will endeavor to safeguard any usable wood from the tree for future downtown amenities (such as benches).

Two Douglas Fir trees at the edge of the Village Green will also be removed. Their close proximity to the road and sidewalk excavation means that the loss of mechanical support roots will destabilize them to a level which poses a serious risk both to current work crews and to the public. New native tree species will be planted to replace them in an appropriate nearby location following the end of the project. The District of Tofino intends to follow a best practice already in place in many municipalities of replanting two trees for every tree removed.

The trees will be removed the afternoon of Tuesday, April 15th.

The District asks for the community’s understanding and patience through the continued project work and will keep the community and local businesses updated on the planned work schedule via the District’s website (www.tofino.ca), Facebook page (search “District of Tofino”), and the District’s e-mail list.

For more detailed information regarding the work planned, please visit http://visiontofinoupdate.ca/campbell/.

To be added to the District e-mail list, please e-mail office@tofino.ca.

Media Contact
April Froment
Manager of Resort Municipality Initiative Services
District of Tofino
(T) 250 725 3229 ext 23

More on Temporary Foreign Workers


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Victoria Sewer Story


Tofino has bungled its attempt at sewage treatment for the last 20 years or so and it looks like Victoria is on the same page......

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Do Temporary Foreign Workers have better work ethic ??




I was shocked to find some of these posts while searching the internet for TFW stories. The stories from the Tofino Chamber of Commerce and local resorts are particularly disturbing.Shame on them !! I'm all for immigration but to bring people over to Canada to work for 2 years and then send them home is grossly unfair.


Monday, April 7, 2014

Temporary Foreign Worker Stories




Friday, April 4, 2014

District of Tofino and the Harold Monks Property

Harold Monks bequeathed his home and property at Grice Point (also known as Na-chaks, or as Monks Point) in 2008 to The Land Conservancy with the dream that Monks Point Park would be created for future generations to enjoy. 

Unfortunately, in October 2013 The Land Conservancy filed for CCAA protection (Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act) to resolve their long-standing financial problems. Therefore, there is some question about the future of this property.

The Mayor and Council of the District of Tofino and the Tofino-Clayoquot Heritage Society seek feedback from members of the Tofino and surrounding communities regarding the future of this property. The deadline for this survey is April 13, 2014

My concern with the District of Tofino getting involved with the Monks property is that it will be neglected like the firehall . The District has shown over the past few years that it is incapable of performing the most basic of maintenance tasks.The railing around the deck at the firehall was removed several years ago and never replaced.It had some red trim paint a couple of years ago but has generally been left to decay.Let's leave the Monks property to a responsible non-profit or even a private owner that will look after it.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

RCMP Town Hall Meeting March 11,2014

On Tuesday, March 11, 2014, from 7 PM to 8 PM Sgt James “Jim” Anderson will be hosting the 4th annual Tofino RCMP Town Hall Meeting.

Sgt Anderson will be presenting a brief outline of the 2013 policing year, including issues faced, key investigations and what is believed to be future community policing issues. The floor will then be opened to the attendees to discuss with Sgt Anderson any policing issues and/or concerns.
The meeting will be held in the Council Chambers, District of Tofino, 121 – 3rd Street, Tofino. Please enter by the Campbell Street door.

More information available at the Tofino RCMP: 400 Campbell St., Tofino. Telephone 250-725-3242


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Conspiracy Theory Explained


Many people have been asking what "Agenda 21" is and how it relates to the District of Tofino.This video is from the US but the themes of sustainable development are common.It's sort of nutbar but give it a watch.After the hockey game.....

Friday, February 28, 2014

Tofino Council Agenda for March 4,2014 at 10:00 am

Cover Image


Council Chamber, Municipal Office
March 4, 2014 at 10:00 AM





Minutes of the Regular Council Meeting held February 11, 2014
THAT the minutes of the regular Council meeting held February 11, 2014 be adopted. 

Minutes of the Special Council Meeting held February 14, 2014
THAT the minutes of the special Council meeting held February 14, 2014 be adopted.




Tofino Public Art Acquisition Process - Menno van Barneveld

Tofino Clayoquot Heritage Society - Maureen Fraser, Dorothy Arnet, Dave Griffiths, Joe Martin, Barry Campbell, Steve Bernard, Shanen Porter

2013 Annual Review and 2014 Strategic Plan and Budget Presentation - Kirsten Soder, General Manager, Tourism Tofino


Correspondence from Karla Louwers, BC Hydro regarding Long Beach Area Reinforcement Project

Correspondence from Director Rhona Martin, President Union of BC Municipalities regarding 2013 Resolutions

Correspondence from George Patterson, Tofino Botanical Gardens Foundation regarding Weeping Cedar Woman

Correspondence from Moses Martin, Chief Councillor Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations regarding Weeping Cedar Woman

# - # 

Correspondence from Mark Penney, President Board of Pacific Rim Arts Society regarding Weeping Cedar Woman

# - # 

Correspondence from Maureen Fraser, President Tofino Arts Council regarding Weeping Cedar Woman

Correspondence from Norma Dryden, Carving on the Edge Festival Society and 2014 Carving on the Edge Festival regarding Weeping Cedar Woman


Correspondence from Claude Gravelle, MP regarding National Dementia Strategy: Municipal Resolution and C-356

Correspondence from Barry Pages, Chair Skeena-Queen Charlotte Regional District regarding BC Ferries Service Cuts

Correspondence from Jennifer Steven, CEO Eagle Aerie Gallery regarding the tree located at 350 Campbell Street

Correspondence from Kevin Midgley regarding Japanese Knotweed and Scotch Broom



Endorsing the West Coast Aquatic Marine Planning Terms of Reference dated December 2013


Reserve Funds (Report from Financial Services)
THAT staff be authorized to establish, by bylaw, a reserve fund to be known as the Roads Infrastructure Reserve Fund for the purpose of funding road infrastructure projects;

AND THAT staff be authorized to establish, by bylaw, a reserve fund to be known as the Fire Department Capital Reserve Fund for the purpose of funding projects related to the repair, maintenance and upgrade of the District of Tofino Firehall and projects related to the purchase of equipment, land or improvements for the District of Tofino Fire Department.

Tofino Housing Corporation Inc. - Waiving of 2014 AGM, Auditor Appointment and 2013 Reporting Requirements (Report from Financial Services)
WHEREAS the District of Tofino is the sole shareholder of the Tofino Housing Corporation Inc. entitled to vote at an annual general meeting;

THEREFORE be it resolved:

THAT the District of Tofino consents to the unanimous shareholder resolutions set out in the consent form attached as Appendix “1” to the staff report “Tofino Housing Corporation – Waiving of the 2014 AGM, Auditor Appointment and 2013 Reporting Requirements” dated March 4, 2014;

AND THAT the Mayor and Corporate Officer be authorized to sign the consent form on behalf of the District of Tofino.

Naming of the Multi Use Path (MUP) Connector Trail (Report from Resort Municipality Initiative Services)
THAT Council select a formal name for the Multi Use Path (MUP) Connector Trail from the list provided in the staff report “Naming of the Multi Use Path (MUP) Connector Trail” dated March 4, 2014.

RMI Services Funding Allocations (Report from Resort Municipality Initiative Services)
THAT Council authorize staff to amend Tofino’s 2012-2016 Resort Development Strategy to reduce the Seasonal Shuttle funding allocation from 26% to 13% and increase Special Event and Festival funding from 32% to 45% of the annual Resort Services portion of Tofino’s Resort Municipality Initiative funding;

AND THAT the annual cost of the Seasonal Shuttle service not supported by the Resort Municipality Initiative program be funded through the Federal Gas Tax Agreement.

Construction Engineering Services - Campbell Street Phase 2 (Report from Resort Municipality Initiative Services)
THAT an exception to the District of Tofino “Municipal Purchasing Policy” be authorized to allow for single source procurement of construction engineering services for the Campbell Street Phase Two vitalization project.

Committee of the Whole
THAT the minutes of the Committee of the Whole meeting held February 12, 2014 be received.

THAT the staff report “Tofino Water Supply Low Flow Analysis” dated February 12, 2014 be received for information.

THAT the terms of reference for the West Coast Vancouver Island Marine Economic Development Committee, established by West Coast Aquatic be endorsed, in principle.

THAT staff be directed to amend section 3.5 of "District of Tofino Council Remuneration, Benefits and Expense Reimbursement Bylaw No. 1186, 2013" to permit greater than three absences from regular Council meetings and one absence from Committee of the Whole meetings, with the leave of Council.

THAT staff be directed to delete section 5.1 of "District of Tofino Council Remuneration, Benefits and Expense Reimbursement Bylaw No. 1186, 2013".

Audit Committee
THAT the minutes of the Audit Committee meeting held February 4, 2014 be received.
THAT $5,000 be allocated in the 2014 Budget to develop a participatory budgeting process for the Council Grant program.

Tofino Recreation Commission
THAT the minutes of the Tofino Recreation Commission meeting held February 19, 2014 be received.

# - # 

Tofino Housing Corporation
THAT the minutes of the Tofino Housing Corporation meeting held February 19, 2014 be received. 



Notice of Motion from the Mayor:
THAT staff work with the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust to develop a Letter of Intent for Council's consideration regarding implementation of the Tofino Tla-o-qui-aht Higher Learning Initiative.

Notice of Motion from Councillor Thicke:
WHEREAS community feedback regarding the acquisition of Weeping Cedar Woman by the District of Tofino demonstrates the need for a clear framework for community-based decision making for the integration of artwork into public spaces, and

WHEREAS the Tofino Arts and Culture Master Plan, adopted in December 2013, recommends the development of a public art policy,

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the District of Tofino staff be authorized to develop a Public Art Policy for Council’s consideration, and

THAT up to $5,000 from the 2014 Arts and Culture Grant budget be used to engage the services of a consultant to work with staff and local arts organizations to draft this policy.


THAT the meeting be closed to the public pursuant to Sections 90(1)(a)(c)(g) & (j) of the Community Charter to discuss matters relating to:
         employee relations
         litigation or potential litigation affecting the municipality
         information that is prohibited from disclosure under section 21 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act