Monday, April 17, 2017

Insights West Provincial Election Poll

NDP Tax Proposal

B.C.’s New Democrats are promising to impose a tax on property speculators who don’t pay income tax in the province, which the party says will be more effective than a levy on foreign buyers introduced last year by the Liberal government.
The NDP tax, announced Thursday in the party’s campaign platform, would put a 2-per-cent tax on homes of people whose tax returns indicate they pay little or no taxes in British Columbia.
  This would put an additional $60,000 in taxes on a foreign owned house valued at 3 million dollars or an additional $10,000 in taxes on a $500,000 condo.
What effect, if any, would this have on the Tofino real estate market ?  NDP are currently slightly ahead in the polls.......

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Locals can't get parking passes but offshore residents can.

  For some reason council thinks it is great for non-residents to get parking passes but in many cases locals can't park in front of their own homes.A hippie growing weed up the inlet can park as long as he/she wants with an offshore pass but a local can't use the same parking spot.When I go to Vancouver, I don't get free parking because I don't live there.
Greg Blanchettes says  “I definitely think that the ultimate goal here, and sooner rather than later, should be, ‘Your car gets parked on your property when it’s not in use.’'  Why does this not apply if you don't live here ?
 Almost all cities in BC with parking issues provide passes for local parking.Tofino has it completely backwards and provides passes only if you don't live here !!!
  This is just another part of Council's war on locals.Next election vote for candidates that will defend local rights instead of turning the town into one big amusement park.