Thursday, April 30, 2015

Banff Crackdown on Illegal Vacation Rentals

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Watermetergate Scandal : In The Millions $$$$$$$ ????

In her presentation to council , the Director of Financial Services indicated that after the faulty water meters had been replaced there was an increase in the water and sewer revenue of $111,250.00 for the billing period of October,November and December 2014 compared to the same billing period in the previous year.
 Staff is still busy with budget matters so I'll use that number to work with......If I double that number for the spring/summer billing periods and keep it the same for January , February and March I should get a good idea of how much water and sewer wasn't billed for during the year. Too keep the estimate very conservative I won't factor in the higher summer water rates.

Oct,Nov,Dec 2013   $111,250.00
July,Aug,Sept 2013 $222,500.00
Apl,May,June 2013 $222,500.00
Jan,Feb,Mar 2013   $111,250.00
total for year            $667,500.00  
                                                                                                                                                                        In her presentation to council , the Director of Financial Services also indicated that the problem with the meters had been going on for five years or more with one account being under billed since 2004.
If I just use the five year period I get : 5 years x $667,500.00 = $3,337,500.00
 I hope that I am way off with this estimate so feel free to comment if you see a problem with my math or methodology.

  If in fact the District gave away millions of dollars of water and sewer services while the rest of the community paid the highest water rates in Canada , there should be a full forensic audit.
  Normally I am against the District hiring consultants but if the consultant is a forensic auditor it will be money well spent.
 Some readers have asked if Tin Wis or MacKenzie Beach also had irregularities with their billing but I have no information on that at this time.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Still No Updates on the Watermetergate Scandal !!

Still no updates from the District of Tofino on the water meter scandal.If you were surprised at the incompetence surrounding this story you shouldn't be, Public Works has a long history of problems with sewer and water meters and numbers in general.How staff at the District Office didn't notice these problems is beyond me.....
 One has to wonder if any of the meters on Meares Island, Bay Street or at the Sharp Road water treatment plant are accurate ? Are any of the water meters in town accurate ? What a Gong Show !!!



Friday, April 10, 2015

No Update on Watermetergate

I've asked for water numbers from the District of Tofino but the finance department is busy finalizing the budget. As soon as I get them I'll post them with some analysis.Based on the little information I have I would guess that the resorts in question were undercharged hundreds of thousands of dollars for water and sewer......maybe more......
 I'm sure the District is conducting a thorough investigation and that those responsible will be held accountable.