Thursday, April 16, 2015

Still No Updates on the Watermetergate Scandal !!

Still no updates from the District of Tofino on the water meter scandal.If you were surprised at the incompetence surrounding this story you shouldn't be, Public Works has a long history of problems with sewer and water meters and numbers in general.How staff at the District Office didn't notice these problems is beyond me.....
 One has to wonder if any of the meters on Meares Island, Bay Street or at the Sharp Road water treatment plant are accurate ? Are any of the water meters in town accurate ? What a Gong Show !!!




Anonymous said...

This is beyond a joke. Please Council, do something !

Anonymous said...

Town Hall Meeting on WATER ASAP!

Very disappointed on the lack of leadership and information on this topic. No compassion to the taxpayers. Possible millions lost! I would make it a priority to review my biggest accounts when it comes to billing quarterly. Who is accountable for this?

The district’s director of finance Nyla Attiana said at least two of the four malfunctioning meters were registering consumption at a tenth of what it actually was.

“It’s important to point out that the district did not lose any revenue,” she said.

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Bad quote. Did we loose money? Or did the taxpayer just subsidize businesses? Poor response from the DOT. They need to amp up communication.

Seekem and Soakem said...

For a complete report and analysis of the water meter fiasco go to the Mayor's Facebook page. A complete accounting with a timeline of who knew what when and who is responsible

Anonymous said...

Ralph Tieleman said...

Tofino water users are singing the blues !

Anonymous said...

Another not discussed issue in the water bills because we are 'one big happy family' is that a large part of the water rates is the averaging of the those rates between the expensive processed water feeding users at the south end of town vs the lower cost just fluoridated water the users north of Industrial road are consuming.

Hmmm aren't the resorts using the more expensive water at the south end of town?

That means all the businesses and residents were really subsidizing those resorts that were not paying their bills.

Perhaps the water bills should be determined by the actual cost of delivery of the water consumed and not averaged over the district.

What is the actual cost of treatment processing the water for the south end of
town. Isn't it at least $1.20 a cubic metre? How many metres did the resorts with faulty meters not pay for?
Pretty simple calculation I would think.
I won't even go into the capital costs of providing that water system essentially for the resorts.

Ralph Tieleman said...

The water system basically functions as a single entity. Water from Bay St goes south of Industrial Way as it is required.If water from the treatment plant is required north of Industrial Way it can be provided in small quantities through the inter-zonal valve.Bay St can provide much more water than the treatment plant.In the not too distant future upgrades will be required to the Bay St. station to meet new water quality standards.