Saturday, February 27, 2010

tsunami Advisory update

Please check for updates to the Tsunami advisory ......updates will also be broadcasted on CHMZ 90.1 FM

Tsunami Advisory

Tsunami advisory posted for BC coast......please stay is supposed to arrive about 3 this afternoon .......

Friday, February 26, 2010

water system update

I just had a tour of the new water treatment plant at Sharp Rd. It is nearing completion and should be operational soon....The wiring etc. is being done by Anchor Cove Electrical...they will be able to monitor the plant and Tofino's water system by computer.Camera equipment will also be installed on Meares Island to monitor the reservoirs located there......

Monday, February 22, 2010

chestermans beach parking lot

some trees cut down at north chesterman's beach......don't know if this means work is starting on the $400,000.00 parking lot beautification project....I'll try to find out if the grant money came through.....oh, wait....the district office is closed in the afternoon.......maybe someone knows ?? > please write in....thanks

Saturday, February 20, 2010

new district hiring ??

Persistent rumours of more high priced help at the DISTRICT OF TOFINO......a new position to oversee District staff ! If you have any info please update me.....thanks,Ralph

Mayor Fraser goes surfing !!

Friday, February 19, 2010

more on vacation rentals

The first Vacation Rental I can recall was on Chesterman's Beach.....sometime around 1980.......nobody really gave it much 1996 the big issue was Bed and Breakfast.....I lost the election to Scott Fraser who ran on the Bed and Breakfast ticket......nobody seems to think Bed and Breakfast is an issue anymore...perhaps because it's provincially regulated......I think......does anyone have an idea as to how to to deal with the issue of Vacation Rentals ??

Vacation Rentals

Good morning, lots of interest in the Vacation Rental issue.A quick check of the VRs listed on the net showed that most are operating illegally.....nothing seems to have happened after the dramatic 2008 raid on a local VR management company.....Council has changed the rules governing VRs many times....they currently require a caretaker suite in each VR......some owners spent thousands of dollars to put caretaker suites in their units while others continued to operate many of the caretaker suites are being rented out as VRs.......perhaps someone could please comment as to how Vacation Rentals are regulated in Ucluelet,Whistler or SaltSpring Island ?? I think everyone involved would like to see some certainty with regards to this issue........

Thursday, February 18, 2010


sources have confirmed the resignations of two top members of the Tofino Emergency Preparedness group.....details to follow soon.....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ukee blues

While Ukee pays less for water and DCCs it looks like they'll be facing a tax increase.....a 7% increase is being recommended by District of Ucluelet staff......more later.....

Mayor Fraser goes surfing !!

Mayor John Fraser was shown surfing at the O-zone in the Vancouver Sun yesterday !! Mayor Fraser, a long time critic of the surf community has apparently had a change of heart and has embraced the sport !! Glad to see this and I hope other councillors will support surfing in the community........I'll try to get an image up soon.....

More resignations !!

District of Tofino staff would not confirm or deny two high level resignations from the Tofino Emergency Preparedness Committee.......I will try to contact persons involved and will print an update......

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tofino Housing Corporation Chairman resigns !!

Jim Schwartz has resigned from the Tofino Housing Corporation ! Mr. Schwartz said in a telephone interview that the THC has become no more than an advisory committee to council and that he saw no reason to stay on. There has been a major shift in the housing situation in Tofino since the THC was formed .....virtually every new home has been built with a secondary suite and many Tofino houses have been bought as staff accomodation units.......a check of rental listings show a wide variety of housing available.......

Monday, February 15, 2010

Tofino Trivia : nicknames

Lots of requests for Tofino Trivia......not political trivia but a general category.....comment with your answers.....most correct answers gets a free Lava Lamp
1.what was Beef's real name ?
2.what is Ratso's real name ?
3.what is Robert Robert's nickname ? did Penicillin Penny get her nickname ?
5.what was Derek Russel's nickname ?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tofino Underground Media

Just got a copy of Volume 1 of On the Rocks....Tofino Underground Media.....I'm usually supportive of Underground papers but these guys make a scathing personal attack on Adam Buskard.....this is totally inappropriate.....please raise your level of journalism out of the gutter ! If you are going to publish you should put your name to your paper.....let's hope Volume 2 shows some improvement.......

Friday, February 12, 2010

Stump Dump Campground proposed!!

Tofino council is seriously looking at putting in a campground at the Stump Dump !! You can view the report from Don McKinnon on the District's website !! I'm glad to see that council has its priorities straight.....most people I talk to aren't concerned with water rates,high taxes , lack of sewer treatment or the Dccs ! they want a campsite at the Dump !! I'm a traditionalist.....I like to camp at Tonquin Park or at Poole's but maybe a camping trip to the dump would be fun ! When we were kids we would hunt rats and throw rocks at bears at the six mile pit......back then it was the town landfill......many of my old cars are buried there......
Lots of interest over the Vacation Rental Wars !! please keep your comments civil as I have been unable to publish most of them......emotions run high with regards to this issue ! I've tried to get some background details on the proposed bylaw but my contacts are all at the O-Zone party in Vancouver.....

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

War on Bed and Breakfast and Vacation Rentals !!!

Proposed bylaws from the District of Tofino will declare war on Bed and Breakfast and Vacation Rental operations that are not run by their owners. If Bylaw 1109 becomes law it will require owners to run the B & B or Vacation Rental whereas existing law allows for a manager or caretaker to look after operations. A large percentage of VRs and B&Bs are owned by'll find the proposed changes at this site :'ll find it under Regular Council Packages Feb.9's at the bottom of the page.....your comments please....

DCC Committee chosen

The new DCC Committee has been chosen ! a good selection made by council.......let's hope they can get the DCCs on existing lots removed.........Some changes coming to the Vacation Rental industry.....I'll have a full report later today once I get a copy of the new bylaw.......

Saturday, February 6, 2010
Check out the link above......Ladysmith took a common sense approach to affordable housing and made some money at the same time......might work here ?? Apparently the Tofino Housing Corporation is going to be run by the District of Tofino Council instead of the Corporation's Board of Directors......let me see......the same people that charge $18,000.00 for DCCs,$5000.00 for sewer and water connections and outrageous prices for water are going to look after affordable housing ?? makes sense !
If you haven't volunteered for the DCC committee please do so.....the District has extended the deadline for volunteering.......

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

stranger than fiction

Good afternoon.....seems that it is true......the Lady Rose is coming to Tofino......Jamie Bray was on CBC this morning explaining the concept......nobody seems to know what the DCCs are on a boat.....we'll have to see council's reaction to this one !! Brings back memories of the boatique !!
more soon......