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Council Meeting Highlights

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Highlights – October 9, 2018 Council Meeting
Mayor’s Report:
Mayor Osborne recognized that this meeting, October 9, 2018, was the last meeting for Councillor Cathy Thicke. The Mayor thanked Councillor Thicke for her contributions over her 7 year tenure on Tofino Council and wished her luck in the future. Next Council meeting, October 23rd is the last meeting of this Council before the start of a new term on November 6, 2018.
Agenda Items:
 Arts, Culture and Heritage Action Plan endorsed: The Plan was developed in consultation with stakeholders from
the arts, culture and heritage sector to be funded through Resort Municipality Initiative funding, current partnerships and existing taxation revenue. The Plan will be discussed further in the 2019-2023 Financial Plan process.
 2017-2020 Taxation Exemption Amendment Bylaw and Policy Amendment: The Permissive Tax Exemption Policy and Bylaw were amended to include exemptions for Visitor Information Services provided by Tofino Destination Management Organization (Tourism Tofino) and the Tofino Senior Citizens Housing Society.
 Council Remuneration Bylaw: Per the recommendations of a citizen advisory group, Council gave the first 3 readings to a new Council Remuneration Bylaw. The Bylaw increases the base rate compensation for Mayor and Council and revises terms for missed meetings, out of town conferences and training, and meetings of other bodies on which Council takes part. The Bylaw will be considered for adoption at the October 23, 2018, Council meeting.
 Recreation Facility Grant: Staff were authorized to apply to the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) Community, Culture, and Recreation (CCR) grant program to pursue 73.33% funding towards the development of a community recreation facility.
 Significant Tree Protection: Staff were directed to bring forward options for the protection and preservation of significant trees on public and private lands within the District of Tofino.
 Parking Policy Amendments: Staff will consider amendments to the District of Tofino Downtown Parking Plan and the Parking Policy, for report back to Council, which account for emerging parking issues such as:
 Extra Large Vehicles longer than 20’ and higher than 7’ parking in downtown core
 Overnight sleeping in vehicles in the District of Tofino
 Loading zones
 Accessible Parking spots
 Informal angle parking that compromises road safety
 Designated day use boat trailer parking
 Communication of parking by-laws and plan to residents and visitors
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