Thursday, February 23, 2017

Council Highlights

Short Term Rental License Rates and Fines

There has been little consistency from the District with regards to rates for Short Term rental operations.In 2005 the fee was $800.00. Then it went down and now it has gone up to finance the investigation of Undocumented Accommodation Providers.In the past few years Tofino has been a Sanctuary City for UAPs but is now reflecting the Law and Order mandate seen in the Trump administration.Fines have already gone out to South Chestermans condo owners .

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Public Hearing From Ten Years Ago !

Vacation Rental Cancellations

 While some vacation rental providers are cancelling bookings to conform with the District of Tofino's bylaws others continue to book illegal vacation rentals .

- Name of Inquirer: xxxxxxx
- E-mail Address: xxxxx@ORANGE.FR
- Phone Number: 610xxxxx
- Check In Date: 2017-08-16
- Check Out Date: 2017-08-20
- Number of Adults: 4
- Number of Children: 1

- Lodging Search Type(s): Vacation Rentals & Guest Houses, Inns & B&Bs

- Further details/comments:
we are looking for an accomodation for 5 people, 2 adults 3 kids 17/15 and 8 years old, we would like if possible to have a flat with a kitchen. thank you for helping us as our booking on airbnb was savagely cancelled

  I was easily able to link to many illegal vacation rentals through the Tourism Tofino website.This includes units at South Chestermans and The Shore.
  Is the District of Tofino really going to enforce their bylaws ? People booking at vacation rentals through links provided by Tourism Tofino have reasonable cause to believe that everything is legitimate. Many illegal units are already booked for the summer. It is starting to look like a high stakes game of chicken between the District of Tofino and some vacation rental operators. Collateral damage will include the reputation of Tofino if hundreds of summer bookings are cancelled.
  This weekend many illegal vacation rental units were full and the losers were those who cancelled bookings to conform with the District of Tofino's bylaws.So far the District has shown that it is willing to do absolutely nothing.

Feb 7 Council Meeting Highlights

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