Friday, December 31, 2010

Seaweed at South Chesterman's Dec 31 2010

Number Ten story of the year

The Olympic Party

story nine of the year

Still no sewage treatment.still no connection with Esowista and the park.

Story eight of the year

The war on Vacation Rentals ended without a shot being fired.

Story seven of the year

Electric Truck

Number six story of the year

The departure of Don Mckinnon

Number Five story of the year

Council continued to squander more money on the Social Subsidized Housing Program.Please stop.

Number Four Story of the year

We didn't run out of water.thanks for that

Number Three Story of the year

The departure of Bob Long

Number Two story of 2010

Cox Bay Rock Walls....whether you like the walls or not three resorts proved that you can do whatever you want here and council will do absolutely nothing........Actually Poole has been proving that for years....

Number One story of 2010

I still don't know who made this sign but it certainly stimulated a lot of discussion in the town...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

slow news days Dec.30,2010

I saw a bear the other day and I heard that someone anonymous found a glass ball in a secret spot.....What are those huge sign things out the highway ? I'll start working on a Top Ten of 2010 list.....suggestions ?

Friday, December 24, 2010

Developers give up ? December 24,2010

A new "For Sale" sign at the corner of Olsen Rd. and Campbell St. seems to indicate that developers have given up on the proposed project at the former Rae-Arthur property....there used to be a nice little gas station there.....
It seems there was a problem with the OCP designation of the property ??? write in if you have any info please.....thanks and Merry Christmas to all.....Ralph

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Council renumeration and expense bylaw

Up to Bylaw No. 1120, 2010
WHEREAS the Council is empowered to remunerate Council members for the discharge of the duties of office.
NOW THEREFORE the Council of the District of Tofino, in the Province of British Columbia, in an open meeting assembled Hereby Enacts as Follows:
1. This bylaw may be known and cited for all purposes as District of Tofino Council Remuneration & Expense Reimbursement Bylaw No. 1077, 2008.
2. Effective January 1, 2010, an annual indemnity shall be paid out of general revenue as follows:
i) Mayor $19,000.00
ii) Councillor $ 11,000.00
3. The annual indemnity shall be paid on a bi-weekly basis.
4. The annual indemnity shall increase on an annual basis commencing with the first full pay period in March using the previous year’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate for British Columbia as determined by Statistics Canada.
5. One third (1/3) of the annual indemnity amount shall be considered to be for expenses in the performance of their office.
6. The Mayor and Councillors shall be reimbursed for all reasonable travelling expenses incurred by them in the course of attending authorized meetings, conventions, seminars and for otherwise attending to the authorized business of the District of Tofino.
7. Overnight accommodation, transportation (other than use of personal vehicles) including ferry, taxi and air fares, parking, and registration fees for conventions and seminars shall be reimbursed at 100% of cost.
8. Reimbursement (mileage) for use of personal vehicles shall be set by policy.
9. Reimbursement of meals for out of town business shall be set by policy.
10. Meetings on Council business and all Council directed meetings, Committee meetings or other meetings will pay a per diem to be set by policy.
11. Mayor and Council are entitled to be included in the District of Tofino’s employment benefit program at the District’s cost.
12. Council meetings are to be attended by all Councillors. There is a two meeting absence for vacations and one meeting absence for sickness. If more than three meetings are missed then no further meeting stipends will be paid for missed meetings.
13. Each Councillor will be allotted a $500.00 discretionary budget to attend meetings benefitting (sic)the District outside the District without Council’s specific authorization.
14. District of Tofino Council Remuneration & Expense Reimbursement By-law No. 750, 1997 and any amendments thereto are hereby repealed.
READ a first time this 16th day of September, 2008 READ a second time this 16th day of September, 2008 READ a third time this 16th day of September, 2008
ADOPTED by Council this 14th day of October, 2008
John Fraser, Mayor Braden Smith, Interim CAO
I hereby certify the foregoing to be a true and correct copy of Bylaw No. 1077, 2008 cited as District of Tofino Council Remuneration & Expense Reimbursement Bylaw No. 1077, 2008 as adopted by Council this 14th day of October, 2008.
Braden Smith, Interim CAO

Monday, December 20, 2010

airport road

An avid blog reader has suggested that the airport road should get some needs grading......

Skype for Tofino Council meetings ?

There is a proposal being put forward for Mayor and Council to participate in meetings via Skype.This will allow Mayor and Council to run meetings from holiday destinations...
I would suggest that if they can't be bothered to attend meetings they should resign....

affordable housing vs. wages Dec.20 2010

While the District makes noise about affordable housing it has failed to recognize that the cost of living in Tofino has gone up with the introduction of the HST and our ridiculous water rates....District staff got a settlement of 0% over 2 years...(not management)....while I'm all in favor of keeping expenses down a small increase in pay to compensate for cost of living increases wouldn't be out of line....
The Mayor got a raise of about $6000.00 Canadian dollars and council got a raise of about $3500.00 Canadian dollars in 2010 !!! I think that is fair but a bit of a raise for District staff that actually show up for work would go a long way towards keeping staff employed on a long term basis and making sure that they can afford housing....

Parks Canada Sewer !! Dec.20,2010

As I can't get any info from the District during the holidays I'll try to get in touch with Parks Canada to see when they intend to connect to our decrepit sewer system.The optics of a National Park dumping raw sewage out into Duffin Cove might not be to appealing !!! Our Mayor should have been in Ottawa lobbying for infrastructure funding before going for holidays in Arizona....

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dec.16,2010 Esowista update

Just met with staff from Esowista...seems there is a simple solution to the sewer connection utilizing the existing pump station at Maltby Rd. rather than building a new station at six mile / stump dump.....still not sure on the status of the proposed twinning of the line between Maltby and Lynn rd. but I will keep you posted....

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dec.15,2010 Special Projects Coordinator Update !!

It has been confirmed that Roberta Martell is no longer employed at The District of Tofino ! I was apprehensive when she was first hired but soon supported her position.....This is a loss for the District....please ask your Mayor and Council what the hell is going on !!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Special Projects Co-ordinator ???? Dec.13, 2010

Does anyone know the status of the Special Projects Co-ordinator ?? I tried to find out at the District Office but I'm still not sure if she continues to enjoy employment in our fair village......please write in if you know....thanks,Ralph

Highlights of Dec. 14,2010 meeting agenda

. Reports

Staff Reports:

1. Reports from the Director of Financial Services

(1) 2011 Budget – Draft Project Listing by Department, Report dated 2010- December-06

2. Report from the Deputy Clerk

(1) Council Procedure Amendment Bylaw – Electronic Meetings, Report dated 2010-December-08

(1) 1st Reading of District of Tofino Council Procedure Amendment Bylaw No. 1137, 2010

(2) 2nd Reading of District of Tofino Council Procedure Amendment Bylaw No. 1137, 2010

3. Report from the Manager of Community Sustainability

(1) Foreshore Development Permit Areas, Report dated 2010-December-07

4. Report from the Manager of Community Sustainability and the Director of Financial Services

(1) Campbell St. Revitalization, Report dated 2010-December-07

13. Reports

Committee Reports:

1. Committee Reports (verbal)

(1) Selection of Lighthouse Trail Committee Members (Councillor Tilitzky)

2. Minutes of the Tofino Housing Corporation Board of Directors Meeting held 2010-November-16

Recommendations to Council from THC Board of Directors:

(1) Resolution No. THCBD-17-10 re: Request for Proposals

(2) Resolution No. THCBD-18-10 re: Micro Homes

3. Minutes of the Committee of the Whole Meeting held 2010-November-23

14. Bylaws

15. New Business

1. Staff to Investigate Purchase of Electric Quads for Bylaw Enforcement Officer to Access Trails (Deputy Mayor Ashton)

2. Reminder of AVICC Upcoming Convention and Deadline for Submissions (Deputy Mayor Ashton)

3. Letter to Prime Minister of Canada requesting Federal Government to Enact Legislation Banning Offshore Tankers (Deputy Mayor Ashton)

4. Discussion of Community Walk-in Campground (Deputy Mayor Ashton)

5. Historical Downtown Plaques

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Esowista Update December 12,2010

From the Tla-o-qui-aht Newsletter of May,2009 " Funding for the entire Esowista Expansion infrastructure is now considered as part of Canada’s Economic Action Plan announced by the Prime Minister in January of this year (with the exception of the forcemain under current construction). That includes water, sewer, roads, hydro, lighting, phone lines and likely a geothermal heating system. And a stipulation of Economic Action Plan funding is that the entire job has to be done by March 2011 "
Here in Tofino we are used to screw ups under this Mayor's reign....Pay Parking,Traffic Circles,Water shortages,Olympic parties,more water shortages,non-existent affordable housing,failed sewer grant applications but now we have involved our neighbors in our madness.....The people of Esowista signed an agreement with us to work cooperatively on a liquid waste management plan and it appears that we have been more than slow to make good on our end of the bargain...We have had time for two weeks of O-Zone parties at the Olympics , council get-aways at Whistler,photo ops with the electric truck....we've banned plastic bags and franchises and spent time looking into a village campground and we've announced grants for the arts and we've banned idling vehicles but we seem to have forgotten that our neighbors are depending on us to help with their sewer make matters worse we have already accepted a rather large sum of money to finance the project....Let's hope that the Mayor rolls up his sleeves and gets to work to see this project completed on time !!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Esowista Update part 2 Dec 7 2010

Just heard from the District of Tofino regarding the Esowista sewer connection....John Motherwell and Associates, engineering consultants for the district are working on a plan and should have something together soon....
While this is good news I can't help but wonder why the Mayor would sign an agreement with Esowista without having the engineering figured out beforehand ???? How were the costs of the project arrived at ? I will try to find out.....

Esowista Update Dec 7 2010

According to Tofinonews sources the existing houses at Esowista are scheduled to hook up to the Tofino sewer system by the end of February.I'll try to find out today what the District of Tofino schedule is. If you have any info please write in. Thanks,Ralph

Friday, December 3, 2010

Esowista Update Dec.3,2010

The Tofino share of the twinning of the sewer line between Maltby Rd. and Lynn Rd. will be $773,520.00 or 58.6% of the total cost of $1,320,000.00. This is according to the agreement signed with Esowista.if you want a copy of the agreement I can email it to you.....thanks,Ralph

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Esowista Expansion Dec. 2, 2010

Some blog readers have expressed concern about the sewer connection from the Esowista Reserve to the Tofino sewer system. Building is underway at the Esowista Reserve expansion and soon they will need to hook up to the Tofino system....Tofino signed an agreement with Esowista in 2008 to provide access to the sewer system but the District seems to be leaving things until the last minute....According to the agreement document a new pump station will have to be installed at Maltby Rd. and the sewer line from Maltby Rd. to Lynn road will have to be twinned....Apparently there is an existing sewer connection that is south of Maltby Rd. which might be problematic to incorporate into the new connection.....Let's hope this can get sorted out before people are ready to move into their new homes.
Please write in if you have any information regarding this issue....thanks,Ralph

Municipal spending update Dec.2 , 2010

Tofino expenditures
2000 $2,424,249.00
2007 $4,951,603.00
figures taken from the Consolidated Statement of Financial Activities as posted on

Dec.2 ,2010 Municipal spending report

Vancouver, November 5, 2009 – As municipalities across the province consider property tax increases for 2010, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) has released its second annual BC Municipal Spending Watch today showing that municipal operating spending continues to outpace population and inflation growth by a wide margin.

The study found that between 2000 and 2007 (the last year data is available) municipal operating spending across BC grew by 44 per cent, while population and inflation grew by only 25 per cent. Of 153 municipalities, 129 were unable to keep operating spending growth to population and inflation.

“This kind of spending is disrespectful to taxpayers and harmful to communities,” said Laura Jones, CFIB’s Vice President for Western Canada. “It means property taxes and other municipal fees increase faster than the ability of residents and business owners to pay.” If local governments had kept spending increases in line with population and inflation, taxpayers would have been left with an additional $572 million in their pockets in 2007. Put another way, property taxes could have been 14 per cent lower, leaving families more money to save and businesses more money to invest.

Twelve of BC’s largest municipalities spent more than double (2.00) population and inflation growth: Prince George (2.89); North Vancouver District (2.82); West Vancouver (2.80); Port Coquitlam (2.73); Penticton (2.58); North Vancouver City (2.54); Langley City (2.30); Vernon (2.21); Chilliwack (2.21); Maple Ridge (2.13); Coquitlam (2.10); and Langley District (2.09). Prince George had the greatest improvement in fiscal sustainability since last year while Mission saw the largest deterioration. The study finds that municipal wages are a substantial driver of municipal spending, with municipal employees earning 35 per cent more in wages and benefits than they would make in an equivalent job in the private sector.

“This is a wake up call to taxpayers. It’s time to demand more accountability from municipal governments—we have a number of recommendations including creating a Municipal Auditor General and restoring the business vote,” concludes Jones.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

District to take control of foreshore and beaches ?? Dec.1,2010

Persistent rumors that the District of Tofino is looking to take control of local beaches and foreshore leases......this has been discussed many times in the past but as the province is happy to download almost anything these days it may have new life.....this strikes fear in the hearts of foreshore lease holders as the District could do to foreshore leases as it has done to water rates....speaking of which.....what happened to the public outcry over water rates ?? Is the District going to subsidize water rates at the Subsidized Social Housing project ?

District of Tofino to get into rental business Dec 1,2010

The District of Tofino is looking for interest in the construction of a fourplex as part of its Subsidized Social Housing program.....While there is currently a surplus of long term rental housing on the market the District of Tofino is proceeding
"Based on the needs identified in the 2002 Official Community Plan"....I would suggest that the District of Tofino update its obsolete,prerecession Official Community Plan before it spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on Subsidized Social Housing.....
The District has already spent hundreds of thousands of your tax dollars on this project without so much as a single nail or two by four being purchased.....all spent on plans and studies.....a quick check of shows over 20 year round rental units available in Tofino.
to see details of the Districts request for expressions of interest check