Wednesday, December 1, 2010

District of Tofino to get into rental business Dec 1,2010

The District of Tofino is looking for interest in the construction of a fourplex as part of its Subsidized Social Housing program.....While there is currently a surplus of long term rental housing on the market the District of Tofino is proceeding
"Based on the needs identified in the 2002 Official Community Plan"....I would suggest that the District of Tofino update its obsolete,prerecession Official Community Plan before it spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on Subsidized Social Housing.....
The District has already spent hundreds of thousands of your tax dollars on this project without so much as a single nail or two by four being purchased.....all spent on plans and studies.....a quick check of shows over 20 year round rental units available in Tofino.
to see details of the Districts request for expressions of interest check

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