Thursday, December 2, 2010

Esowista Expansion Dec. 2, 2010

Some blog readers have expressed concern about the sewer connection from the Esowista Reserve to the Tofino sewer system. Building is underway at the Esowista Reserve expansion and soon they will need to hook up to the Tofino system....Tofino signed an agreement with Esowista in 2008 to provide access to the sewer system but the District seems to be leaving things until the last minute....According to the agreement document a new pump station will have to be installed at Maltby Rd. and the sewer line from Maltby Rd. to Lynn road will have to be twinned....Apparently there is an existing sewer connection that is south of Maltby Rd. which might be problematic to incorporate into the new connection.....Let's hope this can get sorted out before people are ready to move into their new homes.
Please write in if you have any information regarding this issue....thanks,Ralph

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