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Municipal Stories

Sorry to be preoccupied with the federal election. If you have a story you 'd like looked at just comment  or find me in the co-op store . Suggested stories have been gym use , the 1/2 million dollar fire truck and the status of the Whisky Dock . Thank you for your patience.

Bill Tieleman Tyee Story

Liberals, Conservatives in dead heat with NDP trailing: Nanos poll

NDP Candidate Ethan Rabidoux Called Gun an “Instrument of Democracy”

Another One Bites The Dust !! Liberal Again !!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

On Strategic Voting

NDP Plans Attack on Trudeau

Aboriginal Debate in Alberni

Latest Nanos Poll Sept 29

  • 32.6 per cent supported the Conservatives as their top choice
  • 31.4 per cent picked the Liberals as their top choice
  • 27.0 per cent chose the NDP
The NDP remain the top choice in Quebec, but their advantage is slipping with the Liberals second and the Bloc Quebecois and Conservatives tied for third.
Ontario is still a tight race between the Liberals and the Conservatives, with the NDP in third.
The NDP passed the Conservatives to lead the latest poll in B.C., while the Liberals saw their support dip as they stayed in third place.
The Conservatives maintained a comfortable lead in the Prairies, while the Liberals held a better than 20 per cent advantage over their rivals in Atlantic Canada.

Monday, September 28, 2015

NDP Support Fading

Another One Bites The Dust ! Again !!

Latest Nanos Poll

  • National Ballot – The Nanos nightly tracking suggests that a two-way race may be emerging between the Conservatives and the Liberals. Support for the Conservatives stands at 33.0%, with the Liberals at 31.6%, the NDP at 26.9%, and the Greens at 3.6% nationally.
  • Battleground Ontario – Ontario is a dead heat between the Liberals who are at 38.9% and the Conservatives who are at 38.1%. Support for the NDP has slid the last two days in Ontario and stands at 19.4% while support for the Greens is at 3.6%. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Latest Poll From Nanos Research -Sept 27

  • National Ballot – The latest Nanos tracking has the Liberals at 32.5%, the Conservatives at 31.5%, the NDP at 27.6%, and the Greens at 3.7% nationally. This is the lowest level of support registered by the NDP since the nightly tracking started.
  • French Debate Fallout - Although still in the lead in Quebec, support for the NDP has cycled downward for the past three nights and their advantage in Quebec has diminished. Both the BQ and Conservatives have gained in Quebec in the Nanos tracking in the past three nights, while support for the Liberals was unchanged following the debate. In the Quebec support for the parties stands at 35.7% for the NDP, 27.9% for the Liberals, 18.2% for the Conservatives, 16.4% for the BQ and 1.8% for the Greens. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Vehicle Incident on Hwy 4

Highway 4 Both directions Vehicle Incident 22 km east of Ucluelet Junction. The road is reduced to single lane alternating traffic. Updated on Thu Sep 24 at 1:01 pm PDT. (ID# 192647)

Cons Leading In Latest Polls

With all parties offering everything but free beer in their campaign promises are people starting to stick with the evil they know ?? Perhaps tonight's french language debate will have some defining results.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Poll shows Trudeau trailing in his own riding

The NDP have taken a page from Harper's playbook by releasing a questionable poll just before the Globe and Mail debate .

Friday, September 18, 2015

Wayne Gretzky Endorses Harper !

Sea Shepard on Ahousat Fish Farm Fight

Too Much Information ?

Some reader's have suggested that the comments section is focusing on the candidate's past history and behaviour as opposed to the issues and platforms.
This may be valid criticism but I have not published a multitude of comments .
Not from fear of legal action but because I didn't think they needed to be public.
In this election we have seen an increased level of scrutiny by social media.
Rosemary Barton from CBC on this subject:
" I think you have to be accountable for your own words and actions. When you decide to put your name out there, you have to take responsibility for things you said in the past, and how they match with what you're saying now. Has it gone a little overboard? Maybe."

  For what it is worth I haven't really had any comments at all on the Green and Liberal candidates.Only the contenders get any attention .
  Be sure to vote .

John Duncan Story From CTV

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Harper on "old stock Canadians" during debate

From CBC : Clarifying previous comments on refugees, Harper said that he would "bring in more" than in the past, but that "we do not offer them a better health-care plan than the ordinary Canadian can receive. I think that's something that new and old stock Canadians can agree with."
The question of what, exactly, defines an "old stock Canadian" quickly turned Twitter into a debate stage of its own.
I used to drink Extra Old Stock but somehow I don't think he's referring to that.......Or First Nations ......

NDP Lead Narrows in Courtenay-Alberni

The new Dogwood poll found that NDP candidate Gord Johns (30 per cent) leads Conservative incumbent John Duncan (25 per cent) in Courtenay-Alberni with Liberal candidate Carrie Powell-Davidson (10 per cent) and Green candidate Glenn Sollitt (nine per cent) far back in third and fourth place.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Question ?

Do you think that "strategic " voting is simply surrendering democracy to the pollsters ?

More Election Projections Sept . 3 2015

If the election happened today, there is a ...

  • 41%chance that the Conservatives get the most seats
  • 53%chance that the NDP gets the most seats
  • 8%chance that the Liberals gets the most seats
  • 25%chance that the Green party gets more than one seat
  • 96%chance that the Liberals and NDP have a majority together
  • 16%chance that the Bloc regains official party status (more than 12 seats)