Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Post from Sally Mole

Hello Tofino.  November 30, 2012, marked a very black day for my family and I.   Through the shell shocked days that followed, we were continually amazed and buoyed by the community support.  I have never publicly thanked you and I feel bad about that.  While I don't know that this is the most appropriate site to say my thanks, it was this site that my family went to, to see the voices of the community, and to dig me out of the hole I was tending to crawl in to.  Thank you Ralph, and thank you friends.
My son attended the council meeting where you turned out in huge numbers.  The rest of our family stole a car (borrowed) and did a drive by.  My girlfriends were there...  We all regrouped after at the usual place we go to in times of crisis, and while my family was elated, I was in tears, so grateful and humbled by the support.  This community served me and my family well, and we have done our best to pay it back.  I am a better person for having lived there and having gone through the experiences I have had.  I am especially grateful for the people I have connected with that I may not have without my job connections.  Thank you!
I write this now, as I will forever remember November 30 as a day when your world can just fall apart, through no doing of your own.  It is a reminder to not take things for granted, and to be grateful for what you have.  Sounds cliche, yes, but lying on the couch the Saturday following, with the family, with total lock down on phones and internet, in breeze the girls, Wicked Witches of Eastwick style on their broomsticks, and man was I grateful for them!  And of course my lovely family, who maybe took it harder than me.  My family, my girlfriends, strong backbone support..  And then we felt the community voice.  We heard you and felt you.  We are grateful, thank you!
It took me a while to accept what had happened.  This time last year I wanted to post a thanks, but I was still angry, bitter, sad, and we had been through a lot as a family through the year.  I felt I couldn't post something genuine without losing those feelings.  Today, I could for sure still conjure up those feelings if I chose to dwell on them, so I choose not to dwell on them.  To be honest, today, I'm too busy to dwell on anything but getting things done!  Today, I say thank you for letting me have the opportunity to play a part in so many people's lives.  I have so many great memories of coaching soccer and t-ball, hilarious stories with staff and volunteers, and hug moments from day care to "older" people.  I'm proud of all the rec facilities we built together which my kids will use into the future.  I really can't account for all those who touched my/our life in this brief post, but please know, your support and love is valued and not unnoticed.  THANK YOU!!!