Thursday, December 24, 2015

Tofino Council Wants Climate Change Warnings on Gas Pumps
Tofino is one of the most carbon intensive towns in BC . Everything pretty much gets trucked in.Between Tourism Tofino and local tourist operations millions are spent to encourage tourists to come here.They don't walk here or bicycle or arrive in sailboats.....they arrive in carbon spewing vehicles.

   Let's hope that tourists don't take the warning labels seriously and reduce their carbon footprint by staying home.

Councilor Greg Blanchette said “They too will see these gas pump labels and they’ll think, ‘Wow, Tofino is a pretty far thinking community.’ It really fits well with the Tofino brand as being a leader in environmentalism.”
   How can Tofino be a leader in environmentalism when the bulk of our collective incomes comes from people burning fossil fuels to come here for no reason other than recreation ?
    How can Tofino be a leader in environmentalism when we still dump raw sewage directly into our harbour ?
 Perhaps Tofino Council will demand warning labels on all toilets and urinals ! "Please don't flush as use of  this toilet or urinal contributes to water pollution which puts many species of shellfish at risk of Fecal Coliform contamination and could result in closures of local beaches for recreational use"
  All of this might seem like some flaky joke but every time council directs staff to spend time on issues that aren't related to the running of the District of Tofino it costs the taxpayer money.We are facing a 22% tax increase in this and the next four years , do we really need bylaw officers checking gas pumps for warning labels ?

  A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all !!