Saturday, March 31, 2012

Former Tofino CAO Fired !!! Former Tofino CAO Robert Bremner is named in the Yew Wood court case as is current Tofino CAO Braden Smith.

Conservative Budget Attacks Vancouver Island Business

The new Conservative budget puts another nail in Vancouver Island's coffin.....right next to the one provided by the BC Ferry increases....Large increases in the amount of purchases that get duty-free status encourage BC residents to visit the US instead of shopping or vacationing in BC.....This is bad enough for most of BC's retail and tourism sector but for Vancouver Island operators it comes at the same time as a BC Ferries rate hike !! To add insult to injury, our Liberal provincial finance minister says the new budget is "good for BC"

Friday, March 30, 2012

Search Update at Cox Bay

Search and Rescue would like to know if anyone has information on a couple that may have been swept into the water from Sunset Point at Cox Bay yesterday evening.If you have any info please call 911.If you were at Cox Bay last evening and saw anything please call 911.If you think that you may be the subject of the search please report in. update at 9:30am Coast Guard vessel searching in Cox Bay.CBC radio reporting the search

Search at Cox Bay

Unconfirmed reports of a search underway earlier tonight in the Cox Bay and Chesterman Beach area. More info as it becomes available.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

By Popular Demand !

New Whale Watching Regulations Proposed "There is evidence that the presence of marine mammal watching vessels disrupts the normal activities of the animals in the short and longer term," said DFO. Let's see if this generates as much debate as the wolf problem !

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More Wildlife sightings

Several reports of a cougar between Dolphin Motel and Industrial Way

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wolf Update

Quite a few wolves around the Esso and Coop Gas stations areas.On both sides of the road. Two on the beach below my house.Please proceed with caution. posted at 8:22 pm Sunday

From the March 27 Council Agenda

Braden Smith, CAO Bob Schantz Manager of Public Works and Building Inspection Water leak at 240 Neill Street Council Agenda Date: RTC Submission Date: 2012-03-27 2012-03-21 The Corporation of the District of Tofino REPORT TO COUNCIL RECOMMENDATION THAT Council receives this report for information CAO’S COMMENTS PURPOSE The purpose of this report is to inform Council as to the issue of the leak in the letter from Joanna Streetly and the results of the repair on March 21, 2012 STRATEGIC PRIORITY OF COUNCIL Strategic Priority: Top 6 - #1 Plan, build and maintain water infrastructure. Project/Initiative: 1.h) Address existing water infrastructure shortcomings & weaknesses FINANCIAL IMPACTS The financial impacts of this repair were minimal the financial impacts of the issues that were discovered during the repair if the required replacement is carried out will need to be established as this is not part of the Water Capital Plan BACKGROUND I was contacted in August regarding the seepage of water. I informed my foreman of the issue and requested that it be looked into and resolved. He reported back to me that they had investigated the issue and spent nearly 4 hours but were unable to establish if this was a water main leak or a water service leak. The staff have monitored the situation over the winter to establish if the water was indeed a leak and if it would increase in volume. There was a more thorough investigation by staff at my request and the leak was discovered and repaired. I have contacted Joanna Streetly and informed her of the repair and apologized for the delay in the response to her concerns. 1 A/T #: CR:0307 File #: 0540-04 DISCUSSION The 2 inch water main the services the properties from 240 Neill Street to the end runs across private property, this main is thin wall 2 inch which will be prone to more leaks. The recommendation from Mr. Papuc is to replace this section of main with thick wall 2 inch and to place it alongside the roadway. The 6 inch main that services Neill Street to 240 Neill Street was replaced in 2001. This will be a project that can be undertaken by district staff and will be looked at as a project in 2013. Respectfully submitted; _____________________________ Bob Schantz Manager of Public Works and Building Inspection.................................................................................................................................................................................................................... The entire agenda can be seen at this link:

Caine Mutiny and Your Comments

A mailed in request to post this link.Similar to the District's quest to uncover who is commenting on the blog ! Keep those cards and letters coming ! Box 95,Tofino BC V0R 2Z0

Saturday, March 24, 2012

wolf sightings

Wolf sightings between the esso and coop gas 7pm

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gas Tax Sewer Grant and Community Recreation Program Grant

NEW FOR THIS YEAR Applications considered under both GSPF and IF programs For this application round, all submissions from outside GVRD will be considered under both GSPF and IF programs. Applicants are no longer required to specify which program they are applying under. Online Application Submission This year, UBCM has moved to an online application submission system. Please see the UBCM website for further information on how to submit your completed application form. Resubmission of Projects from the 2010-2011 Intake Applicants may resubmit projects that were considered in the last intake of the GSPF/IF program (2010-2011). In order to do so, you must submit a new application, however, you only need to complete those sections of the application where project details have changed. Applicants resubmitting projects are still required to complete the signature page and supply a Council/Board Resolution. INTRODUCTION About the General Strategic Priorities Fund (GSPF) and Innovations Fund (IF) The GSPF and IF are two application based funding programs under the Canada–British Columbia–UBCM Agreement on the Transfer of Federal Gas Tax Revenues (GTA). The GTA delivers federal funding to local governments and other eligible recipients to invest in eligible capacity building/integrated community sustainability planning projects and public transit, local roads, bridges, tunnels, active transportation, community energy, water, wastewater and solid waste infrastructure projects that contribute to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, cleaner water or cleaner air. The GSPF is available to all local governments outside of the Greater Vancouver Regional District. The IF is available to all local governments in British Columbia. Invitations to submit applications under both the GSPF and IF occurred in both 2007 and 2008 in relation to Gas Tax funding to be received from the Government of Canada by 2010, and this funding has now been fully committed. GSPF and IF Capital Projects Program Guide (Updated February 2012) Page 2 of 9 The Gas Tax Agreement was amended in 2008 to provide funding for fiscal years 2010-11 through to 2013-14. Total funding delivered to BC communities during the 2010-11 to 2013-14 is expected to be just over $1 billion, and of this, about $50 million is allocated to the IF and $107 million is allocated to GSPF. This is the second intake of applications invited under both the GSPF and IF programs for the Gas Tax extension period. Available funding for this round of applications for capital projects is $33 million for GSPF and $15.5 million for IF. ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS, APPLICATION LIMITS AND DEADLINES Application deadline: Applications must be received by May 31, 2012. Applicable Law Recipients are responsible for ensuring that all projects are implemented in accordance with all laws applicable in British Columbia and for ensuring that any required permits, licenses, or approvals are obtained. Let's hope that the District of Tofino completes the Stage 3 Liquid Waste Management Plan and gets a well written grant application in on time !! While on the subject of grants, I'm happy to report that Tofino was successful in getting a grant to connect the Multi-Use Path to the Lighthouse Trail. details at

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Slide above Close Creek

The slide above the Close Creek part of the water system is shown clearly by the snow in this photo.Before the District of Tofino spends thousands of dollars to clear out the area of the water system they might want to get a second opinion from another engineer and assess the stability of the slope above the water system.There are those that deny that this is a slide but it sure looks like one in this picture !!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ferry Rates Going Up !!!

With tourism already suffering from the effects of a high Canadian dollar the provincial government has decided to add to the problem by raising ferry fares !!! B.C. Ferries passengers will pay higher fares on all routes as of April 1,2012. The 4.15 per cent hike was approved last spring when the provincial government amended the Coastal Ferry Act. Fares will increase to $49.45 for vehicles, up from $47.25, on the main routes between Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay, Horseshoe Bay-Departure Bay and Tsawwassen-Duke Point. On a recent trip to Vancouver many friends told me that they no longer visit Tofino as the US offers better value.It is free to cross the border,gas is cheaper,accommodation is cheaper and they can load up on cheap groceries. The surf website now rates the weekend surf at Westport Washington at "ultra crowded". The provincial government is paying lip-service to the concerns of local business owners with a breakfast meeting while raising ferry fares at the same time !! Higher ferry fares result in more people from the lower mainland taking their tourist dollars south to the U.S.The provincial government gets no benefit from this.When tourists stay in Canada there are benefits from increased employment,HST paid in Canada and the increase in income tax that accompanies increased employment. While the provincial government cannot change the exchange rate of the Canadian dollar they could certainly reduce ferry fares instead of increasing them !!

Park Wolf Information

Monday, March 19, 2012

Storm Warning Posted

Marine Forecast Winds Issued 04:00 PM PDT 19 March 2012 Tonight and Tuesday Storm warning in effect. Wind southeast 25 to 35 knots increasing to 40 to 50 early this evening then diminishing to southwest 30 to 40 after midnight. Wind diminishing to west 25 Tuesday evening. Waves Issued 04:00 PM PDT 19 March 2012 Today Tonight and Tuesday Seas 2 to 3 metres building to 4 to 6 this evening and to 7 to 9 Tuesday morning. Seas subsiding to 6 Tuesday evening. Extended Forecast Issued 04:00 PM PDT 19 March 2012 Wednesday Wind southerly 10 to 20 knots. Thursday Wind southerly 5 to 15 knots. Friday Wind variable 5 to 15 knots. Weather & Visibility Issued 04:00 PM PDT 19 March 2012 Tonight and Tuesday Rain changing to a few showers near midnight.

More Wolf Activity

Another dog was killed by wolves this morning.The attack took place towards Tonquin Park at Cedar St. Please keep your pets and kids close by and proceed with caution. Thanks,Ralph

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Anonymous and Online Protest Story

Wolf Report

Some wolf activity reported between the Esso and Coop gas stations.....more in the morning....Ralph

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Secure Comments

If you are worried about the District of Tofino getting your Internet Provider address simply mail your comments to: TofinoNews PO Box 95,Tofino,BC, V0R2Z0 Send your comments in an envelope with no return address and I'll post them right away.Please don't succumb to totalitarian intimidation tactics and engage in Free Speech and Democracy !! Some people have commented against the Mayor but I disagree.Just because the deckhand can't tie a knot you don't fire the Captain ! Together we can get the town back moving in a positive direction ! Please support BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association

Blog under attack !

There are those who would like to silence the blog....there are those who seek to get the I.P. addresses of those who comment on the blog...please be aware that under certain conditions that the courts could force to reveal these I.P. addresses.Tofinonews itself does not have any information that would reveal the identity of a commenter. Because of the paranoia at City Hall it is advised that you make your comments from a public computer if you do not want to be identified. Personally, I think that the District of Tofino should be more concerned with sewer,water,infrastructure and the general well being of the town rather than going on a witch hunt against the blog and its commenters.At no time have I ever been asked by the District of Tofino or its employees to review or delete posts or comments made on the blog. Thanks,Ralph

Monday, March 12, 2012

Something Unusual

Here's something you don't see everyday in Tofino ! A privately owned sawmill up Industrial Way that isn't maintained by the taxpayer !

Guest Editorial by Jim Schwartz

The agenda for the next council meeting is very typical of any Council
agenda I've ever seen.
Having served on 3 previous councils I have seen a fair number of agendas.
Up until now I have never understood how or why Council meetings are
so boring and so much time is spent debating ridiculous agenda items
at the expense of the real things that need doing and that really and
truly are the 1st business of the district council.
Nor have I understood up until now that there is another way or there
are other ways to conduct the business of Tofino without producing an
agenda that no one in their right mind could could possibly stay awake
through. Does someone do this on purpose?
Were it not for the relegation of the gas tax status to a barely
mentionable status I may not have taken the trouble to write anything
about doing anything differently.
It's just another painful boring time wasting brain mushing dumb agenda.
No one listens anyhow as many of my previous comments in the blog have
yielded nothing more than acrimony on behalf of anybody that could do
anything about anything.
Rather than watch another council, another group of dedicated
individuals who are sacrificing many many hours of their time and
energy for the alleged benefit of the public, I would suggest the
1. Delegate at least one meeting a month for nothing but
correspondence and delegations. And nothing else.
2. Immediately bring forth a meeting agenda addressing only water
sewer and infrastructure. (lets not waste anther sewer grant
3. Hold special meetings should there be issues arise that require a
concerted effort of council to deliberate and reason intelligently
together about any other things that demand their attention.
As far as I can see there is no plausible reason why agendas are
written as they are unless it is the express intention of anyone to
simply wear out the councils brainpower, attention span, patience,
determination, good spirit and energy. SO THAT NOTHING REALLY HAPPENS.
Doing things because they've always been done that way or that's the
traditional way of doing them isn't going to work in today's world.
I'm sick of it and I think the rest of us are sick of it, year after
year of watching the same dysfunctional activities take place in the
district council meetings.
It is the same dysfunction that brings intense frustration from most
of us who have to sit and watch common sense, altruism & goodwill go
down the twilight zone.
Common sense: sewer. water. infrastructure.
Goodwill: successful negotiation of disputes, the genial acceptance of
new business and new ideas including development and a face which says
how can I help you taxpayer investor tourists businessperson or
By goodwill I mean the perceived face of the municipal government, the
public's perception of what Tofino means and says to everyone out
there. And the people that read this blog includes me.
I don't mean our staff who are very helpful and friendly.
dysfunction: spending valuable time and energy arguing & discussing
festivals, special interests that have nothing to do with anything but
special interests, and the general and unspecific items that should be
dealt with by staff.
If a council was able to change from a paper hard copy mentality to a
paperless body, there's no reason that an agenda can't become something
efficient and meaningful without putting everyone to sleep.
All it takes is thinking differently than politics has to be boring
and adopt to a functional world.
The one that we all live in.
Most days.
Except Tuesdays.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Storm Warning Posted

Marine Forecast
Issued 10:30 AM PDT 11 March 2012
Today Tonight and Monday Storm warning in effect.
Wind southwest 15 to 25 knots increasing to south 30 to 40 late this afternoon then diminishing to 15 to 25 late this evening. Wind increasing to southeast 45 to 55 before Monday morning then veering to southwest 45 to 60 Monday morning. Wind diminishing to southwest 25 Monday afternoon.

Issued 04:00 AM PDT 11 March 2012
Today Tonight and Monday Seas 3 metres building to 4 near noon and to 7 to 9 Monday morning. Seas subsiding to 6 Monday evening.
Extended Forecast
Issued 04:00 AM PDT 11 March 2012
Tuesday Wind southwest 15 to 25 knots backing to southeast 15 to 25 in the afternoon.
Wednesday Wind southeast 40 to 50 knots diminishing to southwest 25 to 35.
Thursday Wind southeast 40 to 50 knots diminishing to south 30 late in the day.

Weather & Visibility
Issued 10:30 AM PDT 11 March 2012
Today Tonight and Monday Rain.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bake Sale

Bake Sale and 50/50 draw at the Co-op today until closing at 7pm

Friday, March 9, 2012

Council Meeting Agenda March 13,2012 at 9am

AGENDA: 2012-MARCH-13 AT 9:00 AM


Add Recreation Commission delegation to the agenda as item # G.2.
Addenda Item


Minutes of the Special Open Council Meeting held February 27, 2012 on the water distribution sytem for adoption.
2012-02-27 Special Open Minutes


Minutes of the Regular Open Council Meeting held February 28, 2012 for adoption.
2012-02-28 Regular Minutes


Minutes of the Town Hall meeting held February 29, 2012 for adoption.
2012-02-29 Town Hall Minutes


Councillor Thicke's notice of motion from the February 28, 2012 regular Council meeting in regards to the MRT and the agreement that the Province has with the District to be renewed prior to June 1, 2012.
Resolution # 157/12 Moved by Councillors Cameron / Anderson
THAT Council consider the notice of motion put forth by Cllr Thicke, that the District of Tofino intends that the MRT tax monies will be used for marketing and management of the Resort Municipality of Tofino, and the development of a long-term sustainable Tourism Plan for the District, at the next meeting for discussion purposes. CARRIED
Cllr Thicke's Notice of Motion - supporting information


Tony Bennett, Jennifer Spencer and Conor Mackenzie of West Coast Aquatic to present Council with the regional Coastal Strategy.
2012-03-06 WCA Delegation Request
2012-03-01 WCA Letter to Mayor and Council
WCA Marine Planning Technical Review Package
2012 WCVI Coastal Strategy Documents for Review


Sarah Timberlake, Commissioner, Tofino Recreation Commission.
Recreation Commission delegation request
Addenda Item


Letter from the Mayor of the City of Port Alberni to the Minister of Finance regarding Business Taxation and Local Government Revenue Sources.
2012-03-05 Letter from City of Port Alberni to Minister of Finance


Letter from the Mayor of the City of Trail to Premier Clark regarding Business Taxation and Local Government Revenue Sources.
2012-03-05 Letter from City of Trail to Premier Christy Clark


Letter from the Mayor of the City of Cranbrook to Premier Clark regarding Business Taxation and Local Government Revenue Sources.
2012-02-20 Letter from City of Cranbrook to Premier Christy Clark


Letter from the Mayor of the District of Kent to Premier Clark regarding Business Taxation and Local Government Revenue Sources.
2012-03-07 Letter from District of Kent to Premier Christy Clark


Email from Peter Boulton providing Council with current and relevant updates on the smart meter issue.
2012-03-06 Email from Peter Boulton re Smart Meters Update


Stats Canada March 2012 Community Outreach News with highlights from the 2011 Census.
2012-March Stats Canada Community Outreach News


UBCM Member Release notifying Council that they are now accepting applications for the Gas Tax General Strategic Priorities Fund and Innovations Fund programs (deadline for submission is May 31, 2012).
2012-03-01 UBCM Member Release


BC Community Forest Association notification to Council regarding the 2012 Conference and AGM Registration.
2012-02-28 Email from BCCFA re the 2012 Conference and AGM Registration


Memorandum from the Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities (AVICC) advising Council of future AGM and Convention dates and call for expressions of interest to host future conventions.
2012-03-08 AVICC Memo re invitation to host future year convention


The following requests from the RCMP to establish summer policing priorities and funding for additional summer policing ($10,000) and for the summer communiciation/media strategy ($1,749.60) are for Council information only and will be brought forward to the May 8, 2012 (or sooner if able to attend a special meeting) regular Council meeting where Cpl Waddell shall be a delegation before Council.
2012-02-28 RCMP media strategy
2012-02-28 RCMP priorities & funding


Letter from Erin Willis, Sew Tuff Quilting Co. at the corner of Main Street and 4th Avenue, requesting Council's authorization to place a sandwich board in the driveway on her property.
2012-03-03 Letter from Erin Willis re sandwich board


Request from Crystal Easton requesting Council's authorization to close several streets during the Pacific Rim Whale festival parade on March 17, 2012.
2012-03-06 Email from Crystal Easton re parade
Staff Reports


Change of official emergency “Reception Center” location designation from Wickaninnish Community School to the Tofino Community Hall (Report from Emergency Social Services Director).
THAT Council amend the District of Tofino Emergency Plan to designate the Tofino Community Hall as the community emergency reception center.
2012-03-13 RTC Emergency Reception Centre


Tofino Housing Corporation (Report from Director of Financial Services).
THAT COUNCIL approves the dissolution of the Tofino Housing Corporation.
THAT COUNCIL approves that all funds be transferred to a restricted reserve and be used for expenses related to affordable housing and dissolution of the corporation.
2012-03-13 RTC re Tofino Housing Corporation


Pre Budget Expenditure, Bert Demeria Memorial Park (Report from Director of Parks and Recreation).
THAT Council authorize staff to access up to $10,392 for Bert Demeria Memorial Park improvements prior to the 2012 budget being adopted.
2012-03-13 RTC Bert Demeria Park


Additional Hotel Room Tax (AHRT) Business Plan (Report from CAO).
THAT Council endorse the continuation of the AHRT for tourism marketing, programs and projects;
AND THAT Council request ACRD to support;
AND THAT Council endorse the draft Business Plan by Tourism Tofino.
2012-03-13 RTC AHRT Renewal
Tourism Tofino 2012 Draft Business Plan
AHRT Bylaw No. 1039, 2006
Committee Reports


Minutes of the Committee of the Whole meeting held February 28, 2012 including recommendations for Council endorsement.

1. Resolution CW 027-12 Moved by Councillor Baert / Mayor Schmunk that Council refer discussion of this to the budget process for further discussion.
2. Resolution CW 030-12 Moved by Councillors McMaster / Cameron that Council direct staff to review the applicability of seasonal water rates in comparison of our water and sewer rates with comparable municipalities in BC; and that staff review the levy versus the parcel tax.
3. Resolution CW 032-12 Moved by Councillors Baert / Cameron that Council direct staff to provide a report by June 30, 2012 on rates for utilities.
4. Resolution CW 036-12 Moved by Councillors Baert / Cameron that Council receive for information and discussion the following parking policy report, adopt the downtown parking policy as Appendix C with the exception of the goal to amend parking requirements for clarity and fairness and that we postpone a resolution on that section subject to further information and that Council authorize staff to move forward with actions in support of the parking policies.

2012-02-28 COW Minutes


Minutes of the OCP Implementation Committee meetings held February 27, 2012 for Council information.
2012-02-27 OCPIMC Minutes


Minutes of the Tofino Recreation Commission held February 15, 2012 for Council information.
2012-02-15 Recreation Commission Minutes
Council Verbal Updates
MOTION: “That the In Camera agenda be adopted as circulated; that the In Camera meeting be closed to the public pursuant to Sections 90(1)(g) of the Community Charter:


Adopt the minutes from the in-camera meetings held Febuary 28, 2012.


Section 90(1)(g) Legal Issues Update.


Section 90(1)(g) Potential Litigation.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Blog Upgrade

Sorry for the lack of posts...been upgrading the layout of the blog...will have some new posts soon....thanks for your patience....Ralph

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Vancouver Sun Story
It is very,very important for Councilors to be accurate in their disclosure statements.Never a dull moment in Tough City !