Monday, April 30, 2012

Video on Political Apathy

I posted this before but feel that it deserves a second look....

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Japanese Tsunami Debris Story

Fog Horn Blues

It was suggested to me that the town of Tofino has been suffering the blues since the removal of the Lennard Island Foghorn and that the foghorn at Amphitrite Point in Ucluelet has a therapeutic effect on the population.....

Feast 2012 !!

Check it out .....

Wolf Sightings

Have had a few credible reports of wolf sightings in the Cox Bay area by the old parking lot and trail.Please proceed with caution if you are walking your dogs.thanks,Ralph

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Who's Running The Water Plant ??

Michael K Papuc is no longer employed by the District of Tofino so I wonder who is running the Sharp Road water treatment plant ?? According to the EOCP (environmental operators certification program) this facility requires a WT-2 certified operator. According to the website there is nobody currently on the District of Tofino staff that is certified to run the plant.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Is Sewer Treatment Really Necessary ??

A map showing active marine sample stations, as well as Closure 24.1 - an area Prohibited to shellfish harvesting. The boundary of this Prohibited area was expanded slightly to the southwest in January 2012. There is still debate in Tofino as to if sewer treatment is really necessary....while a shellfish closure hasn't prompted a public outcry we will hear about it if any local beaches get a swimming closure due to sewage contamination.The District of Tofino is still working on the Stage 3 Liquid Waste Management Plan and has been for over a decade.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dog Problems at School

Staff and students at the Wickaninnish Community School have noticed an increase in dog poo left on our play field. At times fecal matter ends up on the bottom of student's shoes and is tracked into the school which causes some obvious problems. It is really no fun to have to clean the hallway floors or wash the smelly footware. If you walk your dog at the school kindly pick up whatever your dog chooses to leave behind. Thanks for running this little community message :). Rebecca.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Search Underway at Chestermans

Unconfirmed reports of a search underway for a missing person at Chestermans Beach.Will update when more info available.

Chuck Colson Dead !!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012

More by-election news

NDP has taken Port Moody and is leading in Chilliwack/Hope with 109/126 polls reporting.They are 7 points ahead of the second place liberals.

BC By-elections

Looks like NDP have taken both seats-Port Moody has NDP's Trasolini at 52 % with 86/132 polls reporting In Chilliwack Hope the NDP's Gwen O'Mahony has 41% with 87/126 polls reporting...about 7% ahead of the Liberal vote.Conservative John Martin has conceded to the NDP....more details as available....

Wolf Update from Westerly News

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

RCMP Report

TOFINO RCMP MEDIA RELEASE April 17, 2012 File: 2012-0515 Re: Report of Possible Road Rage Pick Up and Bicyclist Pacific Rim Hwy near Industrial Way, Tofino, BC April 16, 2012 On April 16, 2012, Tofino RCMP received a report from a bicyclist regarding possible Road Rage. The bicyclist reported that on Monday, April 16, 2012, at approximately 12:30 PM, he was riding his road bicycle on the Pacific Rim Highway northbound by Industrial Way, heading toward Tofino when an operator of a blue pick up pulled up beside him. The vehicle operator lowered his passenger side window and started to yell at the cyclist to get off the highway and use the bicycle path (or Tofino's Multi Use Path (MUP)). The motorist continued on only to stop a short distance further and block the cyclists' progress. The driver continued to yell the similar message at the cyclist before speeding off. Tofino RCMP are seeking any witness to these events. Those with any information regarding these incidents are encouraged to contact the Tofino RCMP at P 250-725-3242 or attend the detachment at 400 Campbell Street, Tofino, BC. OTHER: Section 183 of the Motor Vehicle Act (MVA) outlines the Rights and Duties of (a) cyclist. A cyclist is permitted to cycle on the roadway as long as they ride as near as practicable to the right side of the highway. Nothing requires a person to ride a cycle on any part of a highway that is not paved. The Tofino RCMP participate on the MUP Steering Committee. The Tofino RCMP is aware that the MUP is not suitable for road cyclists as they travel too fast for the MUP's design and intended usage. The Tofino RCMP appreciates given these dynamics road cyclists need to use the highway and encourage cyclists and motorists to share the highway and provide both safe travel. Those wishing to discuss this issue, or any other Tofino community policing issue, are encouraged to attend, or contact the Tofino RCMP Detachment at 400 Campbell St., Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0 Telephone 250-725-3242 End

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ray Seitcher

Ray Seitcher R.I.P.

Guest Articles

Once again I'd like to invite submissions for publication.Only a couple of Councilors have posted since the election....Let us know how things are going......RCMP posted a good article....if there are any groups that have an announcement or an article they'd like posted feel free to get in touch.If you have a subject that you would like to address please do so. thanks,Ralph

Friday, April 13, 2012

Yew Wood Court Update

Firehall Still Rotting !!

While many resorts and homeowners have begun their spring painting projects our Fire Hall continues to be neglected. If a manager in the private sector allowed a valuable building to fall into this state of disrepair they would have been fired a long time ago !! Please Council,wake up !! Enough is Enough !!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

RCMP Report

April 11, 2012 Dear Mr. Tieleman, You mentioned the Tofino RCMP "have a program for needy people to get lights and bike helmets". To clarify, Yes we have in past year provided 11 bicycle helmets, approximately 50 light sets, a half dozen bicycle locks and two bicycles. The only criteria for receiving these items were that the the recipient be a District of Tofino resident, and in the case of the lights, be > 14 yrs of age. We started this initiative before the unfortunate passing of pedestrian Robert MacInnes in September, 2011. Tofino has a unique vehicle and bicycle flow. I'm sure we have all witnessed potentially dangerous situations when the two transportation modes mix. Personally, in my 25 years + as a general duty RCMP police officer, I have investigated the death of four bicycle riders. I don't want my career to have 5, or more, such investigations, hence I have encouraged the detachment to take upon the initiatives cited above. Last night I sought funds from the District of Tofino to continue with our bicycle safety initiative for the 2012/2013 year. At this time I do not know the outcome of my request. Other: Last night Council recommended that the Tofino RCMP use web based mediums to access and inform Tofino Residents and Visitors as to Tofino RCMP Public Policing Priorities and Issues. My presentation papers can be viewed at: Following is a summary of my presentation regarding policing priorities and issues within the District of Tofino: 1. Tofino RCMP Coverage: Tofino RCMP Detachment is responsible for policing services from mid-Long Beach, Pacific Rim National Park north, through Esowista, District of Tofino, Opitsaht, Ahousaht, Hot Spring Cove, and rural areas in these vicinities. 2. Tofino RCMP Personnel Strength: to address the policing area noted above we have a Sgt, a Corporal, and 4 Constables in Tofino. In our sub-detachment in Ahousaht we have a Cpl and 3 Constables. The Ahoushat unit primarily addresses policing needs in Ahousaht and Hot Springs Cove. In the past year we have incurred personnel shortages. Tofino RCMP Detachment has been without a Sgt since June, 2011, upon the departure of Sgt Jeff Preston. The incumbent Sgt could not sell his Duncan, BC, house, thus could not relocate to Tofino and the Tofino RCMP Sgt position remained unfilled. This left myself (Cpl Waddell) responsible for managing Tofino policing services, along with maintaining some of my existing Cpl duties, in the absence of a Sgt. Good News: Next week we expect the arrival of Sgt Jim Anderson. Some of your readers may know Jim formerly as Cpl Jim Anderson whom I replaced in Tofino in August, 2010. Jim and his wife are very eager to return to Tofino and are looking forward to re-activating their Tofino residency. In the past year we have had our struggles with maintaining the minimum levels of police officer locally and in Ahousaht. For a few months Ahousaht was only staffed with 2 police officers. This is an operational challenge as I must have ensure police officers get their entitled rest, but maintain minimum police officers in a community and available for service at 2 or more officers. The minimum level was maintained by bringing police officers in to Ahousaht from Tofino or neighbouring detachments. At times staffing levels made it so that Ahousaht calls-for-service were managed from the Tofino Detachment. Good news: Ahousaht is now staffed with 3 police officers. We are hopeful their 4th officer will be here later this spring or early summer. Crime Levels I presented to the Mayor and Council a break down of some key statistic information in regards to policing in the District of Tofino for the past fiscal year (March 1, 2011, to April 31, 2012). Based upon this information, and my experience in policing in smaller and larger, and less and more remote, communities, I was able to tell the Mayor and Council that for the most part the District has a relatively low serious crime rate. Last year we had 28 reports of Common Assault. All were resolved by Criminal Code charges, or the complainant not wishing to pursue charges. Only one matter that occurred at the closing of the bar remains unsolved. We had two reports of sexual assault. In both cases the accused and the victim knew one another. In both matters the accused has been charged criminally. The elements of the crime do not suggest there is a community risk. We had 23 incidents of Impaired Driving last year. 11 of these were handled by the since suspended Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) program. 4 were processed by Criminal Code charge. The remainder were deemed unfounded or impairment was not sufficient to warrant a charge. I mentioned that it is believed the IRP will be returning in the late spring of this year. Myself and Cst Matt Hartwig have been identified to receive training on the new program. Marijuana Possession: 13 individuals were charged for marijuana possession. Open Liquor: 141 persons were charged for open liquor Bylaws: we had 38 calls for Noise violations. 2 persons were charged. There were 28 calls for other bylaw matters; ie. parking or illegal camping. Major Files Two of our major files last year were; the Murder of Raymond SAM in Ahousaht. Tofino RCMP police officers were required to attend immediately and provided supporting policing services thereafter. Tofino RCMP Cst Jordan MacKellar is the exhibit custodian which is a role that requires exacting documentation and exhibit care. Jordan continues to be tasked with duties relating to his role in the investigation. The second major file involved the passing of pedestrian Robert MacInnes. This investigation remains active. Tofino RCMP are awaiting the RCMP Traffic Collision Analyst report before deciding upon the next course of action. Calls for Service Volumes Presented was a graph that showed the calls-for-service peaked for Tofino RCMP in August, 2011. Higher than normal levels of calls existed between May and the end of September. POLICING PRIORITIES BC RCMP Headquarters (E Division) has listed the policing priorities for the BC RCMP as: 1. Organized Crime, Gangs and gun violence 2. Community Policing 3. First Nations Policing 4. Diverse Communities 5. Family Violence 6. Road Safety 7. Crime Reduction Based upon our community Town Hall meeting, held in late 2011, a review of the year's statistical information, and E Divisions policing priority, I proposed to the Mayor and Council these Tofino RCMP policing priorities: 1. Impaired and Distracted Driving (cell phones, etc) 2. Liquor Control Act, especially interception of liquor leaving Tofino to our off shore communities. Unfortunately, abuse of liquor in our off shore communities is a factor in more serious matters that have an impact on Tofino RCMP and other emergency agencies. 3. Increased investigation in relation to illegal drugs. This would also support the message conveyed by Cst Sascha Banks during her DARE instruction at Wickaninnish Elementary. The Mayor and Council did not have questions, nor did they indicate any concerns, regarding these priorities. I mentioned to the Mayor and Council that Bylaw enforcement is not a RCMP policing priority. We do get calls for illegal campers, camp fires, pets, and parked vehicles. Our process is to direct the caller to the District Bylaw Department. FUNDING REQUESTS I submitted to council 3 requests for funding. Request 1 Extra Policing Funds In past years the District of Tofino has provided $10,000.00 for extra (summer) policing patrols. These funds are used to have officers patrol during special events and or extra patrols to our parks and beaches. Last year the Tofino RCMP used $5,700.00 of these funds. The District of Tofino has a positive balance of approximately $4,300.00 with the Provincial Government. The Mayor and Council were requested should they grant monies for this year to not pay until billed by the BC Government. At that time they will be billed at 70% as per the Provincial Policing Agreement. This will make a contribution of $10,000.00 equate to $14,286.00 Request 2 Media Strategy I discussed with the Mayor and Council one of the largest struggles we have within the community is informing residents and visitors that like the rest of BC open liquor in public places is illegal. This includes beaches, parks and road ways. Given the constant turnover of visitors the RCMP has to constantly educate people regarding Provincial liquor laws, and that beach fires after 11PM are illegal , and never permitted on Tonquin or Cox Bay Beaches. I requested funds from the Mayor and Council to cover radio ads, and the publication of 10,000 keep sake Tofino picture book markers with a picture of Tofino on the face and the public safety message regarding liquor and beach fires printed on the back side. These would be distributed to tourists and tourist businesses, to further spread the information regarding open liquor and beach fires. Funds sought: Radio Ads: $940.80 Book Markers (10,000): $808.80 Total: $1,749.60 Feedback was received from council to consider using www travel sites and Tourism Tofino when informing the public as to these laws. Request 3 Bicycle Patrol Having spent the best part of the bicycle budget to provide residents with helmets, lights, locks, and in 2 cases bicycles, I sought from Council their consideration to fund the bicycle patrol element of the Tofino RCMP so that we could continue with our bicycle information and safety initiatives. Funds sought: Helmet program: $350.00 Light program: $750.00 Sponsored Cyclist program: $250.00 RCMP Bicycle Maintenance: $350.00 Total: $1,700.00 Comments, Questions & Concerns The Tofino RCMP invite and welcome public input regarding the policing of your community. Those so interested are encouraged to attend the Tofino RCMP Detachment at 400 Campbell Street, Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0, to discuss these with myself or an available on duty police officer. Should you wish to schedule an appointment time please call the detachment at 250-725-3242. Thank-you for allowing myself this opportunity to inform our community as to local policing priorities and initiatives. Yours truly, Andrew Waddell Cpl Tofino RCMP

Earthquake...No Tsunami on West Coast


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Council Report April 10,2012

Glad to report that the open council meeting only ran three hours.The secret in-camera meeting is still going on...lots of legal issues to discuss I guess.... there were 3 delegations : see agenda for details...of interest was the focus of the RCMP on bicycle safety....they have a program for needy people to get lights and bike helmets....I encountered many bikes without lights returning from tonight's meeting....other issues mentioned were that Tofino is a pretty safe place but they are concerned with the consumption of drugs and alcohol in public places like the skate park and Tonquin etc.... There was some discussion about opening Gibson St. between 1st and 3rd St. It was open before it was upgraded for the Olympic party but has been closed since.... Also discussion about how to repair Hellesen Drive and MacKenzie Beach Rd. Possibly with RMI money or local area taxation...Don't think that will be too was thought that upgrades to Hellesen Drive would take place when the new resort went in between Crystal Cove and Ocean Village but that property is up for sale again.... A staff report recommended that council dissolve the ill-fated Tofino Housing Authority but a motion to that effect failed....Councilors Baert and Anderson seem to be supporters of the project which has cost the Tofino Taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars with no housing achieved....the vote on dissolving the THC will be revisited after the Corporation's AGM. The Mayor spoke about the problems associated with the high BC Ferry fares and Council will be writing to the Province to voice their objections.I fully agree.... The wolf issue was raised and a Conservation Officer will be invited to the next meeting......(there is so much wolf activity that it no longer warrants reporting....they seem to be everywhere...) Glad to hear Ray Thorogood questioning the Arts Grant will be reviewed.....some questionable grants this year.... All in all a pretty good meeting...the departure of the District Foreman wasn't discussed...nor was the state of sewer and water systems......nobody nodded off.....I hope more people attend the meetings in the future....if you have any specific questions feel free to write in....thanks,Ralph

Evening Council Meeting

Sad to report a poor turnout by the public tonight. I will try to post a report later this evening ..

This Evening's Council Agenda

REGULAR MEETING OF THE DISTRICT OF TOFINO COUNCIL HELD IN THE COUNCIL CHAMBERS AGENDA: 2012-APRIL-10 AT 6:00 PM A) CALL MEETING TO ORDER B) ADDITIONS TO OR DELETIONS FROM THE AGENDA C) ADOPTION OF AGENDA D) ADOPTION OF MINUTES 1. Minutes of the Regular Open Council Meeting held March 27, 2012 for adoption. 2012-03-27 Regular Minutes E) BUSINESS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES F) ANNOUNCEMENTS FROM THE MAYOR G) DELEGATIONS 1. Margaret Morrison, Westcoast Community Resource Society, in reponse to Council's invitation to come before them as a delegation at the January 24, 2012 meeting. 2. Cpl Waddell, Tofino RCMP, shall be presenting a detachment overview, funding requests, summer policing priorities and media strategy to Council. RCMP Delegation Presentation 3. Josie Osborne and Kirsten Soder to present Council with an update on Tourism Tofino. H) CORRESPONDENCE FOR INFORMATION ONLY 1. Letter from the Mayor of the District of Wells to the The Premier of British Columbia regarding Business Taxation and Local Government Revenue Sources. 2012-03-21 Letter from District of Wells to The Honourable Christy Clark re Business Taxation and Local Government Revenue Sources Review 2. Letter from the Mayor of the City of Campbell River to the The Premier of British Columbia regarding Business Taxation and Local Government Revenue Sources. 2012-03-30 Letter from the City of Campbell River to the Honourable Christy Clark re Business Taxation and Local Government Revenue Sources Review 3. Letter from the Mayor of the District of Houston to the The Premier of British Columbia regarding Business Taxation and Local Government Revenue Sources. 2012-03-22 Letter from District of Houston to The Honourable Christy Clark re Business Taxation and Local Government Revenue Sources Review 4. Email from Chris Trumpy, Chair of BC Transit Independent Review providing information on the review panel and advising that over the next week, they will be contacting local governments with the planned consultation process. 2012-04-03 Email from BC Transit Review re BC Transit Independent Review 5. Email from Peter Boulton providing an update on Smart Meters with an attached newsletter from the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters and a letter to Dr. Kendall. 2012-04-03 Email from Peter Boulton re Smart Meter Update 6. UBCM In The House Release providing Legislative Update. 2012-04-02 UBCM In The House Release re legislative update 7. Email from John Craverio providing an update on the UBCM Packaging and Printed Paper Working Group with the following attachments: * February 29, 2012 Meeting Minutes of the UBCM Packaging and Printed Paper Working Group * Letter to Allen Langdon from the Southern Gulf Islands Recycling Coalition regarding Support of CRD Proposal - To Continue in their current role within the new MMBC led PRinted Paper and Packaging system 2012-03-29 Email from John Craverio re UBCM Packaging and Printed Paper Working Group 8. UBCM Member Release notifying Council that they are now accepting applications for the Community Wildfire Protections Plans, Fuel Management Prescriptions, Fuel Management Demonstration Projects and Operational Fuel Treatments. The next application review deadlines will be April 27, 2012 and October 5, 2012. 2012-03-30 UBCM Member Release re Strategic Wildfire Prevention Initiative - Upcoming Application Deadline 9. Letter from the Mayor of Oak Bay to Premier Clark regarding the expert panel review of business taxation. 2012-03-30 Letter from the District of Oak Bay to Premier Christy Clark I) CORRESPONDENCE: REQUIRING ACTION 1. Letter from Clinton Shane Ekdahl requesting that Council proclaim May 29, 2012 as the third annual “Day of the Honey Bee;” and (if bylaw allows) that this proclamation be issued in perpetuity. 2012-04-03 Letter from Clinton Shane Ekdahl re Day of the Honey Bee 2. Letter from Diego Marchese and Scott McDonald of the Heart and Stroke Foundation encouraging Council to strengthen the District of Tofino Smoking Regulation Bylaw by making other outdoor public places not covered in the bylaw smoke-free. 2012-03-29 Letter from the Heart & Stroke Foundation re Smoke-Free Outdoor Public Places Bylaw 3. Letter from David Sparanese, President of Public Works Association of British Columbia, requesting Council to proclaim May 20, 2012 to May 26, 2012 as Public Works Week in Tofino. 2012-03-15 Letter from David Sparanese of Public Works Association of BC re Public Works Week 4. Letter from Russell Dyson of Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District requesting that Council endorse the request to provide Fire Protection to the Long Beach Airport subject to the approval of the conditions within a written agreement. 2012-03-23 Letter from Russell Dyson of Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District re Fire Protection for the Long Beach Airport 5. Letter from Gil Sadler requesting that Council considers his two proposals: * Open Gibson road from Campbell and First Street * Clean up the unsightly blowdown located seven km out of town 2012-03-23 Letter from Gil Sadler re opening up Gibson road and cleaning up the area 7 km out of town 6. Letter from Adrienne Mason and Margaret Horsfield requesting that the current collection of photographs, known as the Captain Cook Collection, now held at the district office be properly curated. 2012-03-08 Letter from Adrienne Mason and Margaret Horsfield re Heritage Day and Captain Cook Collection of Photographs J) REPORTS 1. Staff Reports a) MUP Budget. (Report from Manager of Community Sustainability) THAT Council review and approve the updated budget amendments for the MUP Phase 2 project; AND THAT Council approves Change Work Order #5 in the amount of $23,839.84 for extra fill; AND THAT Council approves an additional $10,000 for legal and engineering projects; AND THAT approve up to an additional $7,000 for an extra wall contingency fund; AND THAT the additional budget expenditure is funded from the RMI budget. 2012-04-10 RTC MUP additional funding b) Road Condition Helleson Drive and MacKenzie Beach Road. (Report from Manager of Public Works & Building Inspection) THAT Council receives this report for information and passes a resolution to move forward with option #1: Post Slow Rough Road signs and look into the feasibility of local area taxation to cover the costs of upgrades to the roads and limit the amount of patching to these roads. 2012-04-10 RTC Condition of Helleson Drive and Mackenzie Beach Road c) Downtown Vitalization Implementation Committee Terms of Reference. (Report by Deputy Clerk) THAT Council approve the Downtown Vitalization Implementation & Monitoring Committee Terms of Reference as presented: AND THAT Council appoint members of Council as the Council Representative and Alternate for the Downtown Vitalization Implementation & Monitoring Committee. 2012-04-10 RTC DVIC Terms of Reference DVIC Terms of Reference d) Tofino Housing Corporation Annual General Meeting. (Report from Deputy Clerk) 1. THAT Council appoint 2 members of Council as authorized signatories; 2. THAT if Duane Bell, Penny Barr, Lori Camire are still interested in participating on the Tofino Housing Management Committee, that the Mayor appoint them as members, if not that staff advertise for the committee positions; AND THAT the Mayor appoint 3 members of Council to the Tofino Housing Management Committee; 3. THAT Council direct staff to update the Tofino Housing Management Committee terms of reference; 4. THAT Council approves the dissolution of the Tofino Housing Corporation; AND THAT Council approves that all funds be transferred to a restricted reserve and be used for expenses related to affordable housing. 2012-04-10 RTC Tofino Housing Corp. AGM THC Articles of Incorporation Attainable Housing Strategy (May 25, 2004) THC Strategic Plan 2006-2008 THC Board Appointment Policy Tofino Housing Management Committee ToR 2004-12-13 letter from LYA 2005-12-05 Alteration to Articles 2009-04-21 Alteration to Articles 2012-03-13 RTC re Tofino Housing Corporation 2. Committee Reports a) Minutes of the Committee of the Whole meeting held March 27, 2012. Committe of the Whole recommendations for Council endorsement: Resolution CW 038-12 Moved by Councillor Baert / Cameron THAT the Committee of the Whole recommend to Council to support the desire of the Multiplex Society to move forward with a referendum on the operating costs of the multiplex. CARRIED Resolution CW 039-12 Moved by Councillors Baert / McMaster THAT the Committee of the Whole recommend to Council to propose that we grant all the Community Grant applicants a $1,000 or up to a $1,000 if they have applied for less and refer discussion for those applying for more than $1,000 to deal with separately. CARRIED Resolution CW 040-12 Moved by Councillors Cameron / Baert THAT the Committee of the Whole recommend to Council to direct staff to allocate the remaining funds evenly to be distributed to the last seven applicants. CARRIED Resolution CW 041-12 Moved by Councillors Baert / Cameron THAT the Committee of the Whole recommend to Council that if an applicant for a 2012 Community Grant has already received a $1,000 they are considered as having received their $1,000 grant allotment for 2012. CARRIED Resolution CW 042-12 Moved by Councillors Baert / Cameron THAT the Committee of the Whole recommend to Council to remove the Carving Festival portion of the PRAS festival application until we receive further information on the state of that festival in terms of Tofino’s interest. CARRIED Resolution CW 043-12 Moved by Councillors Baert / Thicke THAT the Committee of the Whole recommend to Council to invite PRAS to come as a delegation to Council and talk about their programs and receive feedback and also clarify the status of the Carving Festival. CARRIED Resolution CW 046-12 Moved by Councillors Baert / Anderson THAT the Committee of the Whole recommend to Council to support up to $2,000 per applicant in the following breakdown: • Tofino Public Market Society for $2,000 • Pacific Rim Art Society for $2,000 for Art Splash and $2,000 for Summer Music and $500 for Musula • Janine Wood for the performance application for $2,000 • Film Festival Society for $2,000 each for each application/category • Westcoast Winter Music Society for $2,000 • Underdog Art Festival for $1,000 subject to the applicant receiving endorsement from a recognized society • Aeriosa Dance Society for $2,000 CARRIED Resolution CW 047-12 Moved by Councillors Baert / Thicke THAT the Committee of the Whole recommend to Council to that remaining balance be left in budget for consideration of late submissions. CARRIED Resolution CW 048-12 Moved by Councillors McMaster / Anderson THAT the Committee of the Whole recommend to Council to review and approve the District of Tofino Water Capital Plan. CARRIED Resolution CW 051-12 Moved by Councillors Baert / McMaster THAT the Committee of the Whole recommend to Council to request that staff meet with Council for the purpose of giving an overview of the existing zoning bylaws, processes, procedures and legal implications. CARRIED Resolution CW 052-12 Moved by Councillors / McMaster THAT the Committee of the Whole recommend to Council to put the comprehensive review into budget discussion. CARRIED 2012-03-27 COW Minutes 3. Council Verbal Updates K) NEW BUSINESS L) 15 MINUTE QUESTION PERIOD M) ADDITIONS TO OR DELETIONS FROM THE IN CAMERA AGENDA N) ADOPTION OF IN CAMERA AGENDA MOTION: “That the In Camera agenda be adopted as circulated; that the In Camera meeting be closed to the public pursuant to Sections 89 and 90(1)(c), (g) and (j) of the Community Charter: (1) Adopt the minutes from the in-camera meetings held March 27, 2012. (2) Section 90(1)(g) Legal Issues Update. (3) Section 90(1)(c) Labour. (4) Section 90(1)(j) Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act. O) RECESS P) RECONVENE FROM IN CAMERA MEETING Q) RELEASE OF CLOSED MEETING INFORMATION 1. Following the March 27, 2012 in-camera meeting, Council resolved to release resolution # IC-040/12 to the public after notification to the applicant: Resolution IC-040/12 Moved by Councillors McMaster / Baert As staff is determined that the three bidders are equally competent to complete the tasks specified in the RFP, Council recommends that the lowest bid by McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd. be the winning bid at $36,350 plus HST. CARRIED R) ADJOURNMENT

Thursday, April 5, 2012

District Foreman Resigns !!

Michael Papuc,the District of Tofino Public Works Foreman resigned today.Michael joined the District in 2007.Let's hope that Mayor and Council conduct an exit interview to find out why he is leaving.This would be an opportune time for Mayor and Council to review management positions and move towards making the District of Tofino a pleasant and rewarding place to work.