Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Council Report April 10,2012

Glad to report that the open council meeting only ran three hours.The secret in-camera meeting is still going on...lots of legal issues to discuss I guess.... there were 3 delegations : see agenda for details...of interest was the focus of the RCMP on bicycle safety....they have a program for needy people to get lights and bike helmets....I encountered many bikes without lights returning from tonight's meeting....other issues mentioned were that Tofino is a pretty safe place but they are concerned with the consumption of drugs and alcohol in public places like the skate park and Tonquin etc.... There was some discussion about opening Gibson St. between 1st and 3rd St. It was open before it was upgraded for the Olympic party but has been closed since.... Also discussion about how to repair Hellesen Drive and MacKenzie Beach Rd. Possibly with RMI money or local area taxation...Don't think that will be too popular....it was thought that upgrades to Hellesen Drive would take place when the new resort went in between Crystal Cove and Ocean Village but that property is up for sale again.... A staff report recommended that council dissolve the ill-fated Tofino Housing Authority but a motion to that effect failed....Councilors Baert and Anderson seem to be supporters of the project which has cost the Tofino Taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars with no housing achieved....the vote on dissolving the THC will be revisited after the Corporation's AGM. The Mayor spoke about the problems associated with the high BC Ferry fares and Council will be writing to the Province to voice their objections.I fully agree.... The wolf issue was raised and a Conservation Officer will be invited to the next meeting......(there is so much wolf activity that it no longer warrants reporting....they seem to be everywhere...) Glad to hear Ray Thorogood questioning the Arts Grant process....it will be reviewed.....some questionable grants this year.... All in all a pretty good meeting...the departure of the District Foreman wasn't discussed...nor was the state of sewer and water systems......nobody nodded off.....I hope more people attend the meetings in the future....if you have any specific questions feel free to write in....thanks,Ralph

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