Saturday, December 31, 2011

Japanese Earthquake





Yet Another Storm Warning !

Marine Forecast
Issued 04:00 AM PST 31 December 2011
Today Tonight and Sunday Storm warning in effect.
Wind northwest 15 knots increasing to southeast 15 to 25 early this morning and to 25 to 35 early this afternoon. Wind increasing to southeast 35 to 45 late this afternoon except 40 to 50 northwest of Estevan Point late this evening overnight and Sunday morning.

Issued 04:00 AM PST 31 December 2011
Today Tonight and Sunday Seas 2 to 3 metres building to 3 to 5 after midnight.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Another Storm Warning !

Issued 10:30 AM PST 29 December 2011
Today Tonight and Friday
Storm warning in effect.
Wind southeast 15 to 20 knots increasing to 30 to 40 this afternoon and to 40 to 50 early this evening. Wind diminishing to southwest 20 to 30 late this evening then increasing to southwesterly 30 to 40 before Friday morning. Wind veering to northwest 30 to 40 near noon Friday.
Issued 04:00 AM PST 29 December 2011
Today Tonight and Friday
Seas 4 to 6 metres building to 6 to 8 before Friday morning.
Extended Forecast
Issued 04:00 AM PST 29 December 2011
Wind northwest 20 knots increasing to southeast 25 to 35 in the afternoon.
Wind southeast 25 to 35 knots veering to southwest 25 to 35 late in the day.
Wind southeast 25 to 35 knots becoming northwesterly 30 to 40.
Weather & Visibility
Issued 10:30 AM PST 29 December 2011
Today Tonight and Friday
Rain changing to a few showers late this evening and ending Friday evening.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tsunami Debris Tracking Project

Here's a link to a site tracking tsunami debris.Whether the current beach finds are of tsunami origin or not it is important to plan for when a larger amount of debris makes landfall.Please comment if you find anything of interest....thanks,Ralph

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Japanese Lumber Source

The stamp on the Japanese lumber that is washing up on the coast is registered to this company....

Monday, December 26, 2011

Another Storm Warning !

Issued 04:00 AM PST 26 December 2011
Today Tonight and Tuesday
Storm warning in effect.
Wind south 15 to 25 knots increasing to 25 to 35 early this morning and to 35 to 45 near noon except 50 northwest of Estevan Point. Wind becoming southwest 30 to 40 early this evening then diminishing to northwest 20 near midnight. Wind diminishing to light overnight then increasing to southeast 15 to 25 Tuesday morning. Wind increasing to southeast 25 to 35 Tuesday afternoon then becoming southwest 30 Tuesday evening.
Issued 04:00 AM PST 26 December 2011
Today Tonight and Tuesday
Seas 3 to 5 metres building to 5 to 7 late this afternoon then subsiding to 3 to 5 after midnight. Seas building to 5 to 7 Tuesday evening.
Extended Forecast
Issued 04:00 AM PST 26 December 2011
Wind south 30 to 40 knots.
Wind northwest 30 to 40 knots diminishing to southeast 20 to 30 late in the day.
Wind southeast 30 to 40 knots becoming northwest 35 late in the day.
Weather & Visibility
Issued 04:00 AM PST 26 December 2011
Today Tonight and Tuesday
Rain. Visibility 1 mile or less in rain.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas !! Storm Warning !!

Today Tonight and Monday
Storm warning in effect.
Wind southeast 20 to 30 knots except 35 northwest of Estevan Point. Wind becoming southeast 25 to 35 early this morning then becoming west 25 to 35 late this morning. Wind diminishing to west 15 to 25 early this evening then becoming southwest 15 late this evening. Wind increasing to south 15 to 25 after midnight and to 25 to 35 Monday morning. Wind increasing to south 35 to 45 Monday afternoon except 50 northwest of Estevan Point. Wind becoming southwest 30 to 40 Monday evening.
Big tides as well so please proceed with caution !

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas weather forecast-slow news day


Current Conditions

Light Rain

9 °C

Observed at:
Tofino Airport
9:00 AM PST Saturday 24 December 2011


Light Rain

102.6 kPa


1 km




97 %

SE 26 gust 37 km/h


Rain at times heavy

* 8°C

Rain at times heavy

* 7°C
* 6°C


* 9°C
* 4°C


* 9°C
* 7°C


* 8°C
* 7°C


* 8°C
* 4°C


* 8°C
* 4°C

Issued : 5:00 AM PST Saturday 24 December 2011

Rain at times heavy ending late this afternoon then cloudy. Amount 30 to 40 mm. Wind southeast 40 to 60 km/h. Temperature steady near 8.

Cloudy. Rain at times heavy beginning this evening. Amount 30 to 40 mm. Wind southeast 40 to 60 km/h increasing to 60 to 80 after midnight. Low 6.

Rain at times heavy ending late in the afternoon then cloudy. Amount 20 to 30 mm. Wind southeast 60 to 80 km/h becoming west 30 to 50 in the morning. High 7.

Rain. Low plus 4. High 9.

Rain. Low 7. High 9.

Rain. Low 7. High 8.

Rain. Low plus 4. High 8.

Rain. Low plus 4. High 8.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Marine Warning

During the next few days we will be having some tides in the 13 foot range with some gale force southeast and south winds.Surf during this time will be in the 4-6 meter range so please proceed with caution if you are engaged in marine or beach activities. thanks,Ralph

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cougar Sighting

A cougar has been sighted by the Co-op Gas Station. Please watch your kids and pets.Call 1-877-952-7277 if you have problems with this cat. thanks,Ralph

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Japanese Tsunami Debris ??

One thing more popular than politics in Tofino is beachcombing ! There has been much speculation that the recent influx of flotsam of Japanese origin is from the Tsunami....I'm at the beach quite often and have noticed a lot more lumber and bottles with Japanese markings.Please comment with your reports and observations. thanks,Ralph

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Community Charter relevant to meeting time change

Procedure bylaws

124 (1) A council must, by bylaw, establish the general procedures to be followed by council and council committees in conducting their business.

(2) Without limiting the matters that may be dealt with under this section, a council must, by bylaw, do the following:

(a) establish rules of procedure for council meetings, including the manner by which resolutions may be passed and the manner by which bylaws may be adopted in accordance with Division 3 [Bylaw Procedures] of this Part;

(b) establish rules of procedure for meetings of council committees;

(c) provide for the taking of minutes of council meetings and council committee meetings, including requiring certification of those minutes;

(d) provide for advance public notice respecting the time, place and date of council committee meetings and establish the procedures for giving that notice;

(e) identify places that are to be public notice posting places for the purposes of section 94 [public notice];

(f) establish the procedure for designating a person under section 130 [designation of member to act in place of the mayor];

(g) establish the first regular council meeting date referred to in section 125 (1) [council meetings] as a day in the first 10 days of December following a general local election.

(3) A bylaw under this section must not be amended, or repealed and substituted, unless the council first gives notice in accordance with section 94 [public notice] describing the proposed changes in general terms.

Requirements for public notice

94 (1) If this section applies, the applicable notice must be

(a) posted in the public notice posting places, and

(b) published in accordance with this section.

(2) Subject to subsection (4), publication under subsection (1) (b)

(a) must be in a newspaper that is distributed at least weekly

(i) in the area affected by the subject matter of the notice, and

(ii) if the area affected is not in the municipality, also in the municipality, and

(b) unless otherwise provided, must be once each week for 2 consecutive weeks.

(3) The obligation under subsection (2) may be met by publication of the notice in more than one newspaper, if this is in accordance with that subsection when the publications are considered together.

(4) If publication under subsection (2) is not practicable, the notice may be given in the areas by alternative means as long as the notice

(a) is given within the same time period as required for publication,

(b) is given with the same frequency as required for publication, and

(c) provides notice that the council considers is reasonably equivalent to that which would be provided by newspaper publication if it were practicable.

(5) As an exception, subsection (4) (b) does not apply in relation to an area if the alternative means is by individual distribution to the persons resident in the area.

(6) If the same matter is subject to 2 or more requirements for publication in accordance with this section, the notices may be combined so long as the requirements of all applicable provisions are met.

(7) A council may provide any additional notice respecting a matter that it considers appropriate, including by the Internet or other electronic means.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Agenda for December 14,2011 Council Meeting



Minutes of the Regular Open Council Meeting held 2011-11-08.
2011-11-08 Regular Meeting Minutes


Minutes of the Inaugural Council Meeting held 2011-12-05.
2011-12-05 Inaugural Meeting Minutes


Mr. Peter Boulton to present his concerns regarding the installation of "Smart Meters" being installed by BC Hydro.
Delegation Handout


UBCM legislative update on Bill 8 - Community, Sport and Cultural Development Amendment Act and Bill 13 - Metal Dealers and Recycling Act.
2011-11-09 UBCM In The House


UBCM In The House release regarding Bill 20 - Auditor General for Local Government Act.
2011-11-24 UBCM Provincial InThe House


Letter from UBCM advising Council of the second of two payments regarding the Gas Tax Agreement Community Works Fund.
2011-11-24 Letter from UBCM


UBCM Member Release regarding CFIB's Fourth Municipal Spending Report.
2011-11-14 UBMC Member Release


UBCM Member Release providing Council with an update on the RCMP contract negotiations.
2011-12-08 UBCM Member Release


UBCM memo notifying Council of Executive vacancies.
2011-12-01 UBCM Memo re Executive vacancies


Letter from Rebecca Hurwitz, Managing Director, Clayoquot Biosphere Trust, providing Council with an update on their project, Measuring Community Health.
2011-11-07 Letter from Clayoquot Biosphere Trust


Letter from Sheila Malcolmson, Chair, Islands Trust Council, providing Council with correspondence related to Salish Sea shipping and oil concerns.
2011-11-10 Letter from Islands Trust


Letter from Barbara Kaminsky, Chair, BC Healthy Living Alliance and CEO, Canadian Cancer Society BC & Yukon and Mary Collins, Director, BC Healthy Living Alliance Secretariat congratulating Council on their success in the recent election and to advise Council of a number of healthy living issues that were brought to their attention at their recent event: “Healthier Small Communities – A Virtual Town Hall”.
2011-12-01 Letter from BC Healthy Living Alliance


Notice from Ted van der Gulik, Chair of Water Balance Model Partnership, and Kim Stephens, Executive Director, Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC notifyling Council that the "Primer on Urban Watershed Modelling to Inform Local Government Decision Processes" has been released.
2011-12-06 Email from Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC


Letter from the Tofino Business Association to the Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development, inviting her to visit Tofino.
2011-11-07 Letter from Tofino Business Association


Letter from the City of Langley to the Minister of Health and the Minister of the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency regarding the Marihuana Medical Access Program.
2011-11-08 Letter from City of Langley


Letter from the Township of Spallumcheen to the Prime Minister requesting changes to the Criminal Code of Canada to make the Sexual Offender Register public.
2011-11-14 Letter from Township of Spallumcheen


Letter from the City of Fort St. John to the Prime Minister requesting that the Federal Government alter the Criminal Code of Canada to allow the National Sex Offender Registry to be made available to the public.
2011-11-16 Letter from City of Fort St. John


Appointment to the 2012 Vancouver Island Regional Library Board.
2011-11-14 Letter from VIRL


Request from Ralph Tieleman for the installation of a stop sign by Sobo at First and Neill Streets.
2011-11-19 Email from Ralph Tieleman


Memorandum from AVICC requesting the submissions of nominations and resolution requests for the AVICC Executive (deadline for submissions is 2012-02-24).
2011-11-10 AVICC Memo


Letter from the Honourable Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, inviting Council to nominate a member of the community for the Paul Yuzyk Award for Multiculturalism. (deadline for submitting nominations is 2012-03-01)
Letter from Ministry of CIM


Invitation from Katie Cumby, Associate Producer, CBC Television, inviting Council to submit local businesses as candidates for their new show "The Big Decision".
2011-11-22 Email and press release from CBC


Letter from Grant Warkentin, Communications Officer, Mainstream Canada congratulating members of Council on the election and inviting Council to take a tour of their operations.
2011-11-22 Letter from Mainstream Canada


Email from the City of Burnaby inviting delegates from Council to attend the 61st Annual Western Cities Conference in October of next year.
2011-12-09 Email form City of Burnaby
Staff Reports


2012 Regular Council Meeting Schedule. (Report from Deputy Clerk)
RECOMMENDATIONS: THAT the Regular Council and Committee of the Whole meetings for the fourth Tuesday in September and December be cancelled; AND THAT only one meeting be held for the months of July and August on the third Tuesday; AND THAT the proposed 2012 Regular Council and Committee of the Whole Meeting schedule be approved as presented.
2011-12-14 RTC - 2012 RC Mtg Schedule


Elected Officials Computers. (Report from Accounting Supervisor)
RECOMMENDATION THAT Council direct staff to purchase laptop computers per the “Elected Officials Laptop Computer Policy”; AND THAT the “Elected Officials Laptop Policy” be amended to include “that Council laptop’s will reflect the operating system of District administration”.
2011-12-14 RTC Elected Official Computers


Emergency Communications Strategy Update. (Report from the Protective Services Officer)
RECOMMENDATION That Council receives this report for information for review and discussion.
2011-12-14 RTC Emergency Communication Strategy
Committee Reports


RCMP Report for the months of October and November 2011.
2011-12-07 RCMP Policing Report for October 2011
2011-12-07 RCMP Policing Report for November 2011


Minutes of the OCP Implementation and Monitoring Committee (OCPIMC) held on November 3, 2011 and DRAFT minutes of meeting held on December 7, 2011.
COMMITTEE RECOMMENDATION: Council amend the OCPIMC terms of reference to include a mandate for the OCPIMC to review the OCP.
2011-11-03 OCPIMC Minutes
2011-12-06 OCPIMC DRAFT Minutes


Minutes of the Tofino Recreation Commission meeting held October 19, 2011 and AGM held November 10, 2011.
COMMISSION DECISION: That funds earmarked for the multi-use path (MUP) be used for MUP Etiquette signage.
2011-10-19 Recreation Commission Minutes
2011-11-10 Recreation Commission AGM Minutes
2011 Recreation Commission Account


Decision from the Board of Variance hearing held on November 21, 2011.
BOARD DECISION: The Board of Variance voted unanimously to permit the variance of Zoning Bylaw No. 770 (1997), Sections 4.6.2 (h) and 6.6.1 (a) to allow building of a car port on the subject property according to the site plan submitted by the property owner.
2011-11-28 Decision Letter to applicant


Minutes from the Committee to Approve Public Events (CAPE) meeting held on November 4, 2011.
Recommendations were adopted at the November 8, 2011 regular Council meeting.
2011-11-04 CAPE Minutes
Council Reports


Zoning Amendment Bylaw 1131, 2010 - 1140 Pacific Rim Highway, Lot 3, District Lot 127, Clayoquot District, VIP 20090. (Report from Manager of Community Sustainability)
RECOMMENDATION: that this report be forwarded to the next scheduled Committee of the Whole Meeting for in depth discussion and examination of the land use proposal.
2011-12-14 RTC Zoning Bylaw 1131


Discussion regarding festival support under the new Resort Development Strategy. (Verbal report from the Mayor)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Guest Post by George Smith

Open question to former council, new council, staff and anyone with specific knowledge.

For many, many years we have had a sewer system that relies on hydro to keep the pumps running. For as many years as we have had this sewer system we have had power outages. During these power outages we relied on village employees to keep the pumps running by moving generators on a trailers from pump to pump for the duration of the power outage. This resulted in sometimes significant overtime costs

Council/staff at some point decided generators that were stationary on site would be a great idea because they would reduce overtime costs. Now we have at least 3 diesel generators, and at least 2 propane units, maybe more that I have not discovered.

Was there ever an accurate costing done for these units? They require significant maintenance, rental of propane tanks and so on. Notwithstanding that, these units will have a finite life of 6-8 years before needing complete replacement.

I would like to hear if this was really a cost efficient way of reducing overtime. Maybe just to generate some discussion of projects which may have had little or no real accounting scrutiny before the spend.

What was the cost? The amortization? And what are the savings/advantages? Were they a good use of our money?

George Smith

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Neil Buckle RIP

Neil Buckle R.I.P. Neil was a great guy....

Friday, December 2, 2011

George Christopher Mumblo R.I.P.

George Christopher Mumblo

Jan. 25, 1953 – Nov. 26, 2011

George died as he lived – with passion, dignity and surrounded by loving family and friends. Born in Santurce, Puerto Rico, George moved to Toronto in 1972 and obtained a degree in photography at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute. In 1976 he headed to Canada’s west coast. While staying at a youth hostel in Victoria, he met and fell in love with Robin Chernay, a resident of Oregon. Undeterred by long distance and international boundaries, their relationship flourished and in 1979 they married. They lived in Tofino, Calgary, Halifax and Vancouver before moving to Fanny Bay in 2007. Along the way they had two children, Melissa and Ian, who knew they had the best Papi in the word.
In the late 80s George started developing symptoms of a muscular disorder that eventually required him to use a wheelchair. This development did nothing to dampen George’s passion for life, quick wit, keen observation and incredible generosity. Music, a good meal, a juicy plum, the antics of birds, the opening of a flower; these were all reasons for George to appreciate life. He was a wise, kind and insightful man who profoundly touched all those he met.
Ever the thoughtful and loving son of John and Lydia Mumblo, George didn't give in to his illness until both his parents passed earlier this year. In addition to Robin, Melissa and Ian, George is survived by his sister Katherine and his brother John (Gina), son-in-law Dave Newman, six nephews, one niece, and his loving dogs, Foxy and Ray. We will celebrate George’s life this Saturday, Dec. 3, 2 p.m. at his final home -- 7651 Tozer Road in Fanny Bay.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Freedom of Information results from Oct.25,2011

Here's a copy of the minutes of the secret in-camera meeting of October 25,2011. One has to wonder why council was discussing the sewer system in a closed meeting ??? Please note that this document has been redacted prior to release.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Council Meeting Survey

Here's your chance to let the new council know if you would prefer to have Tofino Council meetings in the morning or the evening . I feel that evening meetings are more inclusive but I'm sure there are a variety of opinions !!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Legion Membership Drive

Friday Nov 25th, 4 to 6pm
Monday Nov 28th, 7 to 10pm

The Tofino Legion plays an import roll in our community. Please come out and support the Legion, become a member.

Storm warning issued

Issued 04:00 AM PST 23 November 2011
Today Tonight and Thursday
Storm warning in effect.
Wind northwest 15 to 20 knots increasing to 20 to 25 this morning then diminishing to 15 late this afternoon. Wind increasing to southwest 25 this evening and to south 35 after midnight. Wind increasing to south 45 to 55 Thursday morning then diminishing to southwest 40 near noon Thursday.
Issued 04:00 AM PST 23 November 2011
Today Tonight and Thursday
Seas 5 metres building to 7 overnight and to 8 Thursday morning. Seas subsiding to 7 Thursday afternoon.
Extended Forecast
Issued 04:00 AM PST 23 November 2011
Wind west 25 to 35 knots increasing to southeast 35 to 45 late in the day.
Wind southeast 45 to 55 knots.
Wind northwest 25 knots.
Weather & Visibility
Issued 04:00 AM PST 23 November 2011
Today Tonight and Thursday
Periods of rain. Risk of thunderstorms early this morning changing to rain at times heavy overnight then to a few showers Thursday morning. Visibility 1 mile or less in rain.
List of Official Text Forecasts

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wolf Sighting

This just in : A large wolf spotted in the vicinity of the Cox Bay info center....

Whistler Election Report

Sewer System Update

Many readers have been phoning to ask just what is the status of the sewer sysytem ?? Currently we do not have a stage 3 Liquid Waste Management Plan that has been accepted by the Ministry of the Environment (BC)

Monday, November 21, 2011

RCMP meeting at Community Centre

You Can Help

Yesterday 1,696 unique viewers accessed the Tofinonews blog.If only a fraction of you will take the time to write your Federal MP, CBC, Federal Minister Responsible for Infrastructure or Provincial MLA it will go a long way towards getting some help with our sewer treatment plant. Below is the contact link for Scott Fraser MLA and former Tofino Mayor.

you can post comments at this CBC site :

Where to write

Below is the email address for Denis Lebel, Federal Minister responsible for infrastructure and a link to the contact page for James Lunney MP. Please write to them about the sewage situation here in Tofino.Please be civil . Thanks,Ralph

CBC Infrastructure Story

CBC is running a series of infrastructure articles....this would be a good time to draw federal attention to our sewage situation...please take the time to write to the CBC at the address below and tell them about Tofino.Given that our sewer is connected to Esowista and will be connected to Pacific Rim National Park we should be eligible for some Federal assistance with our sewer treatment plant.

Storm Warning in Effect ! Still !!

Today Tonight and Tuesday Storm warning in effect.
Wind southeast 40 to 50 knots diminishing to southwest 15 to 25 early this morning then increasing to southeast 40 to 50 this afternoon. Wind diminishing to southwest 15 to 25 overnight.

Issued 04:00 AM PST 21 November 2011
Today Tonight and Tuesday Seas 4 metres building to 5 this evening then subsiding to 4 near noon Tuesday.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Newfoundland Sewage Story

Here's a story from CBC about a small town in Newfoundland with similar infrastructure problems to Tofino.The difference is we are expected to have treatment for sewage by 2015 according to the Province....

Storm Warning in Effect !

Marine Forecast
Issued 09:30 PM PST 19 November 2011
Tonight and Sunday Storm warning in effect.
Wind easterly 10 to 20 knots veering to southeast 20 to 25 early Sunday morning then increasing to south 30 to 40 late Sunday afternoon. Wind increasing to south 40 to 50 Sunday evening.

Issued 04:00 PM PST 19 November 2011
Today Tonight and Sunday Seas 1 to 2 metres building to 3 Sunday afternoon and to 5 Sunday evening.
Extended Forecast
Issued 04:00 PM PST 19 November 2011
Monday Wind southeast 35 to 45 knots.
Tuesday Wind southwest 20 to 30 knots.
Wednesday Wind south 15 to 20 knots becoming northwest 10 to 20.

Weather & Visibility
Issued 09:30 PM PST 19 November 2011
Tonight and Sunday Periods of rain beginning before morning. Visibility 1 mile or less in rain.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

anybody have ucluelet results ??

election numbers !

Mayor Candidate * elected

# of Votes






Candidate * elected

# of Votes



ASHTON, Stephen


BAERT, Dorothy






FLOODY, Eileen


KROMKO, Bernard


MCBRIDE, Samantha








Election Results

unofficial results are
Perry Schmunk-Mayor
Al Anderson-Council
Cathy Thicke-Council
Dorothy Baert-Council
Garth Cameron-Council
Duncan McMaster-Council
Ray Thorogood-Council

Friday, November 18, 2011

Comments Closed

No comments will be posted until after the election.The next blog post will be the election results...Please remember to vote...thanks for reading the blog,Ralph

Public Process and Pet Projects

I attended two meetings this year that were held to determine where to spend the Resort Municipality Initiative money.There was a cross section of Tofino residents attending with no particular group over-represented.Not a large group but below is how people put their priorities:

Shuttle bus 9
Festivals 3
Community hall 6
Downtown improvement 2
Beach access 6
Infrastructure 2
So how did it work out that "Downtown Vitalization" got to the top of the list (1.25 million dollars) with only 2 votes ?
It was revealed at the "Downtown Vitalization" meeting that only 25 members of the public (not members of special interest groups) attended the "charettes"

I would suggest that after the secretive DCC Committee had issues with the final report submitted to council that the citizens of Tofino have lost confidence in the "Public Process". Volunteers for that committee gave freely of their time and worked hard to come up with some good recommendations that apparently weren't reflected in the final report.

Larry Nicolay said in a recent blog comment that "It's very easy to be on the outside hurling rocks" This is very true but I have to think that shouldn't be an "outside and "inside" with regards to Tofino Council. This council has adopted a divisive "US and Them " attitude. They pay lip service to the "Public Process" and then push forth with their Pet Projects be it the "raspberry patch" or "Downtown Vitalization". Only the huge public outcry and hard work by some citizens kept us from having a "Traffic Circle" at Chesterman's Beach !!
Let's elect a Tofino Council that will actually listen to the people and operate in an inclusive manner.

Editorial by Ken Gibson

Ever since 1996 ,Tofino has been going in opposite directions .This is easy to understand as we have many 'walk's 'of life .I see no problem with
'Majority rule' ,but let's look for a moment at how our democratic principles have slipped,compared to the 'early days'.We still elect six councilors
& a mayor to make fair & honest decisions for us ,who turn the 'work ' over to a total stranger who directs what he wants done to three or four 'henchmen'- who see things his way . But who wouldn't when you see the
salary he offers & all they have to do is march as directed .. The
councilors sit back & say "we make policy & they carry it out " .. Well I can tell you its NOT happening . From engineers making colossal mistakes to the sewer fiasco with Esowista
.. Why is
Tofino different ? most govt's have a portfolio system where councilors are given a title ie; Public works - Fire & safety -Recreation & parks- Water -sewar.. Does this 'chosen COA' have superior knowledge ?-one wouldn't think so by the lawsuits. A half a million dollars for affordable housing & not a two by four up yet .. We have TV cameras watch the water flow & pay for every drop. but how come no one flushed the water line at Close creek ?.
At least if we had local representation .we would know who to approach .
.. Move over Incumbents & let a new "team " see if they can do more ,with less studies
& waste ,,-by-laws & signs that are enforceable or forget them , Most of
all restore democracy ,fairness & honesty , Down with one man rule .

Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's Not Just The Blog

Yasmin Aboelsaud of the Westerly News has an excellent article in this week's paper that is critical of municipal spending in both Tofino and Ucluelet.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

candidates meeting: an update and my rant

Most people agreed that Perry Schmunk did better than Michael Tilitzky in the Mayoralty debate.
The most interesting part of the evening was when one incumbent councilor spoke of the anonymous hate mail that undermines the civility of the town.They spoke of respecting volunteers while this council has let the Volunteer Firehall rot away. I wholeheartedly agree with civility !! It was sad to see only a few questions asked from the crowd.The citizens of Tofino live in fear of council and some staff.Those who criticize pay a price ! Let's hope that after the election that people can exercise the right to free speech without fear of repercussions.
Let's hope that we have a civil council that welcomes criticism from the electorate and actually listens !
Let's hope that we have a civil council that doesn't hide behind closed doors at secret "in-camera " meetings!
Let's hope we have a civil council that can resolve disputes without forcing citizens to rely on the courts !
Let's hope that we have a civil council that operates in an open and transparent manner.
Let's hope that we have a civil council that doesn't use bylaws and zoning as weapons!
Let's hope that "Freedom Of Information" requests are a thing of the past and that information and documents flow freely from council to the electorate !! Many people that I talk to are shocked that one needs an FOI to get information in a small town like Tofino.
Let's hope that the day comes when this stupid blog isn't necessary ! The day when the truth comes straight from the Mayor and Council to the people !!!

Candidates meeting

A good turnout at the meeting.will have report after it concludes.

More wasteful Spending by District of Tofino

Another example of wasteful spending ! The cost of these generators isn't covered by the sewer agreement with Esowista, it's coming right out of your pocket ! For the past 27 years the sewer has worked without them so if they are necessary for the expansion that should have been factored into the agreement.I don't have a price for them but they won't be cheap ! Sounds like one got ordered in a haphazard manner....Please council pay attention just once in a while...

All Candidates Meeting Tonight

All Candidates meeting at the Community Center tonight a 7 pm

Snow in the Pass-Webcam

Just a Small Example of Spending on Consultants.

I'm all about human rights and civil liberties but did Tofino Council really have to spend $9,638.79 of your hard earned tax dollars to have a consultant tell staff about human rights and managerial roles ??

Storm Warning in Effect

Marine Forecast
Issued 04:00 AM PST 16 November 2011
Today Tonight and Thursday Storm warning in effect.
Wind southeast 30 to 40 knots increasing to 40 to 45 early this morning except 55 northwest of Estevan Point. Wind diminishing to westerly 25 to 35 early this afternoon and to southwest 15 to 20 Thursday morning.

Issued 04:00 AM PST 16 November 2011
Today Tonight and Thursday Seas 2 to 3 metres building to 3 to 5 early this morning and to 4 to 6 Thursday morning.
Extended Forecast
Issued 04:00 AM PST 16 November 2011
Friday Wind variable 5 to 15 knots becoming northwest 10 to 20 in the afternoon.
Saturday Wind variable 5 to 15 knots.
Sunday Wind light increasing to southeast 40 to 50 knots late in the day.

Weather & Visibility
Issued 04:00 AM PST 16 November 2011
Today Tonight and Thursday Rain changing to a few showers early this afternoon.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Tofino Spending Gone Rampant !!

This just in :
The Canadian Federation of Independent Business' fourth annual BC Municipal Spending Watch reveals a new ranking system and a worsening picture of local government spending.

The latest report shows municipal operating spending, adjusted for inflation, has ballooned to nearly four times the rate of population growth in BC.
Tofino saw its population grow 24 per cent from 2000 to 2009, while operating spending rose 100 per cent. Per capita spending growth was 61 per cent.
Tofino ranked 24th in the list of worst spenders out of over one hundred and fifty BC municipalities !!
In the same time period Ucluelet operating spending rose 50% or half that of Tofino.
It's important to note that this is operational spending...not increased spending on infrastructure and capital projects....just the day to day running of the District of Tofino.

Freedom of Information report

This just in :
Documents obtained by Tofinonews confirm a non-wage payment to the former "Special Projects Coordinator" in excess of ten thousand dollars associated with her December 2010 departure. The District characterized her leaving after a few months as a "resignation" but what really happened ? We'll never know as there is a gag order on the departure.
Surely if it was a case of "Constructive Dismissal" it would have been discovered when Council conducted an exit interview ? Tofinonews has learned that no exit interview was held !! Why not ? What is Tofino Council scared of finding out ?? Please ask your incumbent candidates why we are hiring competent staff only to be paying out tens of thousands of dollars when they leave after only a few months ??? ask them why no exit interview ?? Seems there is something not quite right at City Hall...Councilors like to blame the press or public for staff turnover but this is clearly not the case.

Definition of Constructive Dismissal

The phrase "constructive dismissal" describes situations where the employer has not directly fired the employee. Rather the employer has failed to comply with the contract of employment in a major respect, unilaterally changed the terms of employment or expressed a settled intention to do either thus forcing the employee to quit. Constructive dismissal is sometimes called "disguised dismissal" or "quitting with cause" because it often occurs in situations where the employee is offered the alternative of leaving or of submitting to a unilateral and substantial alteration of a fundamental term or condition of his/her employment. Whether or not there has been a constructive dismissal is based on an objective view of the employer's conduct and not merely on the employee's perception of the situation.

It is the employer's failure to meet its contractual obligations that distinguishes a constructive dismissal from an ordinary resignation. The seriousness of the employer's failure as well as the amount of deliberation apparent in its actions are also important factors.

The employer's action must be unilateral, which means that it must have been done without the consent of the employee. If it is not unilateral, the variation is not a constructive dismissal but merely an agreed change to the contract of employment. Generally, if the employee clearly indicates non-acceptance of the new conditions of employment to the employer, there has been a constructive dismissal only if the employee leaves within a reasonable (usually short) period of time. By not resigning, the employee indicates his/her acceptance of the new conditions of employment.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Slapping lipstick on a money-losing pig

Thanks to an avid blog reader for this submission.

Remembrance Day

Take time on this Remembrance Day to honour those that have served, and those that are serving, to preserve our freedom.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Olympic Spending Scandal Won't Go Away !!

This just in : Documents obtained through a Freedom Of Information request show that the former treasurer was paid thousands of dollars in non-wage payments after her "resignation".
Her departure was covered by a confidentiality agreement so we have no idea what these payments were for but they are in excess of ten thousand dollars.....normally a resignation doesn't trigger severance payments so I have to wonder what was going on here ?? Did it have to do with irregular financial reporting from the previous CAO ?
Please ask your incumbent councilors why they accepted the "resignation " of the treasurer and why there were non-wage payments were made. Also please ask your incumbent councilors why they didn't insist on an exit interview ??? What were they scared of finding out ?? Or was it all discussed at an "In-Camera" meeting ? Below is a story that ran on the

B.C. town says Olympic pavilion under budget, but keeps higher tally hidden

Published on June 8, 2010
The Canadian Press Topics : O Zone , TOFINO , Vancouver Island , Richmond
TOFINO, B.C. — A small Vancouver Island town may have overspent its budget to promote itself during the Vancouver Winter Olympics and may have spent far more than officials have publicly disclosed.

The District of Tofino released a final budget to a local resident under freedom of information laws that said the town spent about $2,600 during the Games on a pavilion in an area of Richmond known as the O Zone after expenses and revenues were taken into account. That put the cost well below the original estimate of $10,000.

But records obtained by included another, unreleased version of the budget that instead put the figure at $14,782, with the district’s director of financial services raising concerns about the lower figures when they were prepared for release.

“Upon closer review of the O Zone expenses and revenues released in the FOI request, some items have been incorrectly reported,” Jennifer Robb, who resigned within days of outlining her concerns, wrote in an email to the town’s deputy clerk. “I would like to correct the document before it is released.”

It appears those corrections didn’t happen, and the budget with the lower total was sent to Tofino resident Ralph Tieleman.

The primary difference between the two documents is the inclusion of wages for district staff: the unreleased budget includes $6,662 for wages, while the document that was made public omits this cost.

“(I) can’t really explain that other than district staff volunteered their time,” Bob Long, Tofino’s chief administrative officer, said in an interview.

“One is correct and that is the one that went out.”

Long, who said he did the “bulk of the work” on the document released to Tieleman, declined to comment about whether Robb’s resignation was related to her concerns over the budget.

When asked whether he was paid for working during the Olympics, Long replied: “I get paid on an annual salary and I volunteered my time.”

The issue is similar to questions the B.C. government faced about its decision to allow paid civil servants to work for Olympic organizers. The province allowed about 200 government employees to work for the Olympics while still collecting their paycheques.

When the program was announced last year, the Opposition NDP estimated those wages would equal about $25 million, but cabinet minister Mary McNeil argued the staff shouldn’t be seen as an added taxpayer expense.

In Tofino, the document sent to Tieleman also shows higher advertising revenues and donations than the version that wasn’t sent out.

It also included a GST rebate as an added revenue source that was absent in the other version.

Tieleman said he filed the freedom of information request because was concerned the pavilion went over budget.

He said he’s filed several more requests in the past week, as well as a complaint with the district.

“I feel there was some information lacking in the FOI that I was provided,” he said. “The main question I have is why did the treasurer not prepare the Freedom of Information request that was of a financial nature?”

According to the document released to Tieleman, the pavilion brought in $56,461.70 revenue but cost $59,078.32 in expenses.

However, the unreleased document obtained by says the pavilion brought in revenue of $50,958.70 but cost $65,740.72 in expenses, including $6,662 in district wages.


Bernard Kromka Update


Thanks Ralph for providing this forum. I’ve had some time to write for Tofino News again and elaborate on my platform.


Downtown vitalization should first consist of repairing roads, making sidewalks and finishing the MUP so drivers, walkers, and cyclists can move around in a safe and functional town (please do not plant trees in the middle of Campbell St). Future plans for promenades should be considered longer-term.


“Environmental sustainability” is an overused term that has lost meaning. It’s obvious we’ve gained from having pristine nature and tribal parkland surround our peninsula. Habitat preservation has allowed for flourishing tourism, mostly replacing traditional resource extraction. On balance this has been a win-win situation (good for locals, visitors, First Nations and planet). Is it sustainable? Currently we truck in most goods and get power over hundreds of kilometers. In the future we’ll need to do better.

I believe “green is lean.” Using less of something saves money. If heating bills go down from better insulation and heat-transfer systems, that’s desirable. The District can help homeowners with incentives such as breaks on exorbitant building permits. What stops citizens from rain catchments to lessen water consumption? District initiatives can help.

Tofino Brewing Company has created their own initiatives to reduce waste and create methods of reusing (their growlers). I support entrepreneurs that implement environmentally friendly practices. We need to reward people for reducing their footprints and consumption.

The regrettable situation we created, a district with incentive to sell more water to local families, should never again be repeated. We’ve paid the highest water rates in Canada but live in a rainforest. However, it’s mostly a past deal. Looking forward we learn our lessons. I support a simple, flat water rate (the more you use the more pay).


Unless compelled otherwise, I can’t support local, grandiose plans for clean energy (ex. from sewage treatment.) Green technologies should be supported, but we must face the realities of having a small tax base in a remote location. Cost-effective delivery for taxpayers is essential.

Large capital projects such as sewage system upgrades shouldn’t be borne by local families alone. Our tourism industry is too important to the economies of British Columbia and Canada and we must get our fair share of provincial and federal dollars.

Too often our grant applications have been ignored. Maybe some haven’t met acceptable standards. For whatever reason, Tofino got zero during the largest infrastructure-spending spree in Canadian history. A better job must be done in the future because our deficits require success.


The district has land. What stops us from making affordable housing a reality? We have other advantages: historically low interest rates and a community full of builders. One way forward is to gather information on what works well in comparable locations. Another is to realize we’ll need a consortium if all interests are to be met and the taxpayer is to be respected.

On Lopez in the San Juan Islands, 11 families pooled resources to build units costing them $112,000 each. ( They had help from groups and individuals from the private & public sector. Yet, they got a bargain because they worked hard, cooperated and innovated. The homes met LEED for Homes, Built Green, and Energy Star program standards. The homeowners save bundles on energy.

Some BC tourist towns build district-owned housing and developers build cooperative housing for concessions & land. I believe we’re well situated to make progressive, low-income housing a reality. We want young families to stay in Tofino.


Recreational facilities are important. Yet, we live in a place where nature provides a fantastic playground and options for physical health are abundant.

I support the West-Coast Complex as long as Tofino’s taxpayers aren’t on the hook. I worry for the project. That’s a lot of resources, water and power to have an Olympic-sized rink & indoor water-park several kilometers away from Tofino.

From the recent school board meeting I attended in Ukee, it’s clear the one-year deal for gym use is temporary. We need a longer-term solution.

One structure I’d consider is a community centre “plus.” By this I mean some traditional facilities for sports (gymnasium) and learning (move the library in?) with added functionality for Tofino. A yoga room is appropriate and doubles for Zoomba. A computer lab/resource centre is needed for continued learning and town projects. Tofino lacks a “black-box” room for music, theatre and visual art.

We have so much going on festival-wise that a creative and recreation centre could serve as a focal point for community projects. Tofino’s many societies and volunteers could meet, share ideas and trade resources in a supportive environment.

Newcomer festivals like The Feast and Carving On The Edge add to an already amazing roster: Whale Fest, P.R.A.S. Summer & Winter Music Series, Film (& Guerilla), Oyster, Public Market, Food & Wine, Lantern, the list goes on. This is Tofino’s community strength (and great for tourism too).

A community center “plus” would serve citizens and help promote Tofino.


I believe in empowering community groups. When motivated, caring citizens are already steering community projects in areas they have passion for and experience with, they should be supported. Minimal city resources can assist community groups: use of district land, buildings and, where appropriate, small grants and resources.

I don’t think we need centralized arts and cultural committees. Let’s facilitate existing groups best placed to organize and present entertainment and cultural festivals.


My duty is to get in the trenches and exhaust every available option.
My diligence is to seek the most and best advice possible.

Compare and contrast with similar jurisdictions and analyze then disregard the least promising proposals. Get input from citizens to evaluate what’s best for Tofino as a whole. Promote sound ideas and prevent wasted opportunities. Look through a lens of common sense and study council business through a magnifying glass. Serve coastal citizens first and special interests last.

I’m standing on my platform and underpinning beliefs. I pledge to put in the research hours and comparative studies required to make informed decisions. Tofino needs objectivity. I’ll advocate for public/private solutions combined with grassroots/down-home ideas. Together we can fix bumps in the road (literally!).

I thank the many strong teachers of Clayoquot wisdom, those citizens defining Tofino throughout the decades. Our collective potential is great. If given the opportunity, I’ll help present Tofino’s civic governance as reasonable, beneficial and justifiable.

Thanks for reading this,

Bernard Kromka

globe and mail article

Salmon Virus Update

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tofino Fire Department Seeking Volunteers

November 9, 2011 - Advance Poll

November 9, 2011 - Advance Poll

Advanced Voting Opportunities will be available on:

* Wednesday, November 9, 2011 between the hours of 8:00 am and 8:00 pm
* Tofino Council Chambers, 380 Campbell Street, Tofino, BC

A glimpse into Council at Work-past priorities

Monday, November 7, 2011

Taiwan Earthquake-No Tsunami Warning

707 PM PST MON NOV 7 2011







Downtown Vitalization Open House

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Isaiah Oke R.I.P.

Sewer Agreement with Pacific Rim National Park

On March 6,2010 funding was announced for the new sewer system in the park that will tie in to Tofino's system yet from the minutes of the council minutes posted below it would appear that as of January 11,2011 there was still no agreement between Parks Canada and Tofino....this was months after the pipes were in the ground....go should be noted that Parks Canada has told Tofinonews that they wouldn't send any effluent our way until we have a treatment plant.....please write in if you can clarify this situation or if you can recall a council motion to accept sewage from the Park..

Date: 2010/03/06

Byline: Keven Drews
Feds to Spend $3.3 Million In Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

UCLUELET — The federal government is pumping more than $3.3 million of stimulus funding into Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.

James Lunney, Conservative MP for Nanaimo-Alberni, announced Saturday the money will help repair the roof and entrance ramp of the Wickaninnish Beach Interpretive Centre and install a new sewer and water line to the Green Point Campground and visitor facilities at Long Beach.

The sewage and water line will tie into the District of Tofino’s services.

“These projects will bring numerous positive outcomes to the region for years to come,” said Lunney.

“As the member of Parliament for Nanaimo-Alberni, I am very pleased to be here to see these events that [are] making a difference in our beautiful, fabled park.

“These upgrades will serve the community and visitors for many years to come.”

Along the West Coast Trail, Parks Canada will use funds to build a new bridge at Sandstone Creek.

On southern Vancouver Island, the federal government will spend an additional $500,000 at Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Sites. Parks Canada will use the money to upgrade the roof of a washroom facility and sewage infrastructure at both sites.

In total, the federal government is spending more than $3.8 million.

Kim Seward-Hannam, superintendent of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, said the park is excited about the announcement and ready to spend the money.

“You will be seeing some changes over the summer and the fall. Of course, it’s always a delicate balance when you’re trying to do some major construction projects and welcome 800,000 visitors over a season here,” said Seward-Hannam.

She said some of the sewer work can take place later in the season.

Tofino Mayor John Fraser said the sewer and water facilities at Green Point will tie into municipal services through the recent sewer-and-water expansion to Esowista, a Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation community at Long Beach.

He said there will be no additional capital costs to the municipality, and Tofino could get some “late comers fees” on the project.

“They’ll pay a user fee like everybody else that’s in the system,” he added.
Pacific Rim National Park Reserve was established in 1970 and draws more than 800,000 visitors a year.

Sutton Pass Webcam
Thanks to an attentive blog reader for sending this link to the new webcam at Sutton Pass

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Candidate's Statements

Main St Sewer Pumps

A few readers have asked if the upgrades to the Main St. sewer pumps have been necessitated by the Esowista expansion and if the costs are covered by the agreement with Esowista.The costs are not covered in the Esowista agreement.
As to whether the upgrades are required due to additional flow from Esowista is a more complicated question. I couldn't find any engineering reports or any documents that address the Main St. sewer station that were completed prior to the signing of the agreement.I'm not sure that a full assessment was done prior to the signing of the agreement.Please write in if you have more information.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Island Coastal Economic Trust

Here is a link to another source of funding with wider criteria than the RMI. There is a variety of projects listed on this site such as the aquarium in Ucluelet and the wharf in Kelsey Bay. It seems at this time that Tofino wants to use money from the The Island Coastal Economic Trust for downtown vitalization in combination with RMI funding.I was at a couple of public input meetings for the RMI funding and don't have anything in my
notes that would indicate overwhelming public support for Downtown Vitalization and I'm not aware of any public meetings regarding the The Island Coastal Economic Trust funding...I may have missed it as there is a flurry of activity these days....please write in or call if you have more info. thanks,Ralph

Resort Municipality Initiative Information

Here's a link to a page explaining the Resort Municipality Initiative.There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding as to what the money can be used for.This page explains it quite well....

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Storm Warning in Effect

Marine Forecast
Issued 04:00 PM PDT 01 November 2011
Tonight and Wednesday Storm warning in effect.
Wind southeast 15 to 25 knots increasing to 25 to 35 this evening and to 35 to 45 after midnight except 50 northwest of Estevan Point. Wind becoming south 35 to 45 Wednesday morning then diminishing to west 25 early Wednesday afternoon.

Issued 04:00 PM PDT 01 November 2011
Today Tonight and Wednesday Seas 2 to 3 metres building to 5 to 7 before morning then subsiding to 3 to 5 late Wednesday morning. Seas subsiding to 3 Wednesday evening.
Extended Forecast
Issued 04:00 PM PDT 01 November 2011
Thursday Wind southeast 5 to 15 knots.
Friday Wind northwest 10 to 20 knots.
Saturday Wind southeast 15 to 25 knots becoming northwest 20 late in the day.

Weather & Visibility
Issued 04:00 PM PDT 01 November 2011
Tonight and Wednesday Rain beginning this evening changing to a few showers late Wednesday morning. Visibility 1 mile or less in rain.

Sorry for the lack of notice for this meeting..., I just saw this on the District Site....$1,250,00.00 for Downtown Vitalization !!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Overseas Readers

Just like to thank all our overseas readers !! Thanks also to our local readers and our many readers in the States.If there is a story or thread you would like to see just leave a comment.All candidates are welcome to post their campaign items.....
Please consider writing a guest editorial for the blog....

Committee to Approve Public Events

The Committee to Approve Public Events (CAPE) will meet on Friday November 4th in Council Chambers at 7 PM.
Area Liquor Inspector Wayne Brown will be in the area to discuss, with the Committee, the following:
Update CAPE membership
Security Plans for larger events
Update Protocol for SOL applications
Update District of Tofino Guidelines for 2012
If you are interested in the role of the Committee in your community or plan to hold an event or fund-raiser requiring a Special Occasion License then this meeting is for you!
For those unable to attend, the meeting report will be posted on the District website after the meeting. For further information you can also read the SOL Brochure: or
the SOL Handbook:

Friday, October 28, 2011

Exit Interviews

An anonymous commentor suggested that I was on a "witch hunt " and that former Treasurer Jennifer Robb had been asked for an exit interview. I just spoke to Jennifer Robb and she assured me that she had not been asked for an exit interview.
I feel that when competent,qualified staff leave the District, Council should know why !!!

Editorial by Ken Gibson

Why are we running the new Ahmaksis water treatment plant in October at perhaps-Four times the
cost of pure /clear / Sharp creek water,Is it because -we "blew " a 'million & half dollars '
on this chemical digester ? we feel it necessary to use it ? For what ? .It will take along time for Tofino to pay for it at Tilitzky's contribution -Any way the "Levy " has fetched over 3 million .. So lets mark it down to a BAD period in Tofino History .
The crowd was as large at the candidate's meeting as when we told "the engineers " .,There is No water under Tofino Airport .. Oh yes that was after we built a Million gallon tank 6ft too high
at the six mile at about 3 million dollars for development further East ? May-be
its time for the "incumbents " to Bow out .. Ken Gibson

Why Tofino Didn't Get The Sewer Grant in 2009

In response to many questions asked regarding my question at the All Candidates Meeting: Why Didn't Tofino get any grant money during the largest Infrastructure Grant Program in Canadian History ?
I didn't expect Perry Schmunk to have an answer to this but I did expect a better answer from Michael Tilitzky as he was on council at the time.Tilitzky gave a vague answer and didn't address the facts presented below from previous TofinoNews blog posts from 2010:

even more sewer grant stuff July 14,2010

from the sewer grant application:
"Phase 2 of the project will include Integrated Resource Management to generate heat and electricity from wastewater treatment,will consider anaerobic digestion of wet ,organic waste in combination with biosolids(to generate biodiesel/biogas) and will consider reduction/gasification of solid wastes (including digested biosolid residue and wood residue from logging and land clearing(hog fuel) to generate energy and heat."
"Phase 1 of this project will recover heat from a proposed sewer lift station and will use this heat to offset heating costs in proposed Fire Hall and RCMP public buildings. Solar hot water heating will be explored to offset some of the remaining energy costs. Although only considered in preliminary form at this time, the opportunity to generate energy from a future turbine installed in the outfall pipe of the proposed Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) will be considered together with opportunities to generate heat,biofuels and electricity from the Phase 2 of the project that will include design,construction and commissioning of the future STP."

posted by Ralph Tieleman at 12:56 PM 10

even more sewer grant info July 14,2010

From a letter from Don McKinnon (Tofino Public Works Superintendent)dated March 16, 2009 regarding the the sewer grant application: " I have,however not completed a construction cost estimate (yet) based on the alignment proposed in our Project # 23010 Feasibility Assessment (please refer to Appendix A of initial submission), and cannot complete it in time to meet the March 16,2009 deadline. We respectfully request that you factor our challenges into your evaluation criteria and do not penalize our community because we have staff time and budget challenges."

I guess these challenges were overcome with regards to the traffic roundabout that became a beautification project at the North Chesterman's Beach parking lot as the District of Tofino was successful in securing a grant for that project.

posted by Ralph Tieleman at 9:00 AM

more sewer grant info July 14,2010

from the Westerly News : "The utility corridor is directed through undeveloped land owned by the District of Tofino," MacKinnon said, "how the province interpreted we were building the corridor to access new development lands is beyond me, based on all the information placed into the grant application."
from the Sept.2008 Utility Corridor Feasibility Study:" Construction costs for that portion of the revised Arnet Road Utility Corridor through DL122,are anticipated to be paid for by the property owners.These costs will include the proposed intersection and highway widening at future Arnet Road and Campbell Street,the proposed Sewer Lift Station, the proposed Water Pump Station,the 200mm diameter watermain,the 200mm diameter Sewer Forcemain and the Arnet Road (Utility Corridor),all constructed as DCC projects.Following the construction,District of Tofino would then offer a DCC rebate for the incremental portion of the costs beyond the local requirement, as described in the Development Cost Charge Bylaw Amendment 2008.
from an obtained document "Project Benefits District of Tofino Sewage Treatment Phase 1-Arnet Road Utility Corridor" : page 2. "Facilitates future development of more than 100 ha or (sic) land presently inaccessible and undeveloped (Dl 114,117,118 and 121 ).
It should be noted that DL 121 is being considered for development by local First Nations.

posted by Ralph Tieleman at 7:37 AM 2 Comments
Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Sewer Grant information July 13,2010
Here's an excerpt from a July 8,2010 interview with the Tofino Public Works Superintendent as it appeared in the Westerly News:
"The utility corridor is directed through undeveloped land owned by the District of Tofino," MacKinnon said, "how the province interpreted we were building the corridor to access new development lands is beyond me, based on all the information placed into the grant application."
However documents obtained by TofinoNews show the proposed utility corridor passing through private lands;DL 122 !!

"Where the revised alignment of the Utility Corridor may terminate at Campbell Street is shown on attached Figure 7.This alignment shows a conceptual layout of turning lanes,acceleration lanes for southbound traffic, a left-turn lane for northbound traffic with sufficient area to accommodate an estimated 18 to 20 vehicles (130 lineal metres), all adjacent to DL122 frontage,which is currently at rezoning,OCP amendment and imminent subdivision stages." The attached figure 7 shows the utility corridor intersecting with Campbell Street over private lands just south of the ambulance station.
The original plan for the utility corridor had it connecting to Campbell Street by means of the existing Industrial Way.

I don't think anyone on Tofino Council took the time to read this grant application before it was submitted.Tofino Council was responsible for this failure.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Baert clarifies pay parking position

Glad to see so many at the meeting and many really good candidates.
On pay parking-Because I feel so strongly that there should not be pay
parking in downtown Tofino or at the beach accesses, and because I
fought it at every stage, including organizing a meeting of forty
downtown business owners and residents to protest when pay parking was
being proposed for downtown, I feel that I must correct your report.
As there will be a new parking plan, and for this I would encourage
lots of public input and participaton, there may be nodes of pay
parking, as there are in the gravel lot presently, that address long
term parking needs. I could support this as I don't think Tofino
residents should pay for off shore parking lots and because it is the
duty of a member of Council to keep an open mind on issues.
I also don't think the present system of penalizing small businesses
by charging for unowned parking works either. I think there is a
fairer, affordable and more equitable way to do this.
For safety reasons, I question the promotion of having RV's parked
around the Village Green, where children are playing and I think the
paved parking lot by the Distrcit office should be free for time
limited parking - that is, not long term. I hope this clairfies.
While I am at it, I'll also clarify my position on the mobile vendors.
The bylaw that was put forward was in my view, not a good solution. I
am committed to finding a resolution to this issue and I did make
every effort to see that not only did they get their temporary use
permit renewal but I tried to get them the maximum term, three years.
Council has recently adopted a policy that reduces the fees for a TUP
renewal. I support small business and diversity and have worked to
create a business friendly environment so that young entrepeneurs have
opportunites to contribute to the economic fabric of our community.
Dorothy Baert

Storm Warning Issued

Some of the highest tides of the year combine with a storm warning to make for some potentially dangerous conditions.Please proceed with caution if engaged in marine activities or even if you are just at the beach.Expect some storm surge.

Forecast Winds
Issued 04:00 AM PDT 27 October 2011 Today Tonight and Friday

Storm warning in effect.

Wind northwest 10 to 15 knots diminishing to light early this morning then increasing to southeast 15 late this morning. Wind increasing to southeast 20 early this afternoon and to 30 late this afternoon. Wind increasing to southeast 35 to 45 early this evening except 50 northwest of Estevan Point after midnight. Wind becoming south 35 overnight then diminishing to west 20 to 30 Friday morning.

Issued 04:00 AM PDT 27 October 2011 Today Tonight and Friday

Seas 3 to 4 metres building to 3 to 5 near midnight.
Extended Forecast
Issued 04:00 AM PDT 27 October 2011

Wind southwest 10 to 20 knots increasing to south 20 to 30 in the afternoon.


Wind south 25 to 35 knots diminishing to northwest 15 to 25.


Wind northwest 20 to 30 knots.

Weather & Visibility
Issued 04:00 AM PDT 27 October 2011 Today Tonight and Friday

Rain beginning late this evening changing to a few showers Friday morning.

Tsunami Siren Installed

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Synopsis of Candidates Meeting

Perry Schmunk came out on top in the race for Mayor as Tilitzky stumbled with his defense of the hundreds of thousands spent on the Tofino Housing Corporation....When asked about water rates Tilitzky didn't win any support when he pulled out his water bill of sixty dollars...."What do you people do with your water ?" he asked an incredulous crowd...
No major issues arose with the councilors...many in the crowd were happy with what Bernard Kromka had to say....Audible groans from some as Dorothy Baert voiced her support for pay parking " in some nodes"....Garth Cameron wants no pay parking anywhere....Ray Thorogood got the most applause of the evening.....all in all a good meeting but no open debate between candidates.....a good sized crowd with standing room only....


Tilitzky has his water bill out ! Defends water rates but notes shift in levy . Garth Cameron says no pay parking ! Baert speaking to parking .wants pay parking in some areas !!


Cathy Thicke supports multiplex.
Ashton says referendum necessary

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dorothy Baert -Candidate's Platform

I am passionate about Tofino and Clayoquot Sound, the environment and those who strive to safeguard it. I’ve been a resident and business owner for twenty five years, enjoying active community participation including the creation and sponsorship of a number of cultural events. I am a big believer in public process on all important community matters and appreciate the diversity that enriches our town dialogue. I am a proud grandparent and the experience of seeing the world anew from the eyes of children is a wonderful and enlightening gift. It also keeps you aware of the state of the playground and early child care needs.


Tofino residents share a strong interest in the well being of our community. I will uphold civility, transparency and accountability in my role as Councillor by continuing to advocate for every avenue of open communication including having alternating day and evening Council meetings; a 15 minute comments/ question period at the start of a meeting so the public can speak to matters on the agenda before decisions are made; all information, including FOI releases posted in an easily accessible form on the District website so everyone has the same information; continuing to adhere to strict criteria for In-Camera meetings and for full and timely disclosure.

Infrastructure is a high priority. I propose re-establishing the Water Advisory Board, review of the existing sewage treatment plan and any options that bring our costs in line with our ability to pay. I support water and sewer infrastructure upgrades and will renew the discussion on how to finance them starting with a review of the current water levy policy and water fee structure.

I commit to again keeping taxes to a ‘cost of living increase’ level and spending RMI money on projects that have been prioritized by the community. I also support the creation of an Arts, Culture and Heritage Master Plan; the maintenance and repair of District buildings; the completion of a Parking plan as part of Downtown Vitalization, review of the OCP, the seeking of Economic Development opportunities through improved relationships with the local business community and outreach to regional and provincial government bodies. Attainable housing for seniors and families without cost to taxpayers can be achieved as there are creative solutions when the political will is there.

I support public postings for all District Jobs and the creation of an Citizen Oversight Committee that would make recommendations on appropriate remuneration for Mayor and Council, timely and proper Performance Evaluation of the CAO and Exit interviews for outgoing senior staff. I will encourage the Mayor to have regular open door times for all residents including District staff. I will also encourage the Mayor to publicly acknowledge the achievements of all levels of staff and community volunteers.

As we near Treaty settlement I will advocate for regular and meaningful dialogue with Tlaoquiaht and other First Nation Councils to ensure that we continue to enjoy a respectful relationship while doing the hard work of creating mutually acceptable service and other agreements.

If you choose to return me to Council, I promise to listen to your comments, queries and to do what I can to address your concerns.

Dorothy Baert

250 726 5565 cell

250 725 4222 wk

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bernard Kromka ,Candidate's Platform

Bernard Kromka for Tofino Council

I have a vision for Tofino. I see a place where families look forward to raising their kids in a flourishing, West-Coast community. I envision a town where residents have meaningful career opportunities and entrepreneurs share in our collective success.

Residents, workers and businesspeople want open, focused and effective councillors. They don’t want more of the status quo: closed-door meetings, misdirected spending and general mismanagement.

I believe in representing Tofino as a whole. It isn’t about developers vs. environmentalists or absentee owners vs. surfers. It’s not about long-time residents vs. guest workers or young families vs. retirees. Everybody deserves representation and an inclusive approach is the appropriate way forward.

Tofino is entitled to councillors that are capable, accountable and fair. This is an obvious recipe for success. Yet, too often Tofino’s taxes have been frittered away on poorly conceived plans, consultants and junkets. Too frequently bylaws are enforced arbitrarily, with petty town politics and grievances playing a more important role than the rules themselves. Too many policies are entrenched for the benefit of select, cosy relationships, at the very least giving the impression of impropriety. Incumbents should not be rewarded for this sorry state of affairs.

There are many challenges before us. Tofino has a small taxpayer base and infrastructure burdened by waves of tourists. However, steps can be taken to accomplish relatively straightforward tasks. It is obvious we need our roads and sidewalks in better shape. It is clear we need the MUP finished & properly maintained. It isn’t rocket science to know Tofino needs public washrooms cleaned and unlocked on schedule. Accomplishing the above would be a good start.

Tofino had 8.7 million in cash on hand (District of Tofino, Consolidated Statement of Fiscal Position, Dec. 31, 2010) and another 20 million or so in assets to work and borrow with. The District isn’t cash-strapped. Yet, Tofino seems incapable of providing proper infrastructure, facilities and services.

We spend 50% of our budget on administration costs (District of Tofino, Taxation Revenue Distribution Analysis, 2011). This ratio is way out of line with other civic jurisdictions (Ukee’s is 19%). Barriers to efficient delivery of services should be removed. An even-handed, value-for-our-money approach should prevail.

Tofino councillors must continually seek a justified share of provincial & federal dollars to compensate for our resort-town deficits. Too much we hear about Tofino’s infighting between council, city departments, school district, chamber and tourism. The wrangling should stop because there’s a bigger picture. We need to speak as a unified force when soliciting funding and assistance from other governments and departments. Preferably not to build poorly designed parking lots this time. We should target projects that have real benefits to everyone and effectively deliver the intended results.

Wherever possible the private sector should be constructively engaged, partnering with the town and assisting in meeting our collective needs. They don’t need the goal posts changed before each game, hampering their ability to positively contribute toward infrastructure and town amenities. We should better harness the energy of mutually beneficial initiatives and 3P’s.

We shouldn’t need to rely upon selling more water to local families (a perverted incentive) to achieve town goals. Our water projects are nothing short of boondoggles, with the average citizen footing the bill. Sewage system upgrades and treatment costs loom on the horizon.

Tofino has cachet and this should be better tapped. Surf culture is on the rise and Tofino’s star is rising generally.

Some have labelled me a “youth candidate” and that sits fine with me. I bring energy and openness. I’m not beholden to special interests or damaged by past fiascos. I’m running as a candidate to represent Tofino’s constituents of all ages, from all walks of life.

I agree surfers and younger, service-sector employees have been politically ignored in this town. This demographic hasn’t engaged in local politics. Partly they are transient and partly they don’t much care. Yet it is also because civic decisions don’t address their concerns. Worse, the district can seem openly hostile to their culture. It’s a perpetuating cycle of apathy and reinforced disengagement. For too long surfing enthusiasts have been underrepresented. They’re half this town!

Too frequently our youth have been forced to look away from Tofino for a promising future beyond low-paying jobs. That’s unnecessary in a place with so many natural advantages. Tofino can inspire a generation, using our surrounding, protected wilderness as a competitive advantage.

I’ll bring diligence, integrity and common sense to my duties. I’ll encourage input from across the community and foster cooperation between stakeholders. I’ll represent Tofino with an eye toward a better, prosperous future for us all.

Thanks for reading this letter and your consideration of my candidacy.


Bernard Kromka

P.S. Read more about my platform, ask questions and give suggestions over at Facebook: Bernard For Tofino Council.

Another District Lawsuit !!

Date File Opened: 29Sep2011
Location: Victoria Law Courts
Level of Court: Supreme
Class of Court: Supreme Civil (General)
Initiating Document(s): Notice of Civil Claim

Last Name, First Name
Middle Name Role of Party

Counsel Phone

On File Counsel Name Alexander, L John

Tofinonews has learned that Hammock Holdings took out a building permit for a house and garage at 855 Moser Place ,Lot 6 ,DL 273 (Rosie Bay Estates) in 2006
I'll have more information tomorrow when the court offices are open.

UPDATE ! Exclusive documents obtained by Tofinonews show that the lawsuit is about the refusal of the District of Tofino to issue an occupancy permit for the residence !! Send your email address if you want a copy of the document.....thanks,Ralph

Tilitzky Jokes About Water Rates !

Take back City Hall

An interesting proposition from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation :

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Remember before you vote !!

Before you vote in the upcoming election take the time to remember the grief that some incumbents gave Tacofino and the HotDog Stand .Both were operating on commercially zoned property and provided adequate parking and washroom facilities. Baert,Tilitzky and Ashton all voted against the bylaw which would have given these two businesses some stability.Thanks to Gord Johns for supporting free enterprise !! Both businesses were forced to pay an exorbitant $1350.00 in temporary use fees.The average retail store pays only $150.00 for a business licence and a restaurant without a liquor permit is charged $100.00.A fish processing plant is charged $350.00... Meanwhile an illegal campsite within walking distance of Tacofino continued to operate without any pressure from Council to conform to District of Tofino bylaws...just as it has for decades !!..the message is that if Council dislikes you or your business you are screwed.Please don't vote for any incumbents !

March 22,2011 Tofino Council Meeting

4. Adoption of District of Tofino Zoning Map Amendment Bylaw No. 1135, 2011 (Mobile Food Units)
Councillor Baert stated that she has problems with this bylaw, as it is heavily tied to only 5 properties, and as mobile food units need to be more global. She stated that there is no indicator of economic health, and that she is concerned that in trying to help these two businesses that everyone wishes to have in the community; Council is not making good policy decisions.
Councillor Johns stated that he sees no reason not to support this bylaw, and that the properties will eventually be developed and uses will change regardless.
Councillor Tilitzky stated that he will be voting against this bylaw because it is confused between zoning and vendors, and that this bylaw is creating poor policy in trying to help vendors. He stated that mobile vending should be done in public spaces.
Councillor Baert expressed concerns about the lack of regulation that currently exists to control mobile vending units.
Councillor Ashton stated that mobile vending should be on public property, and that he cannot support the bylaw.