Friday, November 18, 2011

Editorial by Ken Gibson

Ever since 1996 ,Tofino has been going in opposite directions .This is easy to understand as we have many 'walk's 'of life .I see no problem with
'Majority rule' ,but let's look for a moment at how our democratic principles have slipped,compared to the 'early days'.We still elect six councilors
& a mayor to make fair & honest decisions for us ,who turn the 'work ' over to a total stranger who directs what he wants done to three or four 'henchmen'- who see things his way . But who wouldn't when you see the
salary he offers & all they have to do is march as directed .. The
councilors sit back & say "we make policy & they carry it out " .. Well I can tell you its NOT happening . From engineers making colossal mistakes to the sewer fiasco with Esowista
.. Why is
Tofino different ? most govt's have a portfolio system where councilors are given a title ie; Public works - Fire & safety -Recreation & parks- Water -sewar.. Does this 'chosen COA' have superior knowledge ?-one wouldn't think so by the lawsuits. A half a million dollars for affordable housing & not a two by four up yet .. We have TV cameras watch the water flow & pay for every drop. but how come no one flushed the water line at Close creek ?.
At least if we had local representation .we would know who to approach .
.. Move over Incumbents & let a new "team " see if they can do more ,with less studies
& waste ,,-by-laws & signs that are enforceable or forget them , Most of
all restore democracy ,fairness & honesty , Down with one man rule .

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