Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cox Bay Rock walls April 27

The Westerly News reports that the rock walls are in trespass and will have to be removed by May 10th........

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Olympic costs April 20 , 2010

Some loyal readers have asked what the total cost of the District's "O-Zone" Olympic party was.......good question......I put in a request for the info this afternoon and will have the numbers for you as soon as possible......

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gentleman Gene Kiniski RIP

Sad to announce the passing of Gene Kiniski yesterday.....not really Tofino news but I have fond memories of having a drink or two with Gene at his bar in Point Roberts Wash. RIP......

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

rock wall update april 14 2010

An interesting letter at www.westcoaster.ca I was unable to attend the april 13 council meeting but there is a good report on the westcoaster site.I did receive a report that a long time Cox Bay campsite owner was present at the meeting.....

Friday, April 9, 2010

cox bay info

comprehensive beach planning

Washington's Shoreline Management Act

Washington's Shoreline Management Act (SMA) recognizes the importance of protecting and preserving the ecological function of shorelines and natural resources but also recognizes the value of shorelines for human use. Therefore, under the SMA, local governments must develop Shoreline Master Plans to balance land use and preservation within 200 feet of the shore. The local Shoreline Master Plans must be consistent with statewide guidance and be updated regularly. The state's amended Shoreline Master Program Guidelines Rule, which was adopted in December 2003, requires Shoreline Master Plans to ensure "no net loss" of the shoreline's ecological function. The Shoreline Master Plans must also include a system for classifying the shoreline into six specific environmental designations (Natural, Rural Conservancy, Aquatic, High-Intensity, Urban Conservancy, and Shoreline Residential) and a map of the shoreline showing the boundaries for each designation. Environmental designations are based on the level and type of development present, the significance of shoreline resources in the area, the suitability of the area for development (e.g. Is it prone to erosion?), and whether or not it is located within a designated growth management area (an area where development is encouraged).

The type of environmental designation then dictates how much and what type of development and land use(s) are allowed, including what type of shoreline stabilization structures (if any) are allowed. For example, the statewide Shoreline Management Plan Guidance states that "natural" areas are relatively pristine stretches of shoreline with little shoreline modification or hardening. Some low-intensity, single-family residential development, agricultural and forestry activities using sustainable practices can be permitted. However, no structural shoreline stabilization or significant removal of riparian vegetation is allowed. "Rural conservancy" areas are slightly more developed than "natural" areas, however, new land uses should not substantially degrade the shoreline or its ecological function. Structural shoreline stabilization techniques are only allowed if there is a demonstrated need to protect existing development and "softer" stabilization approaches are not feasible.

Local governments use these state guidelines to develop more specific standards for shoreline development within their Shoreline Master Plans. For example, Bainbridge Island's 1996 Special Area Management Plan, which incorporates their shoreline plan, prohibits revetments and bulkheads in natural and aquatic conservancy areas. The Plan also stipulates that hardened shorelines are only permitted within the other designations after non-structural stabilization techniques are proven ineffective. In addition, for rural conservancy and shoreline residential areas, revetments and bulkheads are only allowed if another bulkhead exists within 100 feet of the proposed structure. If there are no existing bulkheads in the area, a new bulkhead is not permitted.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

cox bay 2012 ???

more rock wall stuff april 8 2010

The plot thickens.....according to sources in the Cox Bay area a village employee approved the building of the rock walls.....apparently they didn't check with other staff about development permits.....an excellent story is featured at the Westcoaster.ca site.
No one will dispute the quality of construction of these walls as the ones at Chesterman's Beach have been in place for many years......virtually all of Chesterman's Beach is now armoured.....at Cox Bay only the Pacific Rim Resort property and the section of Pacific Rim Park are not behind some kind of wall........the Pacific Rim Resort property is eroding badly in some parts.....these walls work so well to prevent erosion that the adjoining properties often become more vulnerable.......I've got a call in to the owner of Pacific Rim Resort and will have their comments as they become available.......
In February of 2003 The Department of Fisheries and Oceans asked the District of Tofino to arrange a meeting between BC Agriculture and Lands Branch,DFO and the District of Tofino to discuss the erosion at Chesterman's Beach and suggested that the District of Tofino should consult with a Coastal Engineer.......

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

more rock wall action !

this wall extends to the northwest from the
public access at 1431 Pacific Rim Highway

Cox Bay Rock Walls April 7 ,2010

Good afternoon.....DFO Tofino confirmed that they were informed about the rock walls at Cox Bay. They do not issue approval or permits......TheBC Agriculture and Lands branch requires permits if the rock walls extend on to the intertidal zone......at the time of writing they didn't know of any permits issued......
The District of Tofino requires a Development Permit if the work is taking place in a Development Permit Zone. The resorts on Cox Bay are in this zone.At the time of writing there were no Development Permits issued.........I hope this clarifies what is required in the way of permits........

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

cox bay rock wall pic

Cox Bay Rock Walls April6,2010

Sad to see new rock walls going up at Cox Bay.....what was one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast is rapidly becoming one of the ugliest.....while many communities are moving towards innovative forms of erosion control , three of the resorts on Cox Bay are utilizing techniques right out of the Stone Age !!! Please check www.greenshores.ca for modern erosion control methods......Greenshores had made a presentation to Tofino District a couple of years ago...too bad these resorts didn't pay attention to the recommendations.......
Many surfers and beachcombers have noticed the changes to the beachscape at Cox Bay......perhaps it is just coincidence that this has happened at the same time as the rock walls have gone up. Extensive erosion has been noted at the Pacific Rim Resort property which along with Parks Canada are the only natural shorelines remaining in Cox Bay.....

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Higher sewer rates coming!!!!


Westerly News reports that Bob Long says to expect higher sewer bills in the future !!! Unfortunately, I don't think this is a cruel April Fool's Day joke.....While towns across Canada have received grants for sewer and water under the Infrastructure Stimulus program and towns across BC have used the Towns for Tomorrow grants for infrastructure upgrades we are being told to expect higher sewer bills. It should be noted that Tofino is using the Towns for Tomorrow grant to beautify the North Chesterman's Beach parking lot.....the plan will actually reduce the number of parking spots.........
It's too bad that the District of Tofino didn't secure some grant financing BEFORE entering into agreements to accept sewage from Esowista and Pacific Rim Park......