Monday, October 24, 2011

Dorothy Baert -Candidate's Platform

I am passionate about Tofino and Clayoquot Sound, the environment and those who strive to safeguard it. I’ve been a resident and business owner for twenty five years, enjoying active community participation including the creation and sponsorship of a number of cultural events. I am a big believer in public process on all important community matters and appreciate the diversity that enriches our town dialogue. I am a proud grandparent and the experience of seeing the world anew from the eyes of children is a wonderful and enlightening gift. It also keeps you aware of the state of the playground and early child care needs.


Tofino residents share a strong interest in the well being of our community. I will uphold civility, transparency and accountability in my role as Councillor by continuing to advocate for every avenue of open communication including having alternating day and evening Council meetings; a 15 minute comments/ question period at the start of a meeting so the public can speak to matters on the agenda before decisions are made; all information, including FOI releases posted in an easily accessible form on the District website so everyone has the same information; continuing to adhere to strict criteria for In-Camera meetings and for full and timely disclosure.

Infrastructure is a high priority. I propose re-establishing the Water Advisory Board, review of the existing sewage treatment plan and any options that bring our costs in line with our ability to pay. I support water and sewer infrastructure upgrades and will renew the discussion on how to finance them starting with a review of the current water levy policy and water fee structure.

I commit to again keeping taxes to a ‘cost of living increase’ level and spending RMI money on projects that have been prioritized by the community. I also support the creation of an Arts, Culture and Heritage Master Plan; the maintenance and repair of District buildings; the completion of a Parking plan as part of Downtown Vitalization, review of the OCP, the seeking of Economic Development opportunities through improved relationships with the local business community and outreach to regional and provincial government bodies. Attainable housing for seniors and families without cost to taxpayers can be achieved as there are creative solutions when the political will is there.

I support public postings for all District Jobs and the creation of an Citizen Oversight Committee that would make recommendations on appropriate remuneration for Mayor and Council, timely and proper Performance Evaluation of the CAO and Exit interviews for outgoing senior staff. I will encourage the Mayor to have regular open door times for all residents including District staff. I will also encourage the Mayor to publicly acknowledge the achievements of all levels of staff and community volunteers.

As we near Treaty settlement I will advocate for regular and meaningful dialogue with Tlaoquiaht and other First Nation Councils to ensure that we continue to enjoy a respectful relationship while doing the hard work of creating mutually acceptable service and other agreements.

If you choose to return me to Council, I promise to listen to your comments, queries and to do what I can to address your concerns.

Dorothy Baert

250 726 5565 cell

250 725 4222 wk

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