Friday, October 28, 2011

Editorial by Ken Gibson

Why are we running the new Ahmaksis water treatment plant in October at perhaps-Four times the
cost of pure /clear / Sharp creek water,Is it because -we "blew " a 'million & half dollars '
on this chemical digester ? we feel it necessary to use it ? For what ? .It will take along time for Tofino to pay for it at Tilitzky's contribution -Any way the "Levy " has fetched over 3 million .. So lets mark it down to a BAD period in Tofino History .
The crowd was as large at the candidate's meeting as when we told "the engineers " .,There is No water under Tofino Airport .. Oh yes that was after we built a Million gallon tank 6ft too high
at the six mile at about 3 million dollars for development further East ? May-be
its time for the "incumbents " to Bow out .. Ken Gibson

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