Sunday, October 2, 2011

MUP and Driveway Safety

I was speaking with a blog reader this afternoon and they were wondering why Tofino has allowed the bush to grow between the Mup and the highway. In Ucluelet the bush between their multi-use path is neatly trimmed,allowing motorists and path users to see each other. This is important when cars are entering or exiting driveways while someone is on the path.
The other safety issue is how the bush has grown by the shoulder of the highway. Brown Rice Corner (Red Crow),the corner by Hellesen Drive and the corner by Maltby Road have grown to the point where the view of the highway is obstructed.....whether it is the designated responsibility of the District of Tofino or the Dept. of Highways,it should be dealt with....I believe Ucluelet looks after the path all the way to the junction.
With a cutting attachment on the backhoe it wouldn't take long to fix the problem......Don't need to hire consultants to advise on it....just do it....

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