Saturday, October 22, 2011

Remember before you vote !!

Before you vote in the upcoming election take the time to remember the grief that some incumbents gave Tacofino and the HotDog Stand .Both were operating on commercially zoned property and provided adequate parking and washroom facilities. Baert,Tilitzky and Ashton all voted against the bylaw which would have given these two businesses some stability.Thanks to Gord Johns for supporting free enterprise !! Both businesses were forced to pay an exorbitant $1350.00 in temporary use fees.The average retail store pays only $150.00 for a business licence and a restaurant without a liquor permit is charged $100.00.A fish processing plant is charged $350.00... Meanwhile an illegal campsite within walking distance of Tacofino continued to operate without any pressure from Council to conform to District of Tofino bylaws...just as it has for decades !!..the message is that if Council dislikes you or your business you are screwed.Please don't vote for any incumbents !

March 22,2011 Tofino Council Meeting

4. Adoption of District of Tofino Zoning Map Amendment Bylaw No. 1135, 2011 (Mobile Food Units)
Councillor Baert stated that she has problems with this bylaw, as it is heavily tied to only 5 properties, and as mobile food units need to be more global. She stated that there is no indicator of economic health, and that she is concerned that in trying to help these two businesses that everyone wishes to have in the community; Council is not making good policy decisions.
Councillor Johns stated that he sees no reason not to support this bylaw, and that the properties will eventually be developed and uses will change regardless.
Councillor Tilitzky stated that he will be voting against this bylaw because it is confused between zoning and vendors, and that this bylaw is creating poor policy in trying to help vendors. He stated that mobile vending should be done in public spaces.
Councillor Baert expressed concerns about the lack of regulation that currently exists to control mobile vending units.
Councillor Ashton stated that mobile vending should be on public property, and that he cannot support the bylaw.

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