Saturday, October 8, 2011

SD70 response to Tofino School Use

Yesterday I spoke to Jerry Linning,Secretary Treasurer for School District 70 about the use of Wickanninish school facilities. He stressed that they are not negotiating a "joint-use agreement" but a "rental" agreement.
While Ucluelet is not required to have supervisors for school use, the District of Tofino had offered to provide supervisors.
Other communities don't have to pay for upgrading their gym floors as they are not playing floor hockey at the schools.
When asked about the perceived inequities between Tofino and other areas he said that "every community is different"
Mr. Linning noted that there is very little monetary difference between the agreement currently being considered and what had been offered previously.
This will be discussed at a SD70 meeting in Port Alberni on Tuesday.

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