Thursday, October 6, 2011

Garth Cameron editorial

With all the secrecy around the school gym and it's use along with no one talking about anything it's easy to see why the general public starts to go with rumours and hear say, myself included. We may not be interested in hearing all the little details surrounding this deal, but what we do want is our kids out of the rain and using the gym. from the westerly news article it appeared to be resolved then off to council it went and now here we are. Can the Mayor or council give a little light as to why?, in order to ease the minds of the voting public. There are costs to running the school and its up keep no one will deny that fact, and if it costs the district to use the facility then we need to step up and pay our share. again according to the news article Mr. Smith and the Rec. dept. were confident and satisfied. Why are Council still sitting on this? I feel that sometimes city hall is a black hole into which my money goes (taxes/fees) but no real communication comes out. I'm running for a council position this fall and if I'm successful and become an elected official of the district of Tofino I will share, be open and transparent as possible to alleviate fears and rumours that are based on the lack of information released from the District Office. and once again I invite you to e-mail me directly, I want to hear from you whether it's positive or negative. I feel that Council is just a branch of the community. not a mentality of us against them.
Garth Cameron

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