Thursday, October 27, 2011

Baert clarifies pay parking position

Glad to see so many at the meeting and many really good candidates.
On pay parking-Because I feel so strongly that there should not be pay
parking in downtown Tofino or at the beach accesses, and because I
fought it at every stage, including organizing a meeting of forty
downtown business owners and residents to protest when pay parking was
being proposed for downtown, I feel that I must correct your report.
As there will be a new parking plan, and for this I would encourage
lots of public input and participaton, there may be nodes of pay
parking, as there are in the gravel lot presently, that address long
term parking needs. I could support this as I don't think Tofino
residents should pay for off shore parking lots and because it is the
duty of a member of Council to keep an open mind on issues.
I also don't think the present system of penalizing small businesses
by charging for unowned parking works either. I think there is a
fairer, affordable and more equitable way to do this.
For safety reasons, I question the promotion of having RV's parked
around the Village Green, where children are playing and I think the
paved parking lot by the Distrcit office should be free for time
limited parking - that is, not long term. I hope this clairfies.
While I am at it, I'll also clarify my position on the mobile vendors.
The bylaw that was put forward was in my view, not a good solution. I
am committed to finding a resolution to this issue and I did make
every effort to see that not only did they get their temporary use
permit renewal but I tried to get them the maximum term, three years.
Council has recently adopted a policy that reduces the fees for a TUP
renewal. I support small business and diversity and have worked to
create a business friendly environment so that young entrepeneurs have
opportunites to contribute to the economic fabric of our community.
Dorothy Baert

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