Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gas Tax Sewer Grant and Community Recreation Program Grant

NEW FOR THIS YEAR Applications considered under both GSPF and IF programs For this application round, all submissions from outside GVRD will be considered under both GSPF and IF programs. Applicants are no longer required to specify which program they are applying under. Online Application Submission This year, UBCM has moved to an online application submission system. Please see the UBCM website for further information on how to submit your completed application form. Resubmission of Projects from the 2010-2011 Intake Applicants may resubmit projects that were considered in the last intake of the GSPF/IF program (2010-2011). In order to do so, you must submit a new application, however, you only need to complete those sections of the application where project details have changed. Applicants resubmitting projects are still required to complete the signature page and supply a Council/Board Resolution. INTRODUCTION About the General Strategic Priorities Fund (GSPF) and Innovations Fund (IF) The GSPF and IF are two application based funding programs under the Canada–British Columbia–UBCM Agreement on the Transfer of Federal Gas Tax Revenues (GTA). The GTA delivers federal funding to local governments and other eligible recipients to invest in eligible capacity building/integrated community sustainability planning projects and public transit, local roads, bridges, tunnels, active transportation, community energy, water, wastewater and solid waste infrastructure projects that contribute to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, cleaner water or cleaner air. The GSPF is available to all local governments outside of the Greater Vancouver Regional District. The IF is available to all local governments in British Columbia. Invitations to submit applications under both the GSPF and IF occurred in both 2007 and 2008 in relation to Gas Tax funding to be received from the Government of Canada by 2010, and this funding has now been fully committed. GSPF and IF Capital Projects Program Guide (Updated February 2012) Page 2 of 9 The Gas Tax Agreement was amended in 2008 to provide funding for fiscal years 2010-11 through to 2013-14. Total funding delivered to BC communities during the 2010-11 to 2013-14 is expected to be just over $1 billion, and of this, about $50 million is allocated to the IF and $107 million is allocated to GSPF. This is the second intake of applications invited under both the GSPF and IF programs for the Gas Tax extension period. Available funding for this round of applications for capital projects is $33 million for GSPF and $15.5 million for IF. ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS, APPLICATION LIMITS AND DEADLINES Application deadline: Applications must be received by May 31, 2012. Applicable Law Recipients are responsible for ensuring that all projects are implemented in accordance with all laws applicable in British Columbia and for ensuring that any required permits, licenses, or approvals are obtained. Let's hope that the District of Tofino completes the Stage 3 Liquid Waste Management Plan and gets a well written grant application in on time !! While on the subject of grants, I'm happy to report that Tofino was successful in getting a grant to connect the Multi-Use Path to the Lighthouse Trail. details at

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