Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blog under attack !

There are those who would like to silence the blog....there are those who seek to get the I.P. addresses of those who comment on the blog...please be aware that under certain conditions that the courts could force to reveal these I.P. addresses.Tofinonews itself does not have any information that would reveal the identity of a commenter. Because of the paranoia at City Hall it is advised that you make your comments from a public computer if you do not want to be identified. Personally, I think that the District of Tofino should be more concerned with sewer,water,infrastructure and the general well being of the town rather than going on a witch hunt against the blog and its commenters.At no time have I ever been asked by the District of Tofino or its employees to review or delete posts or comments made on the blog. Thanks,Ralph

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