Saturday, September 19, 2015

Poll shows Trudeau trailing in his own riding

The NDP have taken a page from Harper's playbook by releasing a questionable poll just before the Globe and Mail debate .

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A dubious poll purporting to show Justin Trudeau trailing in his own Montreal riding has set off alarm bells in an industry already struggling to regain credibility after some spectacular failures to gauge election outcomes.

The poll of voters in Papineau, conducted by CROP and commissioned by the NDP, suggested the Liberal leader was running 11 points behind New Democrat Anne Lagace Dowson.

It was strategically leaked to some media outlets Thursday a few hours before Trudeau was to face off against NDP Leader Tom Mulcair and Conservative Leader Stephen Harper in a crucial debate on the economy – an event with the potential to determine the outcome of the Oct. 19 federal election.

The immediate objective was clear: to rattle the Liberal leader and put him off his game.

But it also had a longer range goal: to break the three-way logjam in voting intentions by persuading Canadians not to waste their votes on a party whose leader can’t even win his own seat.