Tuesday, September 29, 2015

On Strategic Voting



Anonymous said...

Gord Johns vs John Duncan . Clown vs Puppet. For real change vote with your heart . Vote Green

Anonymous said...

You go girl

Anonymous said...

Nasty choice....... Re-elect Stephen Harper or vote for Gord Johns. Gord cannot possibly be worse than Harper. Harper's government has been proven on numerous occasions to be involved in criminal acts, they've been overruled by the Supreme Court many times, they've made Canada a pariah on the world stage, they've involved us in foreign aggressive wars, they've crippled our ecological policies and oversights, they've cheated and schemed and skirted the rules, they've shut dowm parliament when it looked like they might be ousted from power, they've lied to the people of Canada so many times that we've all simply come to expect it. They've given over the rights of Canadian citizens to the US Dept of Homeland Security. They've ignored and abused our veterans and they've treated our aboriginal people like dogs. Gord Johns, and the NDP party, on the other hand, haven't committed any of these sins. They may, but they may not. The only way we'll ever know is to elect them and give them a chance. We must not re-elect this Conservative Government. I'm not thrilled at the prospect of Gord Johns representing me in Ottawa, but I'm appalled and terrified at the thought of another four years of Stephen Harper. A Liberal is simply a Conservative with a red tie. Same old same old we've seen for the past 150 years. My only option, as I see it, is to defeat Stephen Harper and the Conservatives, by voting NDP.

Anonymous said...

Vote for Green in this riding is a vote for Harper

This is arithmetic, not politics

Ralph Tieleman said...

With the promise to run balanced budgets regardless of the economy it would appear that the NDP have moved to the right of the Liberals.

Anonymous said...

I am with 1:02 on the nasty choice faced here but I, and I think many others here in Tofino will also believe Gord would be the far worse choice than John Duncan.
Gord shafted this area with his pretending to be a citizen and NOT the PAID lobbiest he really was during public meetings about the recreation center. Oh and the list of his faults we know about out here could go on and on.
Thanks but no thanks to sending someone like him to Ottawa with a fat cheque attached to doing so.
Anyone with those sorts of ethics should not be running.
Oh and by the way I've always voted anything but Conservative before but not this time. The chance that Gord could possibly go to Ottawa makes the decision to vote for Duncan the only choice to make. Yuck.
But it is better than Gord Johns being elected.
Better the devils in Ottawa we know than a Gord Johns that we really know should not be going.