Sunday, September 27, 2015

Latest Poll From Nanos Research -Sept 27

  • National Ballot – The latest Nanos tracking has the Liberals at 32.5%, the Conservatives at 31.5%, the NDP at 27.6%, and the Greens at 3.7% nationally. This is the lowest level of support registered by the NDP since the nightly tracking started.
  • French Debate Fallout - Although still in the lead in Quebec, support for the NDP has cycled downward for the past three nights and their advantage in Quebec has diminished. Both the BQ and Conservatives have gained in Quebec in the Nanos tracking in the past three nights, while support for the Liberals was unchanged following the debate. In the Quebec support for the parties stands at 35.7% for the NDP, 27.9% for the Liberals, 18.2% for the Conservatives, 16.4% for the BQ and 1.8% for the Greens. 

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