Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Conservative Candidates Interview Story



Anonymous said...

Conservatives do not like facing the media......too many questions that they don't have suitable answers for..... economy (true answers), senate scandals, loss of jobs, climate change, corruption in the PMO, ties to big business and the rich, gagging of scientists, terrible record regarding the environment, treatment of veterns and indigenous people, dismal handling of Canada's image abroad...... So many things that Harper and his candidates don't want to talk about. Instead, the Conservatives continue to spill out previously created diatribe about the dangers of terrorism (which doesn't exist) and their "wonderful" handling of the economy (as if endless repeating will eventually make this lie a truth). STOP HARPER!

Anonymous said...

8:44 maybe the indigenous people should be accountable for the millions and millions of missing funds. feel sorry for them...pffft.