Friday, September 18, 2015

Too Much Information ?

Some reader's have suggested that the comments section is focusing on the candidate's past history and behaviour as opposed to the issues and platforms.
This may be valid criticism but I have not published a multitude of comments .
Not from fear of legal action but because I didn't think they needed to be public.
In this election we have seen an increased level of scrutiny by social media.
Rosemary Barton from CBC on this subject:
" I think you have to be accountable for your own words and actions. When you decide to put your name out there, you have to take responsibility for things you said in the past, and how they match with what you're saying now. Has it gone a little overboard? Maybe."

  For what it is worth I haven't really had any comments at all on the Green and Liberal candidates.Only the contenders get any attention .
  Be sure to vote .


Mike D said...

When some people don't like what they read on a social media site, they choose to blame the site (or the person who hosts it), rather than realize that what they're reading is actually the statements of a third party, totally unconnected to the site. The Tofini Rant and Rave site was closed down, because the moderator was personally attacked when certain people did not like comments posted there by such a third party. Not much you can do about it, Ralph, there'll always be stupid people who would rather pick a fight than stop and think before they start bitchin'. It's your blog, I think you run it as fair as you can be expected to, keep on doing it the way you choose to. (No one is forced to come here and read it)

Anonymous said...

Shoot the messenger !

Bill 101 said...

Tact is an increasingly rare trait.

Doing something dumb a few times in the past? Not so rare

Anonymous said...

Gord Johns needs to step up, show some backbone, and respond to some of these accusations and criticisms. He's thrown his hat into the ring, he should at least tell the voters who they're voting for. I want to vote NDP, I want to see Harper defeated, but Mr. Johns isn't giving me any reasons why I should throw my vote his way. At the outset of the campaign, I was totally sure that I'd be voting NDP. Today, not so sure. Not responding to these attacks that are being thrown at him, not defending himself, not pointing out the lies and half-truths, not telling his own side of the story---well, it seems like an admission of guilt. HEY, GORD JOHNS!! WHO ARE YOU??

Anonymous said...

The federal campaign is much like a prolonged job interview.If you were hiring one of the candidates to work for you ,would the way they conduct themselves outside of work influence your hiring decision ? Not race,creed,color or sexuality but do they conduct themselves with dignity and honour ?

Anonymous said...

7:08 you must be a Conbot

Anonymous said...

Dignity and honour .You have hit the nail on the head .

Anonymous said...

7:20PM.... WHY would you say that? I clearly stated that I want to see Harper defeated. You sound like just another moron who has nothing of merit to add to the conversation, so you'll settle for an attack on someone.....anyone, or an opportunity to call somebody a name. Just looking for a chance to shoot your mouth off.

Anonymous said...

Traditional NDP supporters worry that policies dear to them have been pulled from the party’s website: Mr. Mulcair is now firmly on the side of balanced budgets – even when faced with high unemployment numbers. On this issue, he is close to the bluest of Tories. Then again, he trumpets the cause of the middle class over the wealthy, which puts him close to the red Liberals.

On the environment, he is on the side of the Greens, though he doesn’t oppose the oil sands project entirely. On national unity, he’s a blue sovereigntist, sticking to his formula of 50 per cent + 1 in any future referendum in Quebec.

We can learn how all this happened from his past political moves. He initially ran for the Liberal Party of Quebec, under premier Jean Charest, who was a Progressive Conservative federally. When Mr. Charest lost to the PQ, Mr. Mulcair talked to the Conservatives, under Stephen Harper, about becoming an adviser on the environment file.

That didn’t work out; he ran federally for the NDP in Quebec under the leadership of Jack Layton. And so he was part of the Orange Crush in the last election.