Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cons Leading In Latest Polls

With all parties offering everything but free beer in their campaign promises are people starting to stick with the evil they know ?? Perhaps tonight's french language debate will have some defining results.


Anonymous said...

Following Mr. Mulcair's defeat of Mr. Harper in tonight's French Language debate it now appears that a majority win for the NDP is pretty much a sure thing. Once again, we witnessed Stephen Harper avoid the issues, fail to address crucial matters facing the country, repeat the same old lies he's repeated a hundred times before, and instead, attempt to distract and mislead us with the idea that face covering of women is a crucial election issue. Sure Steve, you're deeply concerned about appearances at citizenship ceremonies, and the terrorists are at our doorsteps. Don't waste your vote. Vote NDP.

Anonymous said...

8:12. Read the polls again. Spin it anyway you want, but the polls continue to show increasing Conservative support. Even in Quebec. Trying to beat up on Harper is maybe not enough. The Libs and Ndp will live or die on their policy proposals and the public perception of same, as will the Cons. There was a reason for calling a prolonged campaign. After everyone runs out of hate, and mud to sling, people still have to make up their minds on who they want to lead the country.

Many of these issues play out at a symbolic or subliminal level as to how people are feeling about the country and the future. As Yogi says "the future ain't what it used to be", but you have to recognize that means different things to different people. I find it troubling and sad that some people who are most strongly in support of "inclusiveness" are prepared to vehemently write off perhaps 30%, now maybe 35% of the Canadian public as some kind of "phobe" or "ist". The most dangerous enemy is the one you keep to the outside. You can never understand them that way. This might come back to bite you in the ass.... But all is not lost. The island vote, if there is a trend, may cut against the grain Gordo may still get his golden handshake and ride off into the sunset for life. The irony of it all.

Anonymous said...

Well hearing Trudeau take on Mulcair over the position the NDP has on water exports will have sealed the fate of the election for many.
Everyone knows that with Nafta once that tap is opened it cannot be shut off. To even contemplate a discussion on the subject is to betray Canadians. Better to stick with the devil we hate than the political snake (and all politicians are snakes) that we don't know Especially one with an NDP party leader that likes the idea of even discussing water exports.
This is the same issue we face here in BC with the bottled water industry getting the water for pennies but if they are charged real world numbers then that opens the door to selling water in other ways.