Thursday, September 3, 2015

More Election Projections Sept . 3 2015

If the election happened today, there is a ...

  • 41%chance that the Conservatives get the most seats
  • 53%chance that the NDP gets the most seats
  • 8%chance that the Liberals gets the most seats
  • 25%chance that the Green party gets more than one seat
  • 96%chance that the Liberals and NDP have a majority together
  • 16%chance that the Bloc regains official party status (more than 12 seats)


Anonymous said...

After the Harper government's handling of the Syrian refugee crisis I will vote for whoever is best able to defeat John Duncan

Anonymous said...

The Harper Government is a part of the cause of the Syrian refugee crisis, not ANY part of the "handling" of it. If Harper had been Prime Minister in 1969, we'd have a population of Canadian veterns of the VietNam war. Harper is a foreign affairs fool.

Anonymous said...

If you vote anything other than Harper, ISIS will get a group hug.

Ralph Tieleman said...

If you vote anything other than Harper , Canadian Coast Guard in Ucluelet and Kits will get a group hug.