Sunday, December 12, 2010

Esowista Update December 12,2010

From the Tla-o-qui-aht Newsletter of May,2009 " Funding for the entire Esowista Expansion infrastructure is now considered as part of Canada’s Economic Action Plan announced by the Prime Minister in January of this year (with the exception of the forcemain under current construction). That includes water, sewer, roads, hydro, lighting, phone lines and likely a geothermal heating system. And a stipulation of Economic Action Plan funding is that the entire job has to be done by March 2011 "
Here in Tofino we are used to screw ups under this Mayor's reign....Pay Parking,Traffic Circles,Water shortages,Olympic parties,more water shortages,non-existent affordable housing,failed sewer grant applications but now we have involved our neighbors in our madness.....The people of Esowista signed an agreement with us to work cooperatively on a liquid waste management plan and it appears that we have been more than slow to make good on our end of the bargain...We have had time for two weeks of O-Zone parties at the Olympics , council get-aways at Whistler,photo ops with the electric truck....we've banned plastic bags and franchises and spent time looking into a village campground and we've announced grants for the arts and we've banned idling vehicles but we seem to have forgotten that our neighbors are depending on us to help with their sewer make matters worse we have already accepted a rather large sum of money to finance the project....Let's hope that the Mayor rolls up his sleeves and gets to work to see this project completed on time !!

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