Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Whistler,Qualicum or Bedrock City ?

While the first phase of the Campbell St upgrade looks similar to the style of Whistler or Qualicum the second phase is looking like Bedrock City from the Flintstones.Pesky trees are being replaced by low maintenance boulders.Now there is no need to go to the beach to witness the majesty of the rock walls.

Tofino, BC. Following assessments by two separate arborists, the District of Tofino has made the difficult decision to remove the Western Red Cedar tree at the corner of Campbell Street and Second Street.

The tree has been repeatedly “topped” over the course of many years in order to meet required clearances from the overhead telephone and hydro service lines. This has seriously impacted the tree’s canopy and will only continue to harm the tree.

According to consulting arborist Don Bottrell of Dogwood Tree Services (who worked previously in Tofino on the Eik Street Tree project and who donated his time to professionally assess the Campbell Street tree), the tree trunk “outwardly expresses defects associated with advanced decay” making the tree a risk in this high use area.

Root intrusion, evident by the visible cracking of the road and sidewalk surfaces, is extensive and will continue to become more so as time goes on. While the District of Tofino was willing to consider all reasonable measures to allow the tree to remain in place, these factors make this particular tree a poor candidate for the investment of time and money into keeping it.

The District will endeavor to safeguard any usable wood from the tree for future downtown amenities (such as benches).

Two Douglas Fir trees at the edge of the Village Green will also be removed. Their close proximity to the road and sidewalk excavation means that the loss of mechanical support roots will destabilize them to a level which poses a serious risk both to current work crews and to the public. New native tree species will be planted to replace them in an appropriate nearby location following the end of the project. The District of Tofino intends to follow a best practice already in place in many municipalities of replanting two trees for every tree removed.

The trees will be removed the afternoon of Tuesday, April 15th.

The District asks for the community’s understanding and patience through the continued project work and will keep the community and local businesses updated on the planned work schedule via the District’s website (www.tofino.ca), Facebook page (search “District of Tofino”), and the District’s e-mail list.

For more detailed information regarding the work planned, please visit http://visiontofinoupdate.ca/campbell/.

To be added to the District e-mail list, please e-mail office@tofino.ca.

Media Contact
April Froment
Manager of Resort Municipality Initiative Services
District of Tofino
(T) 250 725 3229 ext 23


Anonymous said...

I like rocks . Trees get sap on my car

Anonymous said...

I like the "landscaping stones" also...... low maintenance, low cost, practical, and impervious to vandalism.
As for the stupid tree...... good riddance, dammed nuisance!! Besides, it'll help keep the district sawmill in operation, another great benefit.

Anonymous said...

Will the telephone/hydro lines go underground or are they part of that eclectic West Coast feeling ?

Anonymous said...

Yabba Dabba Doo... Looks like another Award winning project!