Friday, April 4, 2014

District of Tofino and the Harold Monks Property

Harold Monks bequeathed his home and property at Grice Point (also known as Na-chaks, or as Monks Point) in 2008 to The Land Conservancy with the dream that Monks Point Park would be created for future generations to enjoy. 

Unfortunately, in October 2013 The Land Conservancy filed for CCAA protection (Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act) to resolve their long-standing financial problems. Therefore, there is some question about the future of this property.

The Mayor and Council of the District of Tofino and the Tofino-Clayoquot Heritage Society seek feedback from members of the Tofino and surrounding communities regarding the future of this property. The deadline for this survey is April 13, 2014

My concern with the District of Tofino getting involved with the Monks property is that it will be neglected like the firehall . The District has shown over the past few years that it is incapable of performing the most basic of maintenance tasks.The railing around the deck at the firehall was removed several years ago and never replaced.It had some red trim paint a couple of years ago but has generally been left to decay.Let's leave the Monks property to a responsible non-profit or even a private owner that will look after it.


Anonymous said...

The municipal hall is in in poor repair also

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a solution involving the "best of both worlds"? Maybe the District could come up with the financial aspect, and then create a new non-profit to oversee the running and maintenance of the property. This would keep the unionized municipal employees and management at arms length, so things could be done affordably and in a responsible manner.
We don't need someone being paid $80,000 per year to "manage" a house and cottage, and we don't need a guy being paid $40.00 per hour to mow the lawn and paint the fence.
Perhaps this is an instance where "contracting out" for services might be a sensible solution? Otherwise, we'd probably only be putting the district in the same position where the Land Conservancy currently finds itself.......broke, and expenses exceeding income.

Anonymous said...

How could we even consider this sad sack of counsellors even contemplate Monks Hill... Sadly we have a Mayor who refuses to pay taxes for her garden property and counsel members wanting to get paid if they are there or not.

My friends, We have bigger problems then the paint on the fire hall

Ralph Tieleman said...

The firehall is the tip of the iceberg I'm afraid.....