Friday, February 28, 2014

Tofino Council Agenda for March 4,2014 at 10:00 am

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Council Chamber, Municipal Office
March 4, 2014 at 10:00 AM





Minutes of the Regular Council Meeting held February 11, 2014
THAT the minutes of the regular Council meeting held February 11, 2014 be adopted. 

Minutes of the Special Council Meeting held February 14, 2014
THAT the minutes of the special Council meeting held February 14, 2014 be adopted.




Tofino Public Art Acquisition Process - Menno van Barneveld

Tofino Clayoquot Heritage Society - Maureen Fraser, Dorothy Arnet, Dave Griffiths, Joe Martin, Barry Campbell, Steve Bernard, Shanen Porter

2013 Annual Review and 2014 Strategic Plan and Budget Presentation - Kirsten Soder, General Manager, Tourism Tofino


Correspondence from Karla Louwers, BC Hydro regarding Long Beach Area Reinforcement Project

Correspondence from Director Rhona Martin, President Union of BC Municipalities regarding 2013 Resolutions

Correspondence from George Patterson, Tofino Botanical Gardens Foundation regarding Weeping Cedar Woman

Correspondence from Moses Martin, Chief Councillor Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations regarding Weeping Cedar Woman

# - # 

Correspondence from Mark Penney, President Board of Pacific Rim Arts Society regarding Weeping Cedar Woman

# - # 

Correspondence from Maureen Fraser, President Tofino Arts Council regarding Weeping Cedar Woman

Correspondence from Norma Dryden, Carving on the Edge Festival Society and 2014 Carving on the Edge Festival regarding Weeping Cedar Woman


Correspondence from Claude Gravelle, MP regarding National Dementia Strategy: Municipal Resolution and C-356

Correspondence from Barry Pages, Chair Skeena-Queen Charlotte Regional District regarding BC Ferries Service Cuts

Correspondence from Jennifer Steven, CEO Eagle Aerie Gallery regarding the tree located at 350 Campbell Street

Correspondence from Kevin Midgley regarding Japanese Knotweed and Scotch Broom



Endorsing the West Coast Aquatic Marine Planning Terms of Reference dated December 2013


Reserve Funds (Report from Financial Services)
THAT staff be authorized to establish, by bylaw, a reserve fund to be known as the Roads Infrastructure Reserve Fund for the purpose of funding road infrastructure projects;

AND THAT staff be authorized to establish, by bylaw, a reserve fund to be known as the Fire Department Capital Reserve Fund for the purpose of funding projects related to the repair, maintenance and upgrade of the District of Tofino Firehall and projects related to the purchase of equipment, land or improvements for the District of Tofino Fire Department.

Tofino Housing Corporation Inc. - Waiving of 2014 AGM, Auditor Appointment and 2013 Reporting Requirements (Report from Financial Services)
WHEREAS the District of Tofino is the sole shareholder of the Tofino Housing Corporation Inc. entitled to vote at an annual general meeting;

THEREFORE be it resolved:

THAT the District of Tofino consents to the unanimous shareholder resolutions set out in the consent form attached as Appendix “1” to the staff report “Tofino Housing Corporation – Waiving of the 2014 AGM, Auditor Appointment and 2013 Reporting Requirements” dated March 4, 2014;

AND THAT the Mayor and Corporate Officer be authorized to sign the consent form on behalf of the District of Tofino.

Naming of the Multi Use Path (MUP) Connector Trail (Report from Resort Municipality Initiative Services)
THAT Council select a formal name for the Multi Use Path (MUP) Connector Trail from the list provided in the staff report “Naming of the Multi Use Path (MUP) Connector Trail” dated March 4, 2014.

RMI Services Funding Allocations (Report from Resort Municipality Initiative Services)
THAT Council authorize staff to amend Tofino’s 2012-2016 Resort Development Strategy to reduce the Seasonal Shuttle funding allocation from 26% to 13% and increase Special Event and Festival funding from 32% to 45% of the annual Resort Services portion of Tofino’s Resort Municipality Initiative funding;

AND THAT the annual cost of the Seasonal Shuttle service not supported by the Resort Municipality Initiative program be funded through the Federal Gas Tax Agreement.

Construction Engineering Services - Campbell Street Phase 2 (Report from Resort Municipality Initiative Services)
THAT an exception to the District of Tofino “Municipal Purchasing Policy” be authorized to allow for single source procurement of construction engineering services for the Campbell Street Phase Two vitalization project.

Committee of the Whole
THAT the minutes of the Committee of the Whole meeting held February 12, 2014 be received.

THAT the staff report “Tofino Water Supply Low Flow Analysis” dated February 12, 2014 be received for information.

THAT the terms of reference for the West Coast Vancouver Island Marine Economic Development Committee, established by West Coast Aquatic be endorsed, in principle.

THAT staff be directed to amend section 3.5 of "District of Tofino Council Remuneration, Benefits and Expense Reimbursement Bylaw No. 1186, 2013" to permit greater than three absences from regular Council meetings and one absence from Committee of the Whole meetings, with the leave of Council.

THAT staff be directed to delete section 5.1 of "District of Tofino Council Remuneration, Benefits and Expense Reimbursement Bylaw No. 1186, 2013".

Audit Committee
THAT the minutes of the Audit Committee meeting held February 4, 2014 be received.
THAT $5,000 be allocated in the 2014 Budget to develop a participatory budgeting process for the Council Grant program.

Tofino Recreation Commission
THAT the minutes of the Tofino Recreation Commission meeting held February 19, 2014 be received.

# - # 

Tofino Housing Corporation
THAT the minutes of the Tofino Housing Corporation meeting held February 19, 2014 be received. 



Notice of Motion from the Mayor:
THAT staff work with the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust to develop a Letter of Intent for Council's consideration regarding implementation of the Tofino Tla-o-qui-aht Higher Learning Initiative.

Notice of Motion from Councillor Thicke:
WHEREAS community feedback regarding the acquisition of Weeping Cedar Woman by the District of Tofino demonstrates the need for a clear framework for community-based decision making for the integration of artwork into public spaces, and

WHEREAS the Tofino Arts and Culture Master Plan, adopted in December 2013, recommends the development of a public art policy,

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the District of Tofino staff be authorized to develop a Public Art Policy for Council’s consideration, and

THAT up to $5,000 from the 2014 Arts and Culture Grant budget be used to engage the services of a consultant to work with staff and local arts organizations to draft this policy.


THAT the meeting be closed to the public pursuant to Sections 90(1)(a)(c)(g) & (j) of the Community Charter to discuss matters relating to:
         employee relations
         litigation or potential litigation affecting the municipality
         information that is prohibited from disclosure under section 21 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act




Anonymous said...

Looks like there's lots of support for the return of the "Weeping Cedar Woman". I don't have a problem with this.
But it seems awfully strange that this support arrives AFTER council has already voted to support the project. Shouldn't council listen to the community first, and then vote on motions pertaining to the project?
The cart is in front of the horse?

Anonymous said...

My God are we ever in trouble.
They are All so much in Support , but don't want to contribute a "Penny". Just use the money of the stupid tax payers.

George Patterson claims that stirring-up controversy is a good thing
He Commends the Mayor and Council for their "courage and vision" for supporting this project. He refers to Picasso's "Guernica" a Painting about the Horror of War, the Nazi and Spanish Fascist bombing of Civilians.

Best of All
a Letter from Jennifer Steven, Eagle Aerie Gallery.
"Cut Down a Tofino Heritage Tree on Campbell Street for the protection of ART" (with rmi funding?)
While in the Anchor park they want to put this Thing supposedly against cutting down trees ?? Just shake my head and crack one open, have good weekend Tofino.

Anonymous said...

Tofino Housing Corporation minutes...... meeting called to order at 8:33, dismissed at 8:35. During those two minutes, a lot of worthwhile business was attended to. Nice to see that bit of foolishness finally put to rest.

Anonymous said...

Hear Hear 8:59

Anonymous said...

A letter from PRAS, George, TFN, Tofino Arts Society....So, one would now expect that the vocal opponents of the return of the "Weeping Cedar Woman" would request to be delegations at the next TFN council meeting, and all of these society boards so they can present their conspiracy theories? Or, even better...a lawsuit to do an FOI to Facebook to see if anyone from these organizations deleted, shared, or liked any post related to return of the Weeping Cedar Woman before they voted..Maybe...we should be recording phone calls, taping people who may even be talking about..."Weepergate". Wow, this could be one of the biggest conspiracies to ever happen in our town history, right before our very own eyes. On every Tofitian's facebook pages, in cafe's, on street corners (even under the red flashing light)...whisper's of "Weepergate". I can see it now....the truth unfolding...Robert Redford in disguise as a tall, fake, crazy, angry hippie, hiding his true identity, determined to set the story straight on Weepergate (with his real dream of trying to bring down the tiny rectangular RV parking lot Mayor's Office under a cloud of Facebook conspiracy). Oh my....

Anonymous said...

You must have seen that "Angry Hippie" in the Parking lot from behind your desk. Keep consuming these Donuts and Koolaid...You are Ruining this Town!.. I'm glad someone has the balls to stand up instead of Weeping anonymous on this blog.
Oh my...

Anonymous said...

You are even Worse than your Predecessor, a Wolf in Sheep's clothes that exchanged his Skis for a Longboard.

Anonymous said...

Yes, All these support letters for the cedar woman congratulating our city Council for its dishonesty, chicanery, condescension and downright arrogance in tacitly approving the thing before a duly convened city Council meeting.
way to go! hypocrites!

Anonymous said...

I wonder who's drinking the koolaid, buddy who is taping himself at a council meeting, while showing clips of people's facebook, (also while doing commercials for his company in between sentences). Somebody sounds like they might be drinking something, and maybe they aren't eating jelly filled donuts, but some cookies that help feed a few conspiracy theories. Oh my...

Anonymous said...

Compromise idea: Couldn't someone just ask Rod if the WCW could be returned to Strawberry Island? Then everyone is a winner.

Anonymous said...

Council needed to "jump the gun" and pre-approve the statue before the scheduled meeting.....they had no choice.....because.....a convicted criminal arsonist wanted it done as quickly as possible.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like 1:32 did Not attend the Council Meeting.
Come on, Advertising his Company Haha haha... at a Council Meeting where nobody from the Public shows up!
Conspiracy theories. Oh my...

Anonymous said...

If I had tax free status I'd be all for spending the taxpayers money ! Must be nice

Anonymous said...

Here's a criminal conspiracy theory.
the manifesto for the biosphere project 2001 declared that the biosphere constituents(which happen to be at present 2 members of Council & at least 2 of the letter writers supporting the Cedar woman) would work secretly in conjunction with 1st Nations to take over local government.
I forget why.......oh....... so they could put whatever they felt like in downtown casino.

Anonymous said...

Come on people stay on track.
Why do we have to go over this over and over again! Here is the chronological order of events as being presented to "Weepergate":
1) The Facebook Files
2) The Tape Recording
3) The Whispers...
4) The Acid
Oh...the acid. Hmm, I wonder if the
acid was first.

Anonymous said...

What's with the request of the RMI services department asking council to hand over a blank cheque to McElhaney Engineering for engineering of the 3rd to 2nd St. upgrades instead of following District policy and putting it out to tender? Oh, I guess since it is RMI money financial prudence doesn't matter. As Dorothy puts it, it's not taxpayer money it's hotel tax money. The waste of money goes on! Since the MUP connector was also paid for with RMI money, and since they are looking for a name for it maybe it could be called the Money Tree Trail or it could be paved with gold bricks and called the Yellow Brick Road. Lottery Lane sounds good too, or even Windfall Walk...

Anonymous said...

For Arts Sake...
That tree was there 28 years ago
That tree was there a 100 Years ago
Please don't cut down that beautiful tree, its 1 of the few old trees left on Tofino's clear cut

Anonymous said...

About the tree.

She doesn't get it.

Paul Bunyan said...

Save the tree !!

Anonymous said...

Sure like to see some FOCS action
"Save the Ancient Tofino Heritage Tree on Campbell & 2nd"
Bring in the Tree Sitters !

Anonymous said...

Henry would never have let anyone cut down that tree. It was there long before Roy knew where Tofino was.

The Tree said...

Please cut me down and carve me into a Weeping Cedar Man so we can have equal gendre representation.This will save the environment.Please use vegetable oil in the chainsaw as I am a vegan tree.

Anonymous said...

Let's get back on track people!
Why do we have to go over this over and over again! Here is the updated chronological order of events in "Weepergate":
1) The Acid.
2) 2001: UNESCO Biosphere founder plans to arrange a marriage with someone that can infiltrate the District office to help build the Casino with First Nations.
3) Present day: The "deleted" Facebook Files.
4) The Tape Recording "at the council meeting".
5) The Whispers "under the flashing red light"...
6) The Acid "again"
7) The "higher learning centre scheme that was secretly designed to train "black jack dealers" is uncovered.
8) Future: On-line Higher Learning Gambling Ponzi Scheme takes over the Biosphere!
HS, how did we not see this coming? This makes Strange Brew look like a minor conspiracy now. "Weepergate" is really just a distraction.
9) More whispers...flashing red recordings...
Oh no, they are ruining this town!

Anonymous said...

Let's put the weeping woman Anchor's Park and bugger up the remaining view. Then let the tourists carve their names in it and decorate it with graffity. Splendid idea! Best of all the taxpayer foots the bill for this nonsense!