Friday, February 14, 2014

Fun Fair Today !!

 Wick School Fun Fair is today from 4 - 7. Cake walk, face painting, fortune teller, photo booth, fish pond, silent auction and fly on the wall with Mayor Osborne!


Anonymous said...

Hey.....that brought back nostalgic feelings, so I went to dig up my old Vinyl.
AC/DC "Fly on the Wall"... What a Great afternoon listening to these oldies!
Yeah, the 80s were awesome... Head-banging, drinking beer & Toking.... Not really a clue what the song was about then, but now I understand.
Here is a link to the rare uncut Music Video........ Rock on Tofino!

Anonymous said...

This AC/DC Music Video is from 1985 and nearly 30 years later Not much has changed with the PRESS.

Today... Government Officials are openly rubbing shoulders with the PRESS on Social Media.
They do this on their "Personal" and also "Government Position" Social Media pages with Reporters, News readers, Publishers and local Newspaper Editors.
Even when the Media misrepresents the words of the Public...
Government Officials then proceed to Shamelessly in the open "Thank the PRESS" on Social Media for their reporting on this Particular Issue.

Song Meaning: AC/DC "Fly on the Wall..."
The Press gets thrown out with the rest of the trash.
The MC is Decadent Dan!
The Menu is Burgers, Burgers, Burgers...
The BARTENDER puts in earplugs when the band starts playing....
He only listens to what the Newspaper says about the Band and totally misses the message that AC/DC is trying to get across.
Then he serves the wrong drinks to the Public as He doesn't Properly Listen.

*LYRICS: for AC/DC - Fly on the Wall...
You can dance through the night
Rock roll music itchin' to fight
Makin' love drunk or stoned
Lookin' for dollars get broken-boned
It's a game too tough to tame
Ends up the same, sweatin' out the rain
I was trapped like a FLY ON THE WALL
I was caged like a zoo animal
No escape from the fate that you make
You're a snake, I've had all I can take
So watch out, there's a FLY ON THE WALL
Take a chance take a bite
Rock roll devil take me tonight
Like a bitch makin' heat
Beatin' on my chest, lickin' at my feet
It's a game too tough to tame
Ending up the same, sweatin' out the rain
So watch out there's a FLY ON THE WALL

Please see the link below for more info on this song.

Anonymous said...

putin a link that works to this video

Anonymous said...

We all know that you cannot Criticize someone and then expect them to properly work with you. (Junction Visitor Info Centre)
Port Alberni is now working together with Tofino!!
They will add a "Tofino" section in their Alberni Visitor Info Centre.... Great News!

On February 8th the Mayor announces on Facebook that She invited the Port Alberni Port Authority (PAPA) to inform Council on the proposed Port Alberni Trans-shipment Hub (PATH) project in the Alberni Inlet.

I was 1 of the few people at this Council meeting (Feb.11) with the PAPA presentation.
I noticed right away the Executive Director of the Tofino Long Beach Chamber of Commerce.
I quickly checked my iPhone for the Mayors Facebook post and to my Relief it states "the public cannot ask questions of our delegates during a Council meeting".
That made me breathe easier....

PAPA gave a good informative presentation and it looks like this PATH Project will provide tons of jobs and stimulate our Vancouver Island Economy.
Unfortunately Baert felt the need to Voice her critical opinion about the transport of coal.
In my opinion.... The next time you invite our Neighbor over for a presentation...
Mayor and Council should get together after the Council meeting and discuss the possibilities of writing a letter with their concerns instead of immediately criticizing our Guest at the presentation.

Ralph Tieleman said...

A coal port or natural gas facility would provide a lot of jobs in Port Alberni.Be nice to limit the amount of raw logs shipped overseas.

Anonymous said...


I've been doing a lot of Head-Banging in the last few days, sure feel it in my neck.
Another great song from the classic "Fly on the Wall" Album... "Stand Up"

Song Meaning: AC/DC "Stand Up..."
The message about the Press does not change.... Out with the rest of the Trash!
The Public is starting to get the Band and are Rocking the Floor.
MC "Decadent Dan" is getting slapped in the face left and right.
The Bartender is still wearing his earplugs and only listens to the Newspapers opinion.
The FLY tries a bite of the BURGER being served, but it's to Hot to handle!
The PUBLIC makes great effort to look Sharp..... BUT now the WAITER, who is also Not paying attention, slaps a full tray of drinks into the chest of the Public !!
to top it of...the Bartender throws a wet dirty towel...
Ruining the Public's Appearance and Reputation.

*LYRICS: for AC/DC - "STAND UP" (Fly on the Wall)
Put on the headset, get on the stage
Out on a midnight ... escapade
Didn't want to steal your Thunder
Wouldn't want to play your game
Making all the headlines
Getting on the front page
Didn't even know her number
I didn't even know her name

Stand up, stand up and Take it
Stand up, stand up and Make it
Stand up, stand up and Face it
Stand up...

Get on the red dress, slip on the lace
Up for a high heel and a pretty face
Woman wanna get you under
Woman wanna get you tame
Lovin' on a hot night
Stokin' up the flame
Didn't wanna know her number
I didn't wanna know her name

Repeat chorus
(You can make it!)

Anonymous said...

July 9, 1946 ~ February 19, 1980

Playing pre-1980s AC/DC today to Commemorate Rock Legend "Bon Scott"
The original AC/DC Singer set the Rock'n'Roll standards High in the early 70s.
Bon Scott was rated as number 1 in the list of "100 Greatest Frontmen Of All Time" ahead of Freddie Mercury and Robert Plant in the 2004 issue of Classic Rock.
Mr. Scott.... For those about to Rock We Salute You!

In the beginning
Back in nineteen fifty-five
Man didn't know about a rock 'n' roll show
And all that jive
The white man had the smoltz
The black man had the blues
No one knew what they was gonna do
But Tchaikovsky had the news
He said -

Let there be sound
there was sound
Let there be light
there was light
Let there be drums
there was drums
Let there be guitar
there was guitar
Oh,Let there be rock

And it came to pass
That rock 'n' roll was born
All across the land every rockin' band
Was blowing up a storm
And the guitarman got famous
The businessman got rich
And in every bar there was a super star
With a seven year itch
There were fifteen million fingers
Learning how to play
And you could hear the fingers picking
And this is what they had to say
Let there be light
Let there be rock

One night in a club called 'The Shaking Hand'
There was a ninety-2 decibel rocking band
And the music was good and the music was loud
And the singer turned and he said to the crowd -

42min. Bon Scott Tribute:

TNT album 1975
The band made a video to promote the single and the album. This was filmed on February 23, 1976 when they rode through the center of Melbourne on an open topped truck accompanied by 3 members of the Rats of Tobruk Pipe Band.
*It's a Long Way to The Top. (if You Wanna Rock'n'Roll)