Sunday, February 23, 2014

30 Year Anniversary !!

It is ironic to note that as the environmentalists congratulate themselves on the thirty year anniversary of the anti-logging protests in Tofino that Tofino is also celebrating 30 years of dumping raw sewage into Clayoquot Sound.
Instead of spending $30,000 on the Weeping Cedar Woman perhaps the money could be better spent on sewage treatment.Perhaps the District of Tofino could issue tax receipts for this cause ??
While the Friends of Clayoquot Sound have a webpage devoted to the Weeping Cedar Woman ,nowhere on their site do they address the raw sewage issue.
 Rednecks,Hippies,Surfers,Anarchists it or not we have the common bond of being polluters.


Anonymous said...

Do you want to see your taxes go up ?

Anonymous said...

The Weeping Cedar Woman story of the January 21st Council Meeting was ONLINE ( in less than 3 days after the Meeting on January 24th. (and Front Page News in the Paper on January 29th.)

Why hasn't the Westerly News posted the story ONLINE? about the February 11th Weeper Council Meeting? It's the 23rd today.
They refer in the printed edition to "The most heated Delegation in recent memory" but place the story on page 3 and page 8 ?

Ralph Tieleman said...

I don't want taxes to go up.