Sunday, September 19, 2010

Guest editorial by Simon Watson

The Cold Water Classic is coming to our fair shores once again. Great! This huge multi-national multi billion dollar company offering upwards of $145,000.00 in prize money. WOW!! Yet they along with tourism Tofino are asking for volunteers to direct traffic, pick up garbage and act as goodwill ambassadors to our town. Volunteers WTF? This corporation is worth millions! If tourism Tofino wants volunteers here's an idea they can do it.If O'Neil can't afford to clean up their mess and provide safe and secure parking then perhaps they should take a very close look at the idea of running international contests.
If this was a not for profit contest and donations are made to organizations like the hospice or hospital I say bring on the volunteers! But to have the nerve to ask for people to work for free for a commercial money making venture is ridiculous. A local group known as Pacific Rim Surfrider asked to have a information booth set up on the beach yet was told by the contest organizer no! This group wanted hand out information on ocean health, beach access and other environmental issues that concern all beach goers. This group is a non-profit....... request denied. But hey no problem if you want be included in the contest you can direct traffic.
There are many kids who would welcome the chance of making a few extra bucks during the contest yet O'Neil and its organizers don't feel it important to contribute to the economy of our area this way. Tourism Tofino and its members should be held entirely accountable for cleaning up and addressing all the issues you are asking volunteers to do.

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