Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tsunami Discussion March 12,2011

I'd like to open a new thread for discussion about the Tsunami Advisory and related topics.After seeing the reports from Japan I think most people will agree it is a serious topic. I think most people will now agree that locating the first Tsunami warning system at North Chesterman's beach at the tide line is not a good idea.
Many people were asking about the operational status of the old fire sirens.Does anybody know if they are still operational ? I know back in the 70s they could be heard all over town....they are on relatively high ground.
Comments and input please.....
here is a copy of Tammy Shymko's letter to council written before the Tsunami in Japan :

To Council and The District of Tofino: I would like to pass on a few thoughts to you as I can not make the council meeting on tuesday and do hope these points can be made during the discussion of the Tsunami Siren or Warning System? I would like to thank Dorothy and Gord as they are the only 2 councillors that answered my letter I appreciate it.1. It seems to be new, news to us taxpayers, that it is not a siren that we are getting and now a system that is a voice message pa system. In all the literature I have read that mentions the Tsunami Siren its says Tsunami Siren ( The lands stake claim on the beach even states "proposed site for Tsunami Siren"). As Dorothy Ng is quoted in the Westcoaster that it is a Tsunami Warning System.To me this is just another example of the misinformation that is available to the community as wrong or poorly communicated or the district not being forthright with the correct information.All the information we seem to get as a community has to be searched out on our own, which has a very poor reflection on the district and council.I can use my experience with doing film jobs in the community, I must paper a neighborhood informing the near bye residents to what dates, times and what that production will be doing in their neighborhood and attach my # and productions # and Sally Mole's # if any one has concerns or questions. I would think if we have such a policy for filming, it would only be common decency to have the district inform neighborhoods of intended projects that may or may not affect their property or neighborhood directly.2. If this Tsunami System is a symptom of spending money that has to be spent in a location due to available funding, I have difficult time accepting that. I have to point out again that no report has been forthright proving the Tsunami Siren location. Now learning that it is a PA system I even have bigger doubts as we all no, the only way you will be able to hear the words clearly is if the weather is dead calm (no wind and the seas flat). We have all been to a surf contest here and I would like to know how many people can understand what the announcers are saying? You must stand directly in front of the system, because with the wind and noise of the surf, the words are washed away on either side of the booth, its just noise. This system is also assuming everyone understands ENGLISH. I have to question why its not a siren when a siren is the universal sound for an evacuation.3. My last point: I have been told this is one of seven PROPOSED (siren/system's) well, unless you all can guarantee that more money will become available to make every neighborhood safe and beach safe immediately, a disservice is being done, by not putting the first one in a spot that would service a wide area, to cover all grounds. If for what ever reasons the other FUTURE sirens do not get funding, I would have to say the district is leaving it self open to a possible law suit, if some one or some area, that did not have a siren survives and uses that against the district.I am not against a Tsunami Siren, I would just like to see it put in the best location that could service much more of the Chesterman Beach, Jensen's Bay and Rosie Bay area because no one can say if or when more will be installed and legally it should all be done at once because who decides what area is more important than another. I do believe it should be a siren and not a pa system. Leonard Island is still the most obvious location (the fog horn makes that case I would think). I understand this grant money is the driving force here, but maybe we could do the unthinkable and not spend it all and come in under budget instead of inventing things to spend it on just for the sake of using it up. Fiscal responsibility as it is still TAXPAYER'S MONEY???I would appreciate it if you can express these in council on Tuesday.Thank you, Tammy Shymko

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