Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Council votes against Hot Dog Stand !! March 22,2011

Council has voted against a bylaw amendment that would have allowed the continued operation of the Hot Dog Stand and the Taco Wagon. Thanks to Gord Johns who voted for the amendment.The businesses will be allowed to apply for another Temporary Use Permit but they are over One Thousand Dollars and give no security to the business. These people are insane....while voting against the amnendment some of council suggested that the District of Tofino embrace "true mobile food" and that a lottery system be set up for the awarding of street vending licences......it was also suggested by one councilor that food should be available at local beaches so as to cut down on traffic coming into town.....I can't wait to start up my granola and tofu wagon at Chesterman's Beach and then move into the Tonquin Park Village Campsite while I vacation rental my home for the summer....

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