Saturday, March 26, 2011

Editorial by Ralph Tieleman March 26,2011

I was debating with a friend yesterday over the merits of this blog.He was clearly not a fan of anonymous postings and my opinionated style of reporting. I don't pretend to be objective...I think our Mayor and council are totally out of touch with the people. I could be wrong.....many readers complain that their emails and phone calls are not returned by their representatives and that councilors are following their own agenda.....not the people's wishes......
Here's an idea....why don't councilor's have their own blogs ? before wasting council and staff time with ideas like municipal campsites and electric quads they could quickly post their thoughts on their blog and respond to public opinion.Blogs are relatively easy to run and they would have a good idea of public sentiment before they bring up motions at a council meeting.
I found it interesting that I had more feedback on council's decision to crush two small food outlets than I did on high water rates,Olympic spending or Tsunami sirens.
It was a single fruit seller in Tunisia that was harassed by local government and bylaw officers that led to the uprisings in the Middle East. After a bylaw officer seized his scales so that he couldn't operate his fruit stand he committed suicide by setting himself on fire.The response was overwhelming and the revolt was on.....
Here we have a functioning democracy so such extreme measures aren't necessary but it is clear that between elections democracy is not working.
Council has embraced Skype and other modern technology so why not blogs. It would work well as they could get information out to the people and the people could respond.
Hopefully it would lead to more open and accountable government.I would be more than happy to help set up the sites. thanks,Ralph

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