Friday, June 8, 2012

RCMP Report

Date: Friday June 8, 2012   Re: Tofino RCMP Policing Report for the week of June 4, 2012   The week of June 4, 2012, has thus far proved to be a very busy time for the Tofino RCMP Detachment. Since Tuesday, June 5, 2012, two men have been remanded in custody to Port Alberni, and another arrested while a search warrant was executed upon his Tofino residence. All this has been done, while due to other commitments, the detachment has only been staffed with two (2) police officers.   Tuesday June 5, 2012   Joseph "Snapper" FRANK was charged with multiple counts of Criminal Code Cause Disturbance and Breach Probation offences. He was transported to Port Alberni. He was released by the Courts on Thursday, June 7, 2012, and subject to a Probation Order with multiple conditions including: He must not be found north of the northern boundary of the Pacific Rim National Park except for the purpose of traveling directly to or from Opitsaht.   That evening Tofino RCMP received a report that Alex THOMAS had assaulted a young woman in the down town area of Tofino. He was located, arrested, and remanded in custody in Pt. Alberni. THOMAS remains in custody.   Thursday, June 8, 2012   Tofino RCMP received a Threats complaint in which the alleged suspect included the possible use of a gun in his comments to the victim. The adult male was arrested, and held in custody while RCMP obtained a search warrant to enter his residence. A search of his residence resulted in the seizure of guns and ammunition. Police will be forwarding a report to Crown Counsel seeking appropriate charge(s).   Although the detachment has been thin on manpower this week, resources will be built up for this weekend's Rip Curl 2012 event. Resources will include extra general duty and Highway Patrol officers. RCMP will be attending to all matters, but will be focusing on liquor offences: possession, and consuming in public places (roads, parks and beaches) and Impaired Driving. The Tofino RCMP urge everyone to be responsible in their choices when it comes to alcohol, and if you plan on operating a motor vehicle please do so while 100 % sober.   Your comments, questions and concerns are always welcome. Please feel free to attend the Tofino RCMP Detachment at 400 Campbell Street, Tofino, BC, V0R 2Z0, to speak to an on duty and available police officer, or call 250-725-3242 to make an appointment.  


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