Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Parking Policy at Chesterman's Beach

Notice of Parking Enforcement Policy Change
Chesterman Beach and Lynn Road

Notice of Parking Enforcement Policy Change
For Chesterman Beach Road and Lynn RoadTofino Council resolutions passed at the June 12, 2012 Regular Open Council Meeting approved new parking enforcement policies for Chesterman Beach Road and Lynn Road.
  • NO Parking within 6 meters either side of new speed bumps
  • NO East & North (land) side parking permitted
  • Parking IS permitted on the West& South (beach) side, with not more than 2 tires on pavement.
For further information, please contact Tofino Bylaw at

  This will effectively cut in half the amount of street parking at Chesterman's Beach.Perhaps Tofino Council could have increased the amount of off street parking before bringing in these measures. I'm sure everyone agrees that something needed to be done about the parking situation (see above photo) but why not use the RMI funding to develop off street parking at Middle Chesterman's or behind Solwood ?? Instead we are going to spend 1.5 million on the corner of 4th and Campbell.

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Ralph Tieleman said...

E-mail comment:
No need for parking at the beaches.Tourists should be encouraged to stay at all-inclusive resorts.Problem solved.

qp said...

Nice comment
completely absurd