Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Mayor's Comments about the Blog,Sign etc.

Why don’t you print all posts? Maybe you won’t print this one either? Why not show the truth? – What is the Truth? The truth is I am a guy working for wages that does my best to provide for my family of five. 
Yes I am in professional career in management here at a local resort. Yes I do my best to make that business as successful as possible (that is what I get paid to do.) And yes this past fall I ran for Mayor, against one other candidate, who by the way I respect because he had the courage to step up and contribute to the community. I might be mistaken, but I do not remember either yourself or any anonymous people running for office to serve our community.
There is no conspiracy, not grand evil plot; I am just a guy doing my best for my family, my community and my employer.
Let’s be productive – I encourage any one that has issue with me or my leadership, to talk to me directly, or you know what, even better come to a council meeting – actually get involved and contribute to our community. I am all for the support of free speech. However, I just can’t see the productiveness of throwing rocks from behind anonymous posts. Unless of course your desire is to never have people step up and run for office – which I don’t think is in your interest – cause if you have no politicians you will have no source material for your blog.
All the Best,
Perry Schmunk
Mayor, District of Tofino
PS, why don’t you run a story on any other numerous accomplishments of the current council? Maybe even an interview with me on my recent mission to Victoria to address: spending cuts to our schools, the cost and quality of access to our community via the highway and ferry system or cuts to our coast guard services and the parks surf guard program. Or the fact that our recent ICET grant made it through phase one of approval?
PSS, it was just a sign (and it’s down)


tofino dude said...
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george s said...

Hi Perry

I have raised money for, and asked many, many times when you/council will deal with the fire-hall. Last council according to Dorothy were going to get it done in the summer of 2011. Nada, nothing!

Could you please give as a, time bound, specific answer on what exactly council intends to do about this embarrassing eyesore.